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Author has written 32 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, Kingdom Hearts, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Homestuck.

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I'm Lauren, a 23-year-old with a BA in English from a small liberal arts college on the east coast and a desperate dream of writing forever.

NOTHING HAS BEEN ABANDONED. Just in case you were concerned. I'm still here, and I'll be back, I'm just working some things out.

Here's the most important thing you need to know about me:

My fanfiction is never going to change lives. Neither is my original fiction. But if I can brighten your day, or make you smile, even just for a second, with some inane little snapshot of love, then it's worth it.

http:// thegloryof . tumblr . com/I like to have fun sometimes, come play if you want to

http:// owlpostagainff . tumblr . com/ will eventually have everything all in one place; stories, extras, playlists, fanart, and anything else that seems exciting

http:// owlpostagain . deviantart . com/ I got tired of looking at a blank page whenever I looked at my deviantART account...so as of now one of my six original stories from my thesis has been posted, as well as a drawing of the tattoo Axel designs for Roxas in AM Static/Two Way Radio.


I LOVE making playlists, and almost always make playlists for stories that I write. If anyone's ever interested in hearing them, I have playlists for Alive With the Glory of Love, AM Static/Two Way Radio, Heart and Soul, Physiology, Rotten Town, and It Had to Be You. I will also have several different ones for Living Proof, starting with A Taxonomy of Unconventional Love Songs, the setlist for Melodious Nocturne's September show, the setlist for Melodious Nocturne's Fall Fest Halloween Show, and A Conversation In Song Titles, and Sounds of a PunkPopEmoRock Childhood. I'm happy to share them! I'd also love a way to figure out how to make playlists on a website or something, if anyone has any ideas.


harry potter: (I haven't written any harry potter in a few years, but I'll never officially say I'm done with it.)

1. Cupid (Harry/Draco) one-shot written when I was...15. Ron's determined to set Harry up on date after date until his best friend finds the perfect girl, but an encounter with a certain blond haired Slytherin suggests that maybe Harry's not looking for the perfect girl. (I generally consider anything of mine written before 2009 to be something not worth reading)

2. Thanks (Ron/Hermione) dribble drabble one-shot about Hermione noticing the little things Ron does for her.

3. Cosmopolitan (Harry/Draco) one-shot. Draco swears he's not making it up...everyone at work has gone nuts today. Granger was definitely making eyes at him, Pansy openly oogled his goods, and the Weaslette fondled him. (my favorite of my H/D stories, inspired by a Cosmo article on "the best way to size up a guy's package." I've never laughed so hard at the absurdity.)

4. Kissing Voldemort (Harry/Draco) short one-shot in which Draco has to choose sides, so Harry offers him a reason to. (silly, trivial, it amuses me)

5. Squawk (Harry/Draco) drabbly one-shot. Ron and Hermione are fighting at the breakfast table, Mrs. Weasley is begging for somebody, anybody, to intervene, to just make them stop fighting already. Harry takes matters into his own hands. (I crack myself up)

6. The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut (Harry/Draco) drabble one-shot. If he really meant it, if he really wanted him to leave, then maybe he should have picked a different bar. (I angst sometimes.)

twilight: (went through a twilight phase, it happens to the best of us...I can honestly say I will never again write twilight fanfiction.)

1. Bleed Like Me (features the Cullens) one-shot song fic. Breakdown of the Cullen family's problems as described by the song "Bleed Like Me" by Garbage. (This story, in my opinion, is wholly underrated.)

2. Eyes On Fire (Edward/Bella) one-shot, AU-Human. Bella is his sister's best friend, the police chief's daughter, the hottest piece of gossip in the tiny town of Forks, and most importantly, everything that Edward is not. That doesn't stop him from being hopelessly in love with her. (for my first full-length one shot in about five years, I am very proud of this piece. Without this story I never would have gotten back into writing fanfiction.)

kingdom hearts: (current obsession. the list of story ideas I have is currently threatening to overload my brain.)

1. Heartlessness (Axel/Roxas) one-shot. Three takes of the same scene, three times Roxas walks away from the Organization, and more importantly Axel. (written in a moment of angst, my very first attempt at KH fanfiction)

2. Your Guardian Angel (Axel/Roxas) one-shot. Next Life story about Roxas struggling to remember and Axel struggling to find him. (my sister originally intended to use me as her pawn to write angsty akuroku stories for her...hence the angst overload. this story has a secret epilogue that you can read if you ask me for it.)

3. Breakeven (Axel/Roxas) drabbly one-shot. Axel's death, from Sora's point of view. Includes the idea that he is aware of Roxas' presence in his body. (every akuroku author gets to write an axel-death-scene. it's in the rules.)

