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Hi there! Welcome to my profile, dEBB987

I’m not a native English speaker, so comments that help me improve my grammar and redacting are very welcome!~

At first I didn’t know what to write here, but finally decided to place my personal opinion regarding reviews. The development of my first story was more affected by them than it should have, so maybe any new / wannabe writers out there can avoid this situation if they read this haha. It’s hard to know at first...

...which kind of reviews help you grow as an author, and which you should ignore?

So below are some examples of the reviews I’ve gotten in my stories. Out of basic, common courtesy the authors behind said reviews are not mentioned, only the review followed by my opinion on it.

The way I see it, there aren’t really ‘negative’ reviews. They either like it or not, and sure they can express it quite harshly, but in the end it is just that. An opinion. Like this one, for example

“You'd have to be a lot more creative and spend a lot more time making a multi-billion year old Harry believable. You don't seem to know when to stop. Master of Death is not enough. You have to make him billions of years old and outliving multiple universes. How in the fuck do you explain someone like that even able to still communicate with normal humans?”

Kinda harsh, but a valid opinion, so there goes that. It’s not a critic about my redaction, my writing style, or me as an author specifically, so you, as an author, should just respect the fact that not everyone is going to like the story and move on.

“I do not like this fanfic, why is almost every harry potter fanfic the same?” Same with this one.

“Huuurrrrk. That’s the sound of me vomiting blood. Why the hell do so many wannabes think using Hadrian instead of Harry is acceptable (here’s a hint: it’s not,) hell, a two seconds and a search (…)” They’re, pardon my French, bitching over the name I chose haha. This is the kind you don’t take seriously.

There are some others, but I think you get the point. Some would consider them as ‘negative’ but they are just an opinion at the end of the day. So don’t let them get to your head. I won’t change the name I chose for example, just because one reader didn’t like it.

There are others that are kinda harsh but actually help you learn a thing or two about writing, or help you keep plot-continuity so they are good for me.

“Your grammar needs attention. Badly.” Not really helpful, but it points to a feature that you can improve.

“its alright but missing a lot of details the pace is quite fast”

“Hmm too many changes in which character we view the world from too damn fast (..)” also something you can improve

“Last chapter he thought two of them were level 75 so why is one, and only one, at level 70 so shocking to Harry? (…)” This kind helps with plot-continuity, so they’re really appreciated! Some are written quite harshly, but they help a lot, so you as an author just have to focus on what helps you and ignore the rest.

The ones below I would classify as neutral – positive. It makes you feel valued, that your work is appreciated, and that’s it haha

“I didn't know you have this. Thank you for writing”

“Season 2 of Overlord is out” – when I said next update may be coming once the anime season ended.

“Good so far” Doesn’t really say anything other than they mildly approve, so there’s that haha.

The ones below, I would classify as fully positive. The kind of review that makes you smile and helps with self-confidence in your writting.

“Oh!!! I like it, I like it, I really really like it!!!! I can't wait for the next update. It's really good and it's really interesting as well.”

“Yeeeeeeessss this is quality shit! I love it! I can't wait for another chapter! I'm so ready! *insert SpongeBob gif* You're freaking awesome”

“I really love your other story, so when I saw this one, I decided to come read it too, and I was not disappointed! I still really like how the characters all interact with each other (..)”

“Omg omg omg you’ve combined my love of two very important things ! HARRY POTTER AND OVERLORD ! CANT WAIT FOR MORE !”

“I love your story, I love your omake, I LOVE YOUR WRITING. Thank you for the good work and I hope to see more soon

But these ones? These are the best! The kind that points out mistakes in a friendly manner

“Just a small proofread - the past tense of leave is left. ie. "Have you ever left the treasury?” (Yes, it's spelled and pronounced exactly like 'left' the direction.) It's not a big error, (I take it that English isn't your first language? I'm impressed!) just a consistent one (…)”

“I just started reading and caught up to this story. I have to say that I genuinely like what you have done with this story. I can't wait for this story. However, I feel like there are some writting errors that hinder your flow, so I would advise getting beta or making some choices (…)”

The reviews are long so I don’t want to bore you with the details, but they really helped me improve.

Oh well, if you're reading this I thank you for your time and hope you can forgive any misspelling I may have. Some always escape me and get published (sadly), but I get back to edit when I receive the comments in the reviews.

Hope it helped~ See you later!

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