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Have you ever noticed that you have to dig deep within the depths of this site to find something quality? We're constantly bombarded with Mary Sues, netspeak and general ignorance of the language. The problem is, if you review this stuff with your actual pen name, they come back to your stories with netspeak-ridden caps lock-abusing reviews that have nothing to do with the story and everything to do with retaliation. For these reasons, I created an alternate account. I was tired of seeing that in my perfectly good stories. Review tag accomplishes nothing, it's a waste of space and time. I was tired of my stories being an outlet for childish angst.

Bad writing is a result of lack of consideration from the writer. If the writer paid no respect to his/her readers, I pay them no respect in return. It takes an exceptional fic to get a good review from me, but it does happen. If you can't handle a bad review, don't post your story to the public. Even the most exceptional writers get bad reviews. Learn to deal with it or do not post. Don't come whining to me about your age, inexperience, dyslexia, or sugar high. I don't care. You're responsible for your own writing. I enjoy writers who put forth effort, or looking to improve.

If you need an honest opinion on something, feel free to contact me. I'll also help you with connecting with a beta reader. I'll help anyone who asks, if I possibly can, even if I gave you a mean review. (Be warned, however, that I am an extremely slow beta.) No one's suggesting that writing has to be perfect. Effort is the key. There's a difference between a few typos and a whole fic written in netspeak or written completely out of canon. For someone who made a plain effort, I'm very nice. For someone who smashed their head on the keyboard and dubbed the product "fic", well...You won't like me.

Links to Help Writers and Of General Interest

Please bear in mind that while I am a fan of the following links, I am in no way affiliated with them and they, for the most part, do not support my opinions or methods. Please don't go yelling at them because of me.

Mary Sue and Badfic Communities:

Mary Sue Information and Beta Readers:

A Litmus test is a series of questions to help you decide whether or not your character qualifies as a Mary Sue. They also apply to male original characters (Marty Stu, Gary Stu).

What is Mary Sue?

The Essential Guide to Mary Sue - A MUST READ:

Mary Sue Litmus Test - Harry Potter:

MS Litmus Test - LOTR: MS Litmus Test - Star Wars:

MS Litmus Test - Angel and Buffy:

MS Litmus Test - The Mighty Ducks:

MS Litmus Test - Babylon 5:

Essay - Self-Insertion and Mary-Sueism:

Original Character Analysis Group:

Beta Reader Listing (ALL FANDOMS):

Have a nice day. -FA

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