4. Proof of Existence (Saix, Lea/Isa if you feel inclined to read it as so) one-shot. Saix may have been a cold hearted bastard, but that didn't mean he didn't remember anything about Isa's life, including how he would have felt at the sudden knowledge that Lea was dead. (the Saix/Axel relationship is one that I am fascinated by/don't understand.)

5. Alive With the Glory of Love (Axel/Roxas, with a side of Demyx/Zexion and Sora/Riku) one-shot. Axel has been in love with his best friend since the first day they met, but Roxas is determinedly straight, so Axel is determinedly silent about it. Demyx concocts a plan to make everybody happy. (one of my favorites, this one will always hold a special place for me for being the first real quality-length kingdom hearts one-shot)

6. Heart and Soul (Demyx/Zexion with a side of Axel/Roxas) one-shot. The companion piece to Alive With the Glory of Love, telling Demyx' and Zexion's side of the story. Includes some key scenes from Axel's perspective. (sweet and light and fluffy. what I imagine whipped cream would be like, if I liked whipped cream)

7. One Hundred and Four (Axel/Roxas) collection of twenty one 104 word drabbles. They don't always know what they're looking for, but one way or another they always find it. (also underrated. ALSO makes a great playlist.)

8. Physiology (Demyx/Zexion) one-shot. In game challenge from my sister for Zemyx day. Demyx understands that technically, he's never met Zexion before, and that technically, Nobodies aren't supposed to be able to feel, but how is he supposed to ignore the way his whole body aches at the sight of the boy he died for? (not my favorite, not my worst.)

9. AM Static (Axel/Roxas with a small side of Demyx/Zexion and Sora/Riku) two-shot. Roxas gets the internship of his dreams working as a radio DJ for a local show. Axel's never called in to a radio show before, but the DJ has a hot voice, and he introduced himself by playing Axel's all time favorite song... (surprisingly successful story that I love with all my heart.)

10. The Laws of Motion (Demyx/Zexion with a heavy amount of Axel/Roxas and some Sora/Riku) three-part birthday present for my sister. Demyx could never have imagined himself joining the marching band, who does that kind of social suicide willingly? Apparently all it takes is the hottest drummer he's ever seen, a few seniors willing to take him in, and a pair of drum majors to make one willing to off themselves so grandly. (I had the most fun writing this. Axel and Roxas take over quite a bit, but I'm so pleased with the subtle undercurrent of Demyx and Zexion building through the chapters).

11. Betwixt and Between (Axel/Roxas, Sora/Riku, Demyx/Zexion, Seifer/Hayner, probably more) collection of one-shots and drabbles mostly inspired by songs or scene, written for the sake of satisfying the muses. (some significantly more successful than others) (I reserve the right to turn any and all of these into feature fics.)

12. Baby, It's Cold Outside (Axel/Roxas) silly little fluff piece that ran away with me while I was swooning over Darren Criss and Chris Colfer's beautiful rendition of my favorite Christmas song. Axel, eccentric owner of a small bookstore, finds himself snowed in on Christmas Eve, with his lone patron of the day. Good thing neither one of them have anywhere else they'd rather be. double extra triple cheese, because who doesn't like some gooey love for the holidays? (originally smutty, I reserve the right to release the smut outtake at any point in the near/distant future).

13. Two Way Radio (Axel/Roxas, with a dash of Demyx/Zexion) the companion piece to AM Static, Axel's POV. Dedicated to those loyal readers who read, and review, everything I write, and make my day every single time. Everyone else fangirl squees when they read a new story, I fangirl squee when I read a new review from you guys. (I'm quite fond of this one. I think.)

14. For You I Will (Axel/Roxas) literally an excuse to write something that wasn't my thesis. Roxas doesn't mind being alone with his Moleskin and his guitar, and Axel doesn't really mind that Roxas never answers him when he asks about the blond's songs. Roxas has something to say, though, and one day he's going to say it. (I think I entertain myself more than anyone else. humor me.)

15. Bullet (Seifer/Hayner) Seifer's tried to kill himself more times than he can remember over the last eight years. He would have succeeded, too, if his stupid neighbor wasn't always getting in the way. How was it even possible that Hayner always knew exactly when to accidentally stumble into Seifer's apartment? (hahahahaha I'm losing my mind.)

16. Rotten Town (Sora/Riku) Riku isn't an alcoholic, sometimes he just needs a drink or five to help himself sleep at night. Sora isn't in love with his best friend, he just doesn't understand why Riku won't even look at him any more and why he's so bothered by it. (after much contemplation, rereading, and reflection, I have decided that this is my favorite of all my stories. it also has a secret epilogue. shhh.)

