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Hi everyone!! I'm Sana Kurata and it's nice to meetcha! On my left are Tsuyoshi and Aya!
They're girlfriends, I mean friends!..wait, they're uh, what's the word? Cupples! Yup!
"Sana..that's couples.."
Ahh, right. And on my right is Fuka and Naozumi! We're all friends. ^^
Then on my back, I mean behind my back is my family. There's Mom and Rei, and that squirrel she keeps in her head.
"Don't forget boys and girls, Mariko is a trained squirrel."
Yup! Ok, I think that's everyone. Well, nice meeting ya!
"Umm..Sana..don't you think we're missing a person?"
Hah? Who?? There's Aya, Tsuyoshi, Fuka, Naozumi, Mom, Rei, Mariko..OH MY GOSH! How could I forget? There are the directors and producers of my movies and plays! *shakes head* So sorry, you guys!
"Umm..Sana..there's still one more."
One more? Oh yeah! There's my fans (I love you guys!) Mom's ex who always ask for money, Naozumi's fans who tried to kill me, the classmates at our middle school, my birth mom and my sister, my teachers, and Rei's girlfriend..that's it!
"..Sana, there's still one important person.."
Oh, who cares!! I'm tired, I'll name him/her tomorrow. Oh!
HEY AKITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!