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I'm back! Miss me? After being inactive for a looooong time, Libra is back!

"Call me [Liv] everyone does!"

Age: 13 years young

Personality: Crazy, a bit bipolar, all over the place, smart, and in LOVE with music. Also suicidal, but who the hell cares?

Fandoms: Pokemon, Digimon, Metal Fight Beyblade, YuGiOh! (All 4 series), Percy Jackson, Vocaloid, Batman

Favorite Bands:
Linkin Park
Simple Plan
Sleeping with Sirens


Main Fandom: Percy Jackson
Name: Kaelyn Parker
Age: 16
Occupation: Camp Half-Blood camper
Godly Parent: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy
Personality: Very clever, crafty, and a total book-worm, Kae is a natural leader. Her best friend, Mason Delgado, tells her almost everyday, "Curiosty killed the cat."
Appearance: Kae is of average height with blonde hair with red highlights. Her eyes are hazel colored. When she isn't wearing her Camp Half-Blood tee, she likes wearing a dark, blood red tank top with dark blue jeans and black shoes with red laces she always forgets to tie. She has an old brown key around her neck with an owl on the top she can't take off.
Special/Magic Items: Her brown key can do anything, from creating a force field to making instant eggs, but it drains all of her energy. Only Chiron knows this.
Weapon: For a Daughter of Wisdom, she doesn't think very much about her battle plan. Usually, she goes all out with her sword.
Extra: To be added later

Main Fandom: Batman
Name: Lily Banfield AKA Nightingale "Girl Nightwing"
Age: 16 (May 30, 1998)
Occupation: self-employed crime-fighter, vigilante
Personality: hyper, always looking for fights, reckless at times, clumsy, cares for and very protective of loved ones
Appearance: 5'7", Milk chocolate brown hair in twin braids w/ white streaks, emerald green eyes. When on patrol, wears a blue spandex outfit with a short skirt, black bird emblem on her chest, blue fingerless gloves, black thigh brace, indigo cape, and a black mask like Nightwing's.
Abilities: Uses the darkness, shadows, and negativity from people and channels the power into energy bolts. Can teleport through shadows, be almost invisible in darkness, and can also speak to people through shadows.
Extra: To be added later

Main Fandom: Original idea "Midnight Gunner"
Name: Valerie Rose Leonhardt AKA Midnight Gunner
Age: 16 (February 14, 1998)
Occupation: professionally trained assassin, contracted murderer
Personality: mostly serious, quiet, self-disciplined, ambitious, straight-forward, rarely shows mercy to her targets, apathetic, loves blood
Appearance: 5'6", black hair (side bangs glow a neon blue hue when using special weapons), gray eyes, gravitates toward dark clothing
Abilities: Familiar with various weapons i.e. firearms, swords, bombs, etc., uses special guns that shoot out energy waves (instead of bullets) created from internal power, master of stealth missions, professionally trained assassin, escapist, can turn everyday objects into deadly weapons.
Extra: (Midnight Gunner) connected to the murder of Alex Hansen's parents

Main Fandom: DC Comics
Name: Olivia Marianne Andrews AKA Libra
Age: Unknown due to multiple reincarnations
Occupation: Unknown
Personality: Bipolar, can be cheery and excited, then switch to dark and depressed
Appearance: 5'8", long black hair with green highlights, green eyes that match hair, mostly wears black clothes, left wing black right wing white
Abilities: Can manipulate dark and light energy, turn energy into weapons, shields, communicators, winged flight, psychokinesis
Extras: To be added later

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