17. Living Proof (Axel/Roxas, more to come) Roxas is content to stay back, keep a relatively low profile, let high school pass by with as little incident as possible, but at what cost? Sora doesn't know what he wants, but he's starting to realize the meaning of what he has. Demyx, on the other hand, knows exactly what he wants, and exactly what he doesn't think he'l ever have. And Hayner? Hayner's finally putting together the puzzle he's had the pieces for for years.

18. Love and a Revolution (Axel/Roxas) Axel's trying to survive the impending doom of being trapped in a school full of freaking zombies, but all he can really focus on is the impending doom of Roxas being eaten and how much that would not bode well for the redhead's mental state and impulsive-hero-complex. This is an outtake of a story that has yet to be posted. (WHO LETS ME WRITE THESE THINGS? WHO?)

19. Whipped Cream (Axel/Roxas) It's been a long semester of hating every inch of his pain-in-the-ass roommate...especially that utterly delectable ass. (yup. I do bad things on a regular basis. and I love beer. and these boys. but mostly beer.)

20. Songs of Dissension (Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora) select, song-inspiring scenes from Living Proof as told from Axel and/or Riku's point of view. (this will be an experiment in both bromances and telling stories out of chronological order. oops.)

21. It Had to Be You (Sora/Riku, past Sora/Kairi) Kairi told him that he'd understand why she left him. One day. Problem was, once that day came around it was shamelessly, painfully obvious and he couldn't even imagine how he'd ever missed it in the first place. [it is a monster. a big crazy gay cuddly monster of WHATS GOING ON.] (this is the best thing that has ever been mine.)

percy jackson: this was...unexpected. who knows if more will come.

1. Remember to Feel (Percy/Annabeth) Percy remembers his old life like it's just on the tip of his tongue, but he's incapable of forgetting the girl at his back. (why does this exist? I'm not sure.)

currently in progress:

1. I Am a Transylvanian/A Walk Through Hell akuroku
two-shot that I will finish some day, even if it kills me.

2. Living Proof all my favorite/standard pairings, plus more
multi-chapter craziness. senior, sophomore, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend-with-benefits, gay, straight, victim, bully, musician, athlete. it's not about what you are, it's about who you are. includes many, many boys in love with other boys, a questionable assortment of eclectic music, and an unhealthy interest in happy endings.

3. Twenty-One Days harry/draco. wait, yes. really.
"They say it takes twenty-one days to make or break a habit, Malfoy. What do you say?"

4. Set Fire to the Rain akuroku
"I set fire to the rain and I threw us into the flames. Well I felt something die cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time." in-game one-shot for Zenelly's KH Big Bang.

5. Songs of Dissension akuroku/soriku
"We should just make a whole album. Songs About the Strifes." "Songs About Strife." "Songs of Strife." "Too obvious, what's a synonym for strife?" "I dunno...dissension?"


this is exciting because no one has EVER drawn me fanart before. thank you thank you thank you to the fabulous Rocket-ship-Romance for this awesome picture...

of Axel in Baby, It's Cold Outside:

http:// yes-no-maybe-13 . deviantart . com/ gallery / # / d36gdj6

AND of Axel in Two Way Radio (she spoils me so):

http:// yes-no-maybe-13 . deviantart . com/ gallery / # / d39nylf

AND of Axel in Alive With the Glory of Love (I am in LOVE with him):

http:// yes-no-maybe-13 . deviantart . com/ gallery / # / d3aqenb

Alstarryn did an INCREDIBLE picture of the tattoo Axel designs for Roxas in AM Static/Two Way Radio:

http:// alstarryn . deviantart . com/ # / d4615b8

Keaton's Firefly is doing a comic of AM Static/Two Way Radio. It's coming out really, really cool and I really love it so so so much. Check it out:

http:// sakuraluna27 . deviantart . com/

ALSO check out the Love and a Revolution comic she did, which makes my heart pound in all kind of thrilling and inappropriate ways. really just look at everything.

My friend Kiryn is orchestrating this ridiculously awesome masterpiece beautiful brilliant thing of an EPIC that will be called An Enchanted Moment, which was the brainchild of both Kiryn and Ghost Writer no. 3 (really I just like to play with them). It's going to be TOTALLY AWESOME, so you should keep an eye out for it. In the mean time, you should check out some of the sidestories and whatnot Kiryn's posting, including "Wrecked on PopTarts and Sex," which I adore.

http: / / www . fanfiction . net / u / 1792490 / Kiryn

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