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Author has written 9 stories for Doctor Who, Les Misérables, Sherlock, Supernatural, Hunger Games, and Merlin.

Original stories:

I love writing stories. My imagination tends to run away with me, so I find fanfiction a good way of reining it in. May publish a book someday. Then again maybe i'll just continue nicking already invented characters.

As you can probably guess from my pen name I am a Potterhead, Merlinator and Whovian or a Wholockian if we're combining Doctor Who and Sherlock. While those are my biggest 4 I am also very fond of Supernatural, Hunger Games, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Eragon and various other titles, most of which are in the fantasy/adventure genre.

Harry Potter rant:
What can I say? I grew up with Harry Potter. I've read the books so many times I honestly cannot remember reading any of them for the first time. I like the films, but they left out and changed things with annoyed me slightly. Also, I think Richard Harris was a better Dumbledore, mainly because he was more like the book Dumbledore. I didn't like Voldemort's death at the end of the last film. He was supposed to die like a normal man, but instead he frickin' exploded. How many normal men do you know who explode in slow motion? What the hell was that meant to be?! Ugh. Anyway, the books are better in my opinion. Long live Queen Rowling!

Doctor Who rant:
First of all, I think it's worth pointing out that I have no preference between ten and eleven. They are different in their quirks (eleven seems more child-like, which probably means he appeals to the younger generation more) but similar in their personality and equally adorable. I liked Rose for her stamina and unswerving loyalty and the stunt with the TARDIS just before nine regenerated (assisted by the ever faithful Micky) was awesome. However, her chaviness and ridiculous crush on the doctor annoyed me slightly. At least Martha did a better job of bottling it up and getting on with things like in Human Nature/the Family of Blood and when she walked the Earth telling everyone about the doctor. I also love how she left voluntarily, worked for UNIT and eventually got over her crush rather than being left to mope on a parallel universe. Donna is my favourite companion, mainly because she viewed the doctor as a close friend or even a brother and was always quick to put him in his place and didn't hero-worship him. And we can't forget the amazing Wilf who remembered the doctor on her behalf when she was forced to forget. Amy comes in as a close second favourite (I think its something about gingers) and of course Rory who I think doesn't get enough appreciation. I love how they were actually a huge part of the doctor's life - you know, being the parents of his wife and all that - rather than people he just picked up along the way. And lastly, Clara. I liked her as Oswin and loved her as Victorian Clara but as modern Clara she reminds me a bit too much of Amy. Which isn't a terrible thing because Amy was awesome but still...

Merlin rant:
I liked Morgana when she was good and when she was openly evil but I don't think she made a very good undercover villain. Seriously, if you're gonna sneak around the castle, don't do it in heels and a bright red cloak. And stop smirking every five minutes and come up with a plan that's actually going to work. For me, Gwen was the character who developed the most. She went from humble maidservant who didn't really do much, to being forced to rule Camelot alone after losing everything - her father, her brother, her ex-lover, her husband...most of them were due to her best friend turning against her. Merlin had a good run, but I think the ending could have been better...I appreciate that it stuck to the legend but still...showing Gwen pregnant with Arthur's child would have been a nice touch. And then there's Gwaine. I fell in love with him from the beginning. He was funny, loyal, kind and amazingly hot. For me he was the most carefree, fun-loving knight yet he had the saddest death. His girlfriend turned out to be a traitor, he was tortured into betraying Arthur and died believing he'd failed...

Sherlock rant:
I'm your typical fangirl (complete with more than slight infatuation with a certain Mr Cumberbatch) except for one small detail: I DO NOT ship Johnlock. While I find the odd fan art or quote from the programme amusing, I think some people take it too far. I guess I'm quite old fashioned in the way that I see John and Sherlock's relationship the way I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle intended it to be: just two social outcasts thrown together who, despite their differences, strike up a close friendship and look out for and care for each other in a way I think we can all learn from. That's all. So if you're looking for smutty Johnlock fanfic, I'm afraid you're in the wrong place.

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