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Name: Haradion

About me:

Not much to say - I am a perfectly normal, average person. Not much to discuss. I am 21 years old, and live in the UK.
In my spare time I like reading, video games and am now trying my hand at writing some of my own as well, though much of my time is taken by studying at University.
I am an avid book reader and absolutely love Fantasy.
As such I enjoy Game of Thrones, David Eddings, Raymond Feist, Robert Jordon's Wheel of Time, Trudi Canavan and many other Fantasy Novels. My favourite is with out a shadow of a doubt, Brandon Sanderson who is simply the best author I have ever read.
Make sure to check out his "Mistborn" Trilogy, and prepare to be hooked.

I also watch a little TV.
I enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar: Galactica, NCIS, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Marvel's CU.

I play Games, and enjoy Battlefield 4 and other FPSs and TCGs.

Why the Lion King?:

Yes, you may notice that is the only fandom I write in - though in reality I am a huge nerd with many interests, this is the only franchise I write about.

Mainly, I discovered it when discussion turned to musicals I liked, and I recalled seeing the Lion King a number of years ago. This in turn reminded me of the original movies, and how much I enjoyed them, and when I returned home I youtubed some of the old songs I liked and some of the most famous scenes. Since then I have rediscovered the Nostalgia for which the lion King movies are famous for bringing to people.
Another important factor would be the amount of times I had seen them as a child - I went to an afterschool club that only had two dvds, one of which was the Lion king 2. I can only remember hating the other dvd. Consequently, the Lion king 2 is ingrained permanently in my head, to the point I could probably recite the entire script.
I like both of the original two Movies, and consider it a great shame that they did not ever make a third film, as the Lion King 1 1/2 doesn't really count. (Though it is called the Lion King 3 in the UK.)


Want to discuss something about The Lion King Legacies, or the Lion King Judgement? Ask around on my Forum! Also browse through bonus content to my stories. Deleted Scenes, Musical Numbers and discussion about the acclaimed series!



From The Lion King: Judgement:

Scar/Taka: The Ex-King of the Pridelands, and his actions are pivotal to most of the stories - which makes sense, given how his actions would have reshaped teh pridelands, in much teh same way the World Wars reshaped Europe. An evil tyrant, who was murdered at the end of his reign by his own Hyena minions, he returns "Judgement", as his soul is brought before the Spirit Kivuli and the Demon Ammit to answer for his crimes and his actions.

Ammit: A Demon, banished from Paradise of his own free will, as a result of an undisclosed, yet terrible treachery. He takes many names, including Chaos, Death, Callaghast, The Dark One, The Sin, The Prince of Night, Jörmungandr, Dark Lord and Black Heart.
Not a nice one, and a cruel and twisted thing. Beware. He delights in the pain and suffering of his victims, especially by making them relieve their worst experiences. He is a Pure Spirit, without physical form... Though in Scar he may have found a loop hole.

Uru: The Mother of Scar and Mufasa and Mate of Ahadi. She had a good relationship with all of her family, though how this affected them remains to be seen.

Ahadi: The Father of Scar and Mufasa. Disowned his Son Scar after blaming him for a tragedy that took the life of a Pride Member. Scar challanged him for the Crown, and Lost, being blinded and maimed in the process. Also responsible for injuring Zira, who defended her cub-hood sweetheart.

Kivuli: A Good Spirit, dedicated to the redemption of Scar for his own reasons.

Zira: Scar's mate and lover. Was maimed by Ahadi, after interfering in a Duel for the crown, which Scar lost. Years later, aided Scar in his coup of the Pridelands. After her lover was killed, she tried to reclaim her mates kingdom, with Kovu, the son of Scar's closest follower.

