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Author has written 5 stories for Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis, and Greek Mythology.

I am creating a Harry Potter Death Club! -Type this into your profile!-Except say: Harry Potter Death Club Member-

Whenever I hear a camera click I will always remember COLIN CREEVEY

Whenever I see someone doing a prank I will always remember FRED WEASLEY

Whenever I meet someone who hates a person because they saved their life, I will always remember SEVERUS SNAPE

Whenever I meet someone that has to protect me no matter what, I will always remember DOBBY

Whenever I meet someone that beat someone famous at a game and didn't know what happened, I will always remember CEDRIC DIGGORY

Whenever I meet someone that LOVES chocolate and likes wolves, I will always remember REMUS LUPIN

Whenever I meet someone who prefers to be called by their surname, I will always remember NYMPHADORA TONKS

Whenever I meet someone that was framed for a crime they didn't commit, I will always remember SIRIUS BLACK

Whenever I meet someone that's mother died protecting her son or daughter, I will always remember LILY EVANS

Whenever I meet someone who's extremely paranoid, I will always remember ALASTOR MOODY

Whenever I get a pet that loves me no matter what, I will always remember HEDWIG

Whenever I meet someone that get's me no matter what culture, I will always remember ALBUS DUMBLEDORE

The Sorting Hat says I'm in Ravenclaw!

Lightning's BIO:

Name: Samantha West

Age: 21

Country of origin: America

Fears: Losing loved ones, spiders, Heights

Rank of smartness: 10/10

Rank of strength: 5/10

Rank of speed: Way faster than Flash!!


Can speak all languages, including endangered languages, Latin, Alantean, Ancient Greek?,Can read Hieroglyphs too.

Has superspeed (duh)


Is a Black belt in Kung Fu, Karate, and Judo

Knows how to use a Bow and Arrow

Confuses Enemies



Immature, can be serious



On November 11,1994

2 twins were born ( Wally west and Samantha

At the night they turned 4, Samantha was kidnapped

1 month later, an explosion happened. Both kidnappers died, and Samantha was exsposed to toxins.

Musket found her on a mission and adopted her.

When she was 11 for her birthday, She went to Haly's Circus, the night the Graysons died,

Musket was going to adopt Skeets, but left Robin to Bruce Wayne.

Also on her birthday she got a shield from Captain America, to protect others.


Name: Sondok Kiyae

Age: 25

Country of birth: North Korea

Fears: Losing loved ones

Rank of smartness: 8/10

Rank of strength: 6/10

Rank of speed: 5/10


Black belt in everything!

Knows how to throw knives

Can make animal noises to confuse enemies


Serious, convinced easily

VERY stubborn

Has temper


On April 22, 1990 a baby was born.

She lived in North Korea for 10 years, but had to move to America.

She was scared, but much more scared until her parents disowned her for unknowned reasons.

she wandered off to Haly's circus and met the Graysons. Haly noticeted a skill in her: Throwing Knives

For five years she did just that until the day the Graysons died, she was 15 and sad, no where to go.

Until her adoption...


Name: Sukaine Holmes or Crine

Age: 45

Country of birth: Russia

Fears: Losing loved ones, Bannanas, and rollercoasters!

Rank of smartness: 10/10

Rank of strength: 5/10

Rank of speed: 5/10 (Average)


Black belt to everything!

Confuses enemies

Knows lunatics (Joker, Harly Quinn, Riddler, Ace) AKA can torture you!


Insane, crazy, maniac, lunatic

Master computer hacker :P

Loves kids


Born on August 31 the youngest of 5 children.

Her parents were spies for Russia, when Sukaine was 11,

Her whole family was murdered right in front of her!

She was heartbroken, until she got adopted by her parent's friends the Clanks.

She was grateful, and adopted 2 children, Samantha and Sondok (Wait a family of S's??FUCCCKK IIITT!!!)

She got married to Sherlock Holmes, who taught the daughters his skills.

MY OC's Profiles :D

Disclaimer: I don't own DC comics or Marvel Or even Sherlock Holmes!

Qoute TIME!

"Beauty and beautiful means something living or non-living has imperfections and is always unique."

Saying is from me the author, Codename Catybird!


My ipod touch wallpaper :D

"Always"-Severus Snape

"DON'T HAVE SEX! If you have sex, you'll get pregnant and DIE!!!"- Young Justice KF and Robin moments (Cosplay)



Now we are done with this time for the interview and 50 things to do at Michaels


What would you think if you got back home and your cat was dead?

Well this a negative interview, I would think "Curiosity killed the cat" but it magically came because, "Satisfaction brought it back."

What are your favorite things stuff anything!

TV shows: Young Justice, Justice league and JL unlimited, Code Lyoko, The Batman,

W.I.T.C.H, Winx club (I'm a girly-girl/Tomboy), X-men Evolution, The Spetacular Spiderman,

House of Anubis, Psych (I know it''s awesome!), Spongebob Squarepants, Danny Phantom, Avatar: The last Airbender, Sherlock

Legend of Korra, The Upside Down Show (I know I'm a kid), TOO MANY OTHERS TO LIST

Toys: Dolls (I have 9), Action Figures, Legos, Toy Cars, Stuffed Animals.

Games: Nancy Drew series, Wizard101, Piratesonline.GHOSTBUSTERS!

