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Hello people of the Earth! Welcome to my profile, where you will learn tons of useless information and facts about me you didn't even ask for ( IS your lucky day!)

A Little About Me

I've been reading fan fiction for five years. At first it was this quiet guilty pleasure, I didn't even have an account. I'd sit hunched over my computer with my mouse hovering over the 'minimize' button, just in case anyone should happen upon me reading smut (it wasn't all smut...just mostly smut). After a few years of reading - mostly Harry Potter and Twilight - I thought maybe I'd try my hand at writing a little. I was way too intimidated to try Harry Potter (I can't pull off the 'british' thing believably) and Twilight was daunting. So I started writing for a small fandom based on a kids show and I've loved every second of it. Unfortunately said kids show has been cancelled and the fandom has begun to slowly but surely dry up. I've made some WONDERFUL friends in the Twilight fandom and after much encouragement from them I've decided to take the leap. WOLFPACK GOODNESS HERE I COME!

In my non-fanfiction life I fancy myself as something of a writer. I'm working on a novel, a short story collection and a few other projects and in my most wild far fetched dreams I imagine walking into the building that houses my boring, real-life job, handing in my resignation with a flourish. It would read something like this:

Dear People I Cannot Stand,

Thank you for your pettiness, cattiness and general insistence on annoying me. However, unlike you I have dreams, big ones and now that (Insert Big Publishing Company name here) has realized my literary genius and offered me a 5 book deal I am off to pursue them.

I will not miss you. At all.

Except at Christmas. Those potlucks were awesome.



Until then I'll be here, writing, reading and dreaming.

Things You'll Never See From Me:

They say never say never but...I'm pretty sure this stuff won't happen.

1. Summaries that say "I suck at the story". That annoys me. You too? Thought so...

2. Any stories where the vamp gets or keeps the girl. I don't like vamps though I have some very lovely friends who do. I call them "The folks who have yet to realize how hot werewolves are".

3. Graphic violence, incest, rape, pedophilia (this should go without saying). I write angst and fluff...blood makes me queasy.

4. Imprint stories - it may happen but it won't be the plot device.

5. PWP - Porn without plot. I like smut as much as the next girl (unless we're sitting in church, then I probably like it a bit more than the next girl) but I like a little story with my smut.

That's about all I've got to say.

Other Places to Find Me:

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Twitter: @BlogFanfiction

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