From The Lion King: Legacies:

The Cubs:

Kiava, is the heir to the Throne of the Pridelands. He is the son of King Kovu and Queen Kiara, and the nephew of Princess Vitani. He is the Prince of the Pridelands, and will one day - hopefully - become king. He is a smart, serious cub, prone to long conversation and has a keen interest in the history of the Pridelands. The Legends of Mohatu, Ahadi, Mufasa, Simba, Scar and Kovu are but some of his favourites. He is a cub of Royal Gold fur, and pitch black hair tuft and tail tip.

Inti, is mischievous, fun loving and energetic. He is wild, and an instinctive warrior. He often neglects to think things through, when on the spotlight, but given the time, forewarning, and opportunity, is also a capable schemer and planner. His mane is flame orange, as are his eyes, and he will oneday be a powerful warrior and general to his King.

Sara, is Inti's much gentler twin sister. She possesses his same fiery temper and intuition, but is much more cautious and careful in her activities, whether they be hunting, stalking, or fighting. She also has a fondness for histories and stories - a trait which brings her close to Kiava, though this may be an affection for a certain storyteller, rather than the content of the stories.

Zuri, is a pale cream cub with eyes of ice blue, but despite that, is the most warm hearted of all of the cubs. The first to settle a conflict, her virtues are patience, empathy and compassion, traits which may yet make her the most effective diplomat the Lion Prides of Africa have ever seen. She is persuasive, and an eloquent speaker, and also posses the most amount of common sense. Whilst scheming and intrigue does not come naturally to her, she is more than capable of recognizing it, and also capable of seeing the quickest solution. While not a natural fighter, her determination, patience and perseverance means that she hones her skills into something mighty, gaining what many have through instinct through learning.

Koron. He is easily the darkest of the cubs, probably because he has seen and endured the most. He did not grow up with the rest of the Cubs, but instead grew in the darkest confines of the pits of Golgorath, the dungeon and base of the monstrous Shai'tan. As such, he is cynical, suspicious and not afraid to get his paws dirty. He has few qualms with brutally killing those whom would hurt his friends. Beneath his bleak outlook, there is a vulnerable young lion cub, irrevocably damaged by tragedy, but to the Shai'tan he is yet another obstacle in their dominance of the land.

The Adolescents:

Danyal. He had the unenviable job of being the 'babysitter', or alternatively, 'nursemaid' to the four cubs. He has the unique ability to bring them under control with a glare, a skill only Vitani can match. He is also an adolescent however, and is frustrated at his inability to contribute in the same way as the adults. The only male out of cubhood aside from the king however, he is a capable fighter.
Although he himself is not native to the Pridelands in the strictest sense of the words, his mother was, and they returned to her original home, mere days before her death, leaving him orphaned. His mother was an Outlander who lived under Zira's rule before fleeing her increasingly erratic rule. His rather might have been a passing nomad, a Lion from a far kingdom, or even a dangerous rouge. His mother never said, and he doesn't care to dwell on it.
Although many lionesses attempted to bond with him, he still grew isolated, somehow being raised collectively by the entire Pride, and yet the adopted son of none of them. Despite that, or perhaps because of this, he is a much loved friend to the cubs.

Helio is a young lion from the realm of Asiatica, the eastern continent. Although much of his family and friends were murdered by the Shai'tan when they were gaining strength, he himself survived the slaughter, and is a battleharded warrior. Loyal to his friends, and mistrustful of practically everything else, he would be consumed by his desire to make the Shai'tan pay, were it not also for his friendship with Sundar, and his own good heart. He now works to defend the Pridelands from succumbing to the same fate. Dispite his cocky and sometime capricious nature, he is a good creature.

Sundar. Sundar is daughter of Lukaan. Blessed with beauty, intelligence, compassion and an aetheral mystical ability she does not yet understand, she could be a formidable ally to the Pridelands. Though weak, her powers have the potential to evolve into that a fully fledged Shaman, the first in centuries. The timing couldn't be more fortuitous, since, like her Pridemates, she hails not from Africa, but from Asiatica (Asia) from the homeland of the Imperium. One of the Shai'tan's first victims, she is now keen to stop the same from happening to the Pridelands.