Books: Nancy Drew Series, American Girl brand books( I'm Not Afraid To Express Myself), Stuart Little, Judy Moody,

The Black Lagoon Series, The Royal Diaries Series, Disney Faeries Series (That's How the Irish Spell Faries)

Harry Potter, Treasure Island, The Chronicles Of Narnia.

Music: Any Lady Gaga Music, Any Adele Music, Any DJ Earworm Mashups, Starships By Nicki Minaj, Super Bass By Nicki Minaj, Dynamite By Taio Cruz, Stonger Kelly Clarkson, I Gotta Feeling By Black Eyed Peas, Love you more by JLS, Perfect by P!NK, Bad By Michael Jackson, Thriller By Michael Jackson, Man in the mirror By Michael Jackson, Shark In the water By

V.V Brown, YMCA By the village people, Put A Ring on it By Beyonce, Teenage Dream By Katy Perry, Any ABBA Music, Hung up by Madonna, Sorry By Madonna, Disturbia By Rihanna, Kung Fu Fighting (I don't know the artist), Price Tag by Jessie J. We are the Champions by Queen

Food: Any Kind

Random Stuff: Superheroes, books, computer ANYTHING THAT MAKES ME UNBORED :P MANGA! ANIME!

Movies: Too many to list Except favorite movie of all time: The Goonies

Patterns: Polka Dots, STRIPES!

Stores: Malls, Thrift Stores, Target :D, Antique Stores


Your Upcoming Stories?

A HUGE CROSSOVER that's going to have a series, Young Justice Gender Bender Series, A Blog (Once Flamers and Critics United Calm down)

Love stories XD , Stuff i have to write BEFORE the crossover,Poetry, Etc.

Favorite Youtube People?

Girloftheyearstudios, Hildaglitz, Arglefumph, Geojoe2000, 4evragz, kittzykk, Kandeejohnson, ETC.

Stuff to say?

You Aren't to old for toys

Don't Judge a book by it's cover

Something for EVERYBODY:

You are Unique

No One is boring

Don't be a bully

Do What you think is right

What other people say about your dreams ARE WRONG

Other people who badmouth you, prove them wrong

People tell who are right and tell you you are great, prank you, help you out, etc. ARE BEST FRIENDS

Say to people who don't like you very much and bad mouths you say this: I Don't hate you, I'm Just going to prove you wrong.

Look a the left side that has capital letters

Ahh, my favorite Harry Potter Characters!

Fred Weasley

George Weasley

Lee Jordan

Luna Lovegood

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin


Mad-Eye Moody

Bill Weasley


Severus Snape

Prof. Trelawney

Neville Longbottom


Moaning Myrtle

Fabian Prewett

Gideon Prewett

Draco Malfoy

Favorite Alice in Wonderland Characters!

Mad Hatter




Favorite Chronicles of Narnia Characters!

Edmund Pevensie

Lucy Pevensie



Favorite Pirates of the Carribean Characters!

Jack Sparrow

Will Turner

Tia Dalma

Favorite Code Lyoko Characters!

Odd Dellarobia!

Ulrich Stern!


Favorite Young Justice Characters!

Kid Flash!




Favorite Other Characters!

Danny Phantom


Nancy Drew

George Fayne

Bess Marvin


Snow White (NOT THE DISNEY VERsion!)





Frankie Foster (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends!)

Madame Foster!

Dylan Carter

The Flash


Human Torch

Basically every Grim character








Many many more

I like the Jokesters, Pransters, Goofballs!

I hope my favorite Singers/ Actors/ Actresses/ Authors Etc... Read my stories! meaning:

Johnny Depp

James and Oliver Phelps

Meryl Streep

Lady Gaga



Nicki Minaj

Tim Burton

J.K Rowling

Eugene Simon (House of Anubis. Sound familiar?)

Tom Fenton

William Moseley

Taylor Swift

Ellen Degeneres!

Brad Pitt

Tom Cruise

Erm... other people?

I highly doubt any of these people will review my stories, or read them (Except Ellen maybe) *Starts balling out tears*

I have dreams that one of these people will notice my stories or care to review. WOW... Imagination can be awesome that way!

Quotes I made up *Stuff I say, like a new thing everyday!:

I'm pretty sure the Joker kisses way better than my brother!

Screw myself! Oops, shouldn't have said that! *Hahahaha, I insulted myself!I do it once a year*

Silencio! *Me and my brother play with stuffed animals... Harry Potter version*


*My Brother* wants to be a waiter! You sure about that? *Very true*

The kitten likes me more, because he doesn't hurt me! And I didn't step on him!

Ahh the everyday sayings from me!

Stuff I HATE:

I hate that teachers don't get paid much

I hate stereotypes

I hate racism

I hate it when people judge me

Stuff I support:

I don't care if your gay, lesbian, bi, or straight! *To People that think gayness is wrong: F* YOU! SCREW YOU!

Lists! For when I rule the world! Mwhahahaha:

I will... stop racism!

I will... BAN SLAVERY! *Just because it's not in some countries, doesn't mean it's not in others!*

I will... stop prejudice against gay people!

I will... stop prejudice!

I will... make sure you could go to the hospital for free!

I will... build more schools and hospitals!

I will... give homeless people, HOMES!


I will... collect all the dolls in the world! *Except for the ones people own*

Stuff I think is true:

I think Dumbledore is gay

Curiosity killed the cat!

Hormones won't make you fall in love!

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