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Hello, I'm ofperkins, sometimes known as Op Shop. I'm not exactly an old hand at writing fanfiction - prose is not my primary field - but what I am an old hand at is doing things differently. Hence, I pride myself on my very few stories being different.

I'm an avid fan of the Myst series and its Uru spin-off, as well as the works of Tim Winton (for serious reading) and Terry Pratchett (for less serious reading), plus the old classic cult TV show The Prisoner and the far more modern American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. I haven't written many pieces of fanfiction, as I said, but my handful of published work is all full-on, multi-chapter stories, which is currently comprised solely of my ongoing "Strangers in Paradise" adaptations of the Myst games which replace the single player character (the Stranger) with four characters.

Sometimes I write several chapters a week, and sometimes it could be a long while between chapters. This is because I'm a full-time student, and as such sometimes am too busy to write. For the month-long gaps between chapters, I apologise - I haven't given up.

I don't usually work on more than one or two pieces at a time, especially considering that each iteration of Strangers in Paradise needs to be completed before I start the next. My current and upcoming works are listed below, along with several ideas that may become stories. Works marked as in progress are those that I am currently writing; those that are planned will be written in the future; those that are speculatory are ideas that I may turn into stories and welcome feedback on.

Strangers in Paradise: To Whom It May Concern (Myst/Riven): The Strangers must deal with the vengeance of Atrus' sons in the worlds of Revelation. This is in progress at long last.

Strangers in Paradise: Sleeping With the Past (Myst/Riven): Atrus and Catherine share tales of old D'ni with the Strangers. This is now planned to be started once To Whom It May Concern is finished.

Strangers in Paradise: The Last Stand (working title) (Myst/Riven): This would see the Strangers in the worlds of End of Ages. As End of Ages is supposed to be set 200 years after Myst, I would have to take a fair few liberties with this story, so at the moment it is only speculatory. Input is welcome and encouraged, on both the idea, how I would work it and the title.

Ahrotahn (working title) (Myst/Riven): What if the Stranger never found the Myst book? This is very, very speculatory.

All for One (The Prisoner): A young woman finds herself in the Village as the new Number Eight. She befriends Number Six, and Number Two begins trying to use her to get to him. This is in progress, and based loosely on "The Chimes of Big Ben".

Masterpiece Edition (Myst/Riven): The Stranger shows Atrus and Catherine what Myst and its worlds have become, twenty years on. Set shortly before Revelation, this would revert to a single Stranger, rather than being part of the Strangers in Paradise series. I came up with the idea after the release of realMyst Masterpiece Edition, and it is still speculatory.

Clearly I speculate a lot. Despite this, I strive to make my work entertaining. I hope that I have succeeded.

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