The Lions and Lionesses: Coming Soon

Vitani. Lady of the Night. The Trueborn daughter of Tama and Tojo, and Daughter to Zira and Scar, she is a fearsome opponent with an matched skill in fighting and hunting. She aims to avenge her brothers' death, and protect Kiava, helping the young cub to come into his Kingdom.

Almasi is a Pridelander, and one with considerable skill in herbs, and cubs. She is the mother of both Inti and Sara, and was for a short time, the guardian of Danyal upon his mother's death. She has strong emotional, almost motherly attachments to every member of her Pride, and fearlessly protective of them all, intently aware of their own mortality.

Although A Pridelander, she is also extremely forward thinking, friends with two Outlanders, and one of Kovu's greatest supporters in the whole of the Pride. Nowadays, she is a mother to all, and a hopeful soul.

Damu is the Mother of Zuri. Pragmatic, serious, she was a supporter of Zira in the Civil War, though defected when Vitani did, and was very happy with the new life she had in the Pridelands. She held no senior position in the Pride until its fall, where she became one of the only survivors of the Imperium's brutal attack. An Outlander and a Pridelander, she relies on her Pridesisters and her friends to help her through the world, and in return gives all she has for them.

Lukaan. A White Lion, with pink eyes Lukaan rules the very last remnants of an Asiatic Pride, all but destroyed by the Imperium when it first came to power. His mate and brother dead, he and his daughter, Sundar, fled the onslaught, only to find themselves embroiled in the conflict for the Pridelands. With his home lost in fire, mutual understanding and respect between his Pride and Vitani has led to an allience against the Emperor... But will it be enough to stand against the Shaman?

The Shaman:

Rafiki, is the kindly mandrill all know and love. He is in this incarnation, an extremely powerful Shaman, capable of great feats of magic. His staff and his tail, are as present as ever, with advice and skill in combat as required. Bare though. He has a history with both Marsade and Yessen, and many speak of him with fear... The Pridelands are not the only ones with shadows in their past. He is loyal friend, but possesses not the will, or desire to kill others with his magical gifts. Hid policy of nonintervention could be his undoing, as Marsade will not be similarly inhibited.

Marsade is an Orangutan, who has made his home in the eastern continents. He hold the other Shaman in disgust, and Rafiki with the utmost hatred reserved by most creatures for those who violate the most basic principles of life. Originally a friendly healer, and confident of an Asiatic Lion Pride, centuries later he is now a chief adviser to Ben-Kai-Ra and the Imperium, and provides for them the magic means by which they cross whole continents in their conquest. His motives for doing so, are unknown, but Revenge upon Rafiki for slights real or imagined, seem a primary source of his anger.

Yessen us a Baboon, who's own magic relies upon the ripples and tremors of the earth, and upon the reading of runes and signs on a sequence of pebbles. He can also leach memories from the rocks, and appears to dislike Rafiki, though also appals Marsade's vengeance. He is as wise as Rafiki and as powerful as Marsade, yet he may not be enough to stop the Imperium...

The Shai'tan:

The Lady of Golgorath, and the first of the Shai'tan. A furious fighter and vehemently opposed to anything that undermines her own power. A brutal warrior and enforcer, she uses intimidation and pain to enforce her will. Disliking of Shamanism and Magic, she relies upon her own strength to win her fights... and when angered, she can use her rage to fuel her past the point of feeling injuries or wounds.

Rish'ut remains firmly convinces that he is the most important being in existence, with the possible exception of Ben-Kai-Ra. The power he wields is not imagined however. Strong and fast, Rish'ut is easily taunted into a fight, but once started, his cool intelligence and strategical knowledge makes him a force to reckoned with, in mind and body. Despising and all affronts to his power, refusal or incompetence, is seen a personal insult, and is met with instant reprisal.

