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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

1/2013: Looong note removed but the short story is: I will complete everything I start :D

I am an ENFP and if you know what that means than you know I am open to variety, and in fact crave it more than Naruto wants to bring Sasuke back to Konoha so I like to pair multiple people together xD

I don't get involved in ship wars, I respect all pairings. If I don't like I don't read. It's called search filters for a reason. And plain HUMAN DECENCY to not attack someone for having likes and interests other than your own, and not behaving like a ignorant online nitwit. You won't see me searching for Kakashi x Iruka...EVER. And this is from someone who read an Orochimaru x Sakura...and liked it.

I've yet to find a pairing that can not be shipped. Yes there are many I do not particularly favor, but a good writer can make anything work. I tend to stick with Sakura w/Naruto/Sasuke/Kakashi/Itachi as the pairings I write. I've written many ItaSaku but never actually put them on

Sakura is one of those characters that unless you're writing a crack fic, it's hard to write her OOC. Kishimoto has given us a detailed main character yet still vague on many details about her. You can make her strong, weak, smart, self-confident, self-conscience, wise, foolish, etc. Those fluctuations may all be just her being a teenage girl, but it gives us fanfic writers the chance to flesh out her character as we wish and still keep her in character. In terms of characterization you can make Sakura perfect to pair with just about anybody really since she's so adaptable.

OTP: Kakashi x Sakura (With her as a fully consenting adult of course :D ) Mamoru x Usagi (Sailor Moon) I've yet to find a canon romance that's touched me the same way as that manga series did.


Feel- The first arc will have around 13/14 chapters. Should I say arc...more like saga *rolls eyes at self*

Perfect For You (Itach x Sakura Semi-Drabbles Oneshots) Oneshots that are apart of the same series yet not a true story yet. Will develop into a true story once finished with Feel. Mostly a one-shot drabble series showing Sakura being in love with Itachi since she was a little girl and the antics she did to get his attention. Once she's old enough will turn into a story with actual plot :D Non-Mass


I Still Love Him Anyway

Naruto and Sakura obsession over Sasuke, her for his love, Naruto for his friendship had finally paid off when Naruto convinced him to return to the village. Then one night the village was attacked, and to save Sakura, Naruto had to make a decision that tore their their friendship apart, leaving their feelings for Sasuke the only thing left binding them together.

I CAN NOT wait to start that story, but I want to finish Feel first. Title subject to change, summary most likely as well, but just a heads up, it's going to be one messed up story. They are going to make you mad, but I advise for those that choose to read it, to stick to it thru the end.


Since I love to read/write various pairings I want to write small one-shots to get them all out while I'm writing multi-chapter fics. And this way I can see which pairing I have the best knack at writing. And mainly just to have fun with them.

Sasuke x Sakura- How She Knew

And finally...I love you all. Even a click on my story making a view makes me incredibly happy. Like a serious roll on the floor fangirl moment xD Thanks for reading my stories :)

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