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I've always loved anything with a compelling story whether it was in the form of a Video Game, an anime, a movie, a TV show, or a novel. I'm a big fan of Dragon Ball Z. Really, DBZ, Toonami and the late 90's/early 2000's era of Video Games were what made my childhood.

DBZ was, like for a lot of us, my first anime and I have recently started to get really into it again thanks to the fan comic "Dragon Ball Multiverse" which I used to help out with by translating a bit of the novelization version of the comic from French. I also owe that experience for honing my writing skills considering copy/paste from Google translator wouldn't make any sense... So special shout out to Salagir and the very talented artist that goes by the name of Gogeta Jr. for getting me back into Dragon Ball in general. If you haven't read "Dragon Ball Multiverse" and you're a fan of DBZ, check it out. You won't be disappointed.

I'm one of the many fans of Dragon Ball Z that was really dissatisfied with ending of the manga/"Z". As a kid I eagerly looked forward to GT after seeing the end of Z. I was glad it wasn't the end and there was more to come, but I was so disappointed... I can understand if you're a fan of GT, and I'll admit it did have some enjoyable parts. However, it really wasn't at all like what I hoped it'd be. When I got older I eventually got around to reading the Dragon Ball manga and saw exactly what was filler and what wasn't. I was glad to find that I could think of GT as not being the real "canon" sequel to "Z".

I don't think I'm the only one that feels a bit sad when I watch the last episode of DBZ. I think every Dragon Ball fan wants to see more, to see what happens next. If GT is an alternate version of what happens next, then I at least want to see another alternate version, even if it's not done by Toriyama himself.

That's why I figured I'd write my own alternate version of what happens next to Son Goku and his friends.

I hope to bring you all a great story, thank you for reading.
- Cane

I find a lot of the main characters of Dragon Ball, to be likeable. Whether they're heroes or villains. But my two favorites are definitely Goku and Vegeta. A bit cliche maybe, but I can't help but like them the most. Whenever they're fighting it's a sure thing that things are going to be interesting. Even if they aren't fighting whenever they're on screen it's just ...awesome, man.


Vegeta gets belittled against almost every main villain. He is always used as an example of just how powerful the new enemy really is. It's always like wow Vegeta's strong, but this guy is THAT much stronger. The reason Vegeta is one of my favorite characters is because of how much the guy perseveres. He never gives up and he always manages to come off as a bad ass even with the author himself seemingly out to get him sometimes. At times Vegeta was made out by the author in a way that seemed to have the intention of making the reader hate him, while only making him appear even more deep than we had thought he was. Some say that he's just another Piccolo-esque badguy turned sort of goodguy/anti-hero. I personally see him being much more interesting than that.

As a child, his proud Saiyan race was oppressed by an all-powerful tyrant. His father was hopeful of him, and he filled him with a sense that he was meant for great things. His dream from a very young age was to be the strongest in the universe so that he could overthrow the tyrant oppressing his father and his entire race. He lived his whole life, waiting for the day that would come to pass. Then one day he's bested by a low level Saiyan who renounced their heritage. Forced to transform in order to deal with him, he was still bested by the combined efforts of the low class Saiyan and his Earthling friends. He was forced to swallow his pride and flee, only to find that the tyrant that had massacred his entire proud race was going to try and achieve immortality, the immortality he had sought himself in order to take down that very same tyrant. When he finally confronts Frieza, believing he has finally become the strongest in the universe, he is rudely awakened. Hopelessness and despair flow from him in the form of tears as he is forced to accept that his dream won't come true. Even after all the under-handed things he did on Namek and the underhanded effort of pursuing immortality had failed him. His pride was completely and utterly shattered.

Then the low level Saiyan, the one who had renounced their heritage comes, feeling sorry for him. In a desperate attempt, Vegeta begs the low class Saiyan to avenge their race once and for all. Goku achieves what Vegeta had sought for his entire life. Vegeta is given a new life and is forced to see that for himself. Over time it sinks in... Goku did everything he should have done. Everything he had wanted to do. What could be left for him other than trying to surpass Goku? In what other way could he reclaim his pride, his honor unless he bested the man that took HIS destiny for his own. For a long time Vegeta is in denial, he truly believes he is better than Goku, he tries to prove it every chance he gets. To prove it to himself, to everyone. Eventually he's forced to come to terms with the fact that Goku is just, better than him. He matures and comes to see him for all that he's done for him. He comes to see him as a friend.

No other character in the series undergoes nearly as much character growth as Vegeta does.

Son Goku:

It's pretty easy to see why anyone would like Goku. He's so cheerful that just seeing him puts me in a better mood. Aside from that, Goku is the character we watch grow up from a very young age to being a grandfather. He's the character we spend the most time with. He's really an inspirational guy no matter how you look at it. He's extremely passionate about fighting. It's an admirable trait that can be applied to whatever it is anyone is passionate about(though it should really be handled a lot more responsibly than the way Goku does it)

I love how modest he is, and that he's always looking for a new challenge. He may be a bit arrogant in his own way sometimes, but he's someone modest enough to always be looking for a chance to better himself. Someone who would love it if there is someone stronger than him out there. His goal isn't to be the strongest in the universe, it's to fight a stronger opponent each time.

I should also add that I see Goku having two slightly different personalities. One is the original Japanese/manga version of Goku. The other is the FUNimation English dub version of Goku.

The original version of Goku is a lot more childish. He does mature a bit and he does all that he can to take care of his friends, but he's really irresponsible when it comes to his family. He cares more about fighting a challenging opponent than anything else.

The FUNimation English dub version of Goku is the one I personally prefer between the two. He is childish as well and yes, he still cares more about fighting a challenging opponent more than anything else(including his family) The difference is how much wiser this Goku seems to be. At times he has a sort of, super powered messiah-esque feel to him. He just seems more heroic. Both are pure-hearted, but while one is pure-hearted in a childish sort of way, this Goku seems to be a pure "Good" guy. He's really the ideal good guy, at least in my opinion. It really gives me chills whenever FUNimation Goku is angered, how righteous his tone gets, it's almost like you've angered God himself and he's about to rain down his judgement on you.

I'd have to say that Goku is a truly inspirational character that anyone could benefit from looking up to.

Growing up, I didn't have a dad. In a way I looked up to these two characters as father figures from a young age.

I'm really thankful to Toriyama for creating these two great characters. I don't think I'll ever stop looking up to them.

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