Another General and strategist. Friendly with Rish'ut, and loyal to the Emperor, spending his life as the fourth son of a powerful lord in the old Imperium, Amun is a jack-of-all-trades Shai'tan, who never quite lived up to the standards of his siblings, who were all flawlessly gifted in one area or the other. Although he excelled in everything he put his paw. Exceptionally skilled in all areas of combat, tactically minded in all levels of strategy. Demanding respect without the need of threats, and constantly on the look out for new members of his battalion, his unwillingness to partake in the power plays of his fellow Shai'tan doesn't mean he is blind to them. To him, the Imperium is stability and prosperity, which must be defended and spread across the world for the good of all.

Only the promise of power could have lured this otherwise temperate Tiger to willingly fight for the Imperium. The Youngest of the Imperium, and the one with the most to prove, this villainous Tiger Lord is capable of justifying anything for his own ends and desires. Charismatic, and popular with his troops, he is a handsome, strong, brave and is treats his inferiors with respect and understanding. This, in return, wins him the respect and moral of his troops, whom he uses to devastating effect. A solider, to whom hierarchy and the chain of command represent a finely tuned engine of war. He is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

A slippery, oily, vile piece of work, known to some as the most frightening ad terrible of all of the Shai'tan... Remorseless, morales and totally without anything but contempt for other living things, he is cruel, proud and greedy.
He would take anything he wanted, whether that be power, lands, titles, or mates. He is without compassion and without guilt.
If the Shai'tan are sociopaths, Asamode is an outright psychotic. His insanity is his strength, but tightly in control. He rules everything, with power when he can, and with subtle manipulations when he can't. A spider, with a web of intrigue, he is a dangerous as he is evil.
His plots and schemes trump even his loyalty to the Imperium. He would let the Pridelands and the Imperium die in flame, if it bought him what he wanted - and consider it a good deal. Guile is his trait, and it makes him exceptionally dangerous. He lies, twists and manipulates his way to power, and with his position in the Imperium secured, he has only accumulated more power since.

Raeveal is fast talking, cynical, sarcastic and has little patience for riddles and puzzles. One of the fastest of the Shai'tan, relying on speed and agility over his brute strength, his mind is also agile. His intelligence is ruthless, and he finds himself in competition with Asamode. Possessing a more methodical brilliance then Asamode, he is different in his own way. While Asamode uses guile, cunning, ambition and secrecy to further his gains, Raeveal favours more open and enlightening methods.

He remains a valued tool of both Marsade and the emperor and thus is kept in reserve.

Not much is known about this Shai'tan, other than that she has a brother, the previous Shai'tan. She is the one who mantains the Imperium in all its power, and can be said to be the only one besides the Emperor who is fully aware of all things happening in the Emperor at a time. Perfectly willing to work with lesser creatures, she is the centre of a web of powerful regents and allies that hold the Empire together. That said, her physical fighting prowess is a relative wildcard, rarely taking to the battlefield herself, she directs from afar. Indeed, she knows the location of every Gateway and Rift the Imperium, including those unknown to the average rank and files of the Imperium's army. A useful trait for she also maintains the Empires spies and eyes. Shunning Rish'ut's and Mortread's taste for large armies, she surrounds herself with a cult of the Imperium's deadliest and most elusive assassins. Panthers, both African and Asiatic are her favourites. Well suited to her shadowy and devious nature.

Emperor of the Imperium, Asiatica and the Pridelands, Supreme Leader of the Known World, and Lord of All Creation, he is the brutal dictator, shrouded in mystery and power. Invincible, invulnerable, and seemingly all Powerful, his weakness - if discovered - could free the Pridelands. Without it... They are almost certainly doomed. Merciless, cruel, and embodying all of the Sins who make up his underlings. He has all of their negative traits, without any of their redeeming features. If there was ever a creature so void of compassion, to make even Scar and Zira look harmless, then this is he.


The origins and powers of the Great Kingdoms are lost to time itself. But in the modern era, there are three powers who have distinguished themselves.

