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"Being able to protect those they care for is the will of us Knights!"

Heyya fellas! SilverRaspBerry here at your service! First and foremost, you have the Knight's gratitude for your unexpected visit. It's really glad and heartwarming to know that someone visited you though you are not that famous because your story is lame.

About the Author

Of course, when new people visits you, you normally introduce yourself, right? Who doesn't..? Okay..! So, I'll start by giving off my other nickname. Please address me as Tsuna, a little made-up name I got from the word "tsundere". I am a humorous person and I love jokes, refrain the corny ones. When the joke hits the bull's eye, I laugh out loud. As in really loud. Sometimes, when I fangirl, I can shriek really loud. Very! Even my friends knows how deafening my voice can be. I'm a super otaku!! For example, the anime series of Fairy Tail, Code:Breaker and Detective Conan, oh my gosh! I will really fangirl because of their super awesome plots! And lastly, I'm a feminine. I don't want people to mistake me for a guy so I'm just informing you, ok?


As I've mention, my top fandoms are Fairy Tail, Code:Breaker and Detective Conan because their plots are awesome! That's all I have to say, thank you!


Fairy Tail: (NOT ARRANGED)
1. Loke x Lucy - I so support this shipping though I know that it won't happen, but hey, people have different likes and dislikes!
2. Lyon x Juvia - I like this pairing because it's so cute! Lyon likes Juvia but Juvia likes Gray, the part where I hate the most about this pairing. I just wished that Juvia met Lyon first so that she'll love him and it'll go happily ever after!
3. Natsu x Lisana - This pairing is another cute pairing I have on my list! Linasa and Natsu, ahh SO CUTE!
4. Erza x Jellal - No one questions the awesome affection of these two for each other! They almost kissed and no one dare says they're not perfect for each other! Jellal just doesn't want Erza to get in trouble with him so he lied, which as an epic fail alibi.
5. Hibiki x Jenny - My inspiration for my fanfiction, though it's actually Hibiki x OC. It's not my OTP but they are just so cute. And because of them, my OC has a reason for each smile becomes a tear at night. Yeah

Detective Conan: (NOT ARRANGED)
1. Heiji x Kazuha - OSAKA RULES! I just love this pairing, they're so.. no it's.. THIS PAIRING IS JUST TOO PERFECT! This is my Detective Conan OTP!
2. Ran x Shinchi/Conan - Everyone knows why a lot of DC fans ship them, right? No need to ask..!
3. Aoko x Kaitou - Just a mirror of RanxShinchi pairing. For me.
4. Takagi x Satou - They. Must. Start. Dating..!!!
5. Mitsuhiko x Haibara - Randomness is such an epic word indeed.

Code:Breaker: (NOT ARRANGE)
1. Sakura x Ogami - The a pairing I ship in Code:Breaker. This paring is cute and, for me, cool!
2. Prince x Kouji - AWESOME SHIPPING!! I ship this one hard!!


"Beauty does not defies a princess. Not even gowns, jewelry or a crown can. No it's certainly not. What defies a princess is how she interacts with the people around her with loyalty, honesty and politely."

"Silence is a girls' loudest cry. You'll know she's hurt if is she starts avoiding you.."

"The strong and cheerful person who always meet and talk with everyday is the cover of a book that tears at night for the pain she is feeling because of a broken heart that she owns."

"My heart is not a toy. It doesn't have a remote control that you can switch my feelings from a guy to another. I'm sorry if I disappoint you but, I am not your puppet that you can play with! I have my own free will! Don't mess with my rights as a human being!"

"To live is to have freedom; to have happiness is to experience small things with others; and to love is to freely feel the importance and pleasure of one's presence."


The Tsuji and Kudo clan base of operations - [here]
he cabin where the Night Knights stayed for a day - [here]
he path going to the cabin - [here]
suji and Kudo Clan Uniforms - [here] (It's the Amagami SS uniform)

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