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i made this profile,originaly, to read other stories, but now i feel as though i should maybe right a story too.

if\when i write my first fanfiction, it will most likely be about the hunger games. maybe all of them will be. but there is a reason as to why i love the hunger games. its not only becuase of the plot, but also the characters. most people will say their favorite character is katniss becuase she is a hero or a 'badass'. or they'll say they love peeta becuase he is 'adorable' and 'sweet. that is not why those are my favorite charcters, they are my favorite becuase of their backround stories and how they react to it in present day. i love that even though katniss is snappy and comes off as bitch, she does have a big heart and does care dearly to the ones close to her. and i love that even though peeta was abused in his family and was most likely hated by his mother, he wwas still strong and caring and understanding.

Name: Jessica.

Birthday: August 4th.

Fave Movie(s): the hunger games ,Titanic, Percy Jackson, the mortal instruments,Life As We Know It, What To Expect When You're Expecting, inception, jurassic park, the breakfeast club, the impossible

Fave Book(s): The Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent trilogy, the fault in our stars, the lucky one, safe haven, wintergirls, the mortal instruments, the infernal instruments, percy jackson series, hush hush, fallen, tryelle, looking for alaska, the maze runner, bruises. and many more...(You really should go read those books!)

Fave Food(s): McDonald's, p.f. changs, pdq, firehouse subs... we dont really go out to eat much... my moms boyfriend is an amazing cook :3

Fave Character(s): Katniss everdeen, peeta mellark, primrose everdeen, annie cresta, finnick odair, tris, four, cristine, hazel grace, augustus waters, issac, lena,

Fave Actor(s): Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, and Liam Hemsworth. .

Fave Actress(s): Jennifer Lawrence, emma stone, ugh i cant think right now hahah

Fave Singer(s)/band(s): alt-j, baths, deerhungter, braids, daughter, lana del rey, the shins, nirvana, mgmt, foals, coco rosie and much more.

Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Hanging With My Family & Going Out With Friends.

if you read this entire thing, then thank you. you really didnt have to 'cuase i was just babbling :3

love you guys,


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AU. "You know," I say. "My mask is off. Wouldn't it be fair if I saw my dancing partner?" "I suppose." He says and takes off his mask. Then I saw those crystalline blue eyes that were almost covered with his blonde hair. I gasp. It was Peeta Mellark. The boy who saved my life." R&R!
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The New Girl's Fire by PurpleBoo reviews
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