The Pridelands:
The centre of the Kingdom, and the home of the Lion King. It is the setting of the conflict which now engulfs the Kingdom, and Pride Rock forms its capital. Verdant and full of life, rich and peaceful, they represent the pinnacle of Africa's lands. With a strong respect for the Circle of life, and an enduring monarchy, the land is stepped in history and lore.

The Outlands:
Arid and dry, the red plains are sun scorched earth and termite mounds. Insects and snakes abound, the area barley supports life, and those who live there quickly adjust to a dark survivalist approach. The weak die, and the strong survive. Perhaps that is why they appeal to the Emperor. Located to the Northwest of the Pridelands.

The Shadowlands:
The Northeastern most lands, and are dryer and dustier than the Outlands. A network of caverns, tunnels, and mountainous hills, the grey land is fde by an undercurrent of geysers, steam holes, sinkholes, and other seismic instability.

Carrocscirr. Also known as the Bone Palace, and the Ivory Tower. It is in the elephant graveyards, and was the meeting point for the Hyenas. Also where Ahadi finally met his end. It was abandoned after Scar took over the Pridelands, but there are signs that it may be inhabited once again.

Golgorath. Also known as the Spire, and the Black Tower. It is the termite mound from where Zira plotted her revenge. Now it is the Fortress of the Shai'tan, ruled by Rish'ut, Lord of the Black Tower.

Pride Rock. It is the ancestral home of the Lion Kings, and seat of their power, until Kovu's Pride.
It was destroyed by the Shai'tan, with the Help of Marsade - an Evil Shaman from their country.

The Jungle. This great Jungle borders the Pridelands, but is across from the Great desert, which can take days to cross. In the deepest parts of the Jungle, lies Valon's Brook, an extremely dark and twisted part of the jungle, where all manner of horrible creatures live.

The Great River: The River which forms the northern border of the Kingdom, and stretches all across the Pridelands. They separate the greats lands apart.

Advice for prospective Fanfiction Writers:

The following is good advice for aspiring writers.

1) When plotting a story, ask yourself a question. Ask "What if Scar was Good?" Or "What if Kovu didn't fall in Love, and gave into his conditioning?" Then, plot this out. Figure out what you want to happen, where you want it to end, and how it will reach this point. Figure out a beginning... where are the characters on this road, when you first tell teh story? Then, fill in the dots, by learning about your knew characters and thinking how they would react. If you want certain situations to play out, make sure your characters have the traits and personalities that would lead them to makes those decisions. Then introduce some random factors, and move work out how they would react. Then, chapter by chapter, tell the story. But don't EVER use this in the summary.

2) Never begin a summary with a question. It is a huge turn off, and looks so unprofessional it hurts. Say "In a Universe where..." And then follow up with something about a story. Even if it is gauge like "Wild dogs plot to take Pride rock" or, "an old enemy is preparing to make his triumphant return." Most importantly, never, EVER have your summary be a sequence of three "What IF..." None of those "WHAT IFs" answers the question: Why should the reader *care*? Set up the premise, without telling them how you came to to the story. They are reading it, not writing it.

3) Never insert yourself in to a story. Ever. It breaks immersion and is generally the mark of a bad righter. Create characters and worlds. Add to the world that you see before, don't stitch your fantasies to Disney and call it a story.

4) Try to ensure chapters are always longer than 2500 words - excluding Authors Notes, or titles. This will make it interesting and fulfilling.

5) Try to plot out what the start, end and a brief outline of each chapter, before you write it. Make sure you know what you are trying to write.

6) Unless a Cannon characters background is drastically different due to the alternate universe you made, all Cannon characters should be as close to Cannon in their attitude as possible.

7) Avoid language unlikely to be used by the characters. Personally, I'd avoid swearing, even if the situations characters are in are unlikely to appear in a Disney movie.

8) Always respond to each and every review you receive.

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