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Anyway, Hello! I am Cynder135 but call me MUSHROOM.

I really don't know what to put here so...

Basic things you need to know about The Mushroom

Name: Molly, Not Mollie or even Molliey (My friend Molly knows a Molly who spells her name like that) Woah too many Mollys

Age:13 (14 in July)

Gender: Female

Hobbies: *giant breath* Video gaming, drawing, hanging out with friends (Today), Reading, secretly writing stories


Games: Okami, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pikmin, Jak and Daxter, Spyro, Cel Damage Overdrive, Pokemon, Mario Games

Books: Maximum Ride, Skulduggery Pleasant, Numbers, Hunger, let me get back to you on that.

Colours: Purple, Blue, Orange, Green


YouTube: Silverwolf2233

Deviantart: Cynder134

You can also find my OCs Ask Accounts here:




Silver - Sorry about this being on hold for so long. It will continue hopefully soon. I need to replay Okami so I know what's going on because at the moment all I have is the main script. So I'm halfway to the next chapter atleast. I may or may not post an update video on my YT account depending on the amount of time I have this weekend. Again, I am sorry.


Unamed Kingdom Hearts story - This is a story I've been working on for the past couple days. It is a self insert but only because my name sounded really cool 'Nobodified' and with all the weird stuff that happened to me in March it seemed... Appropriate... No judge please.


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