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A fan of all things anime and manga, operating under the pen-name of Daniel Affaro.

My real name is Will Prior, so whichever you want to call me is fine by me as I've written a lot of other things under both.

Battle Royale is my all time favourite novel, alongside Ghoul and the Hannibal Lecter series. I'm a great lover of psychological horror in literature, as well as violence and gore (hey I never said I was normal). I try to include as much realism in my writing as possible, so the readers really get a feel for the characters' situation and emotional state. I'd love to better my writing, so reviews are always welcome.

List of Sternritter in my Bleach Fic:

Sternritter A- Beraht Kailash Wakahisa [Credit to: DarkBeetleBot]

Sternritter B- Nina Redwing (The Blood) [Credit to: Everflames]

Sternritter C- Lenora Poultery (The Conqueror) [Credit to: Leo]

Sternritter D- Basilisk Jones (The Dimension) [Credit to: Basiliskjones ]

Sternritter E- Tomoko Stano (The Entropy) [Credit to: Aiden Sheringden]

Sternritter F- Gillaume DaVinci (The Friction) [Credit to: Wilmer Jurez]

Sternritter G- Onmar Gunther (The Gravity) [Credit to: Ramone German]

Sternritter H- Sideyatosiya Kirmie (The Hive Mind) [Credit to: Patrick McGorman]

Sternritter I- Jamina Jazdera (The Injection) [Credit to: Miles West]

Sternritter J- Legion Longstride (The Journey) [Credit to: Jacob Smith]

Sternritter K- Arthur Pendragon (The Knight) [Credit to: CCPDarkraiRules]

Sternritter L- Asuma Godai (The Lunar) [Credit to: Mr B1ank]

Sternritter M- Joseph Fehler (The Mistake) [Credit to: Billytheafroman/ Will Prior/ Daniel Affaro/ Me *Wink]

Sternritter N- Sylvanus Athala (The Nature) [Credit to: Byron Alejandro Diaz Cruz (TheSkycrown)]

Sternritter O- Zeit Mehre (The Omni-Direction) [Credit to: DarkDoonKnight]

Sternritter P- Haans Lander (The Psycho-Path) [Credit to: Alan Moore]

Sternritter Q- Ferdinand Savagne (The Quick) [Credit to: Jason Williams]

Sternritter R- Eric Koertig (The Reaper) [Credit to: DSXtreme09]

Sternritter S- Aya Herz (The Stained-Glass) [Credit to: Kendra Cameau]

Sternritter T- Clarimond Amsel (The Twilight) [Credit to: Yamitori/ Galaxyeyes10]

Sternritter U- Dientlynne Deiweiber (The Utopian) [Credit to: Elizabeth Fray]

Sternritter V- Gabriele Geschlechtliche (The Vampire) [Credit to: Aytgh]

Sternritter W- Balder Blitzkrieg (The Warlord) [Credit to: Austin Parks]

Sternritter X- Adelaid Gotshock (The Xylyl) [Credit to: GreenOokami]

Sternritter Y- Snow (The Yuki-Oni) [Credit to: CJ Waters]

Sternritter Z- Mann Ell (The Zone) [Credit to: Man-L]

Images of the Sternritter: www . imgur . com/a/ciS6F

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