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Poll: Soup (Sup in Ebonics) guys ! So get this; I'm working on a story for FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's) called "Mingle!". It's basically just a family-friendly, romantic hurt/comfort type of story where the FNAF crew is upgraded to androids and fall in love but troubles arise, blah, blah, blah, I'm sure you've read crap like this from all around, blah, blah, blah, you should know this. So to keep it short and simple, I'm starting to have trouble deciding the behavior of the Toys now. See, I read a couple stories where they were mean/snobbish, whatever it be few Toys mean to other Toys INCLUDING the old ones, or all of the Toys against the old ones, whatever it may be, in the end to Toy animatronics were mean. But just recently, I read a story that suggested they weren't ever really "mean" robots, just confused because their boss had been untruthful to them, and thus TRIED to make peace with the older models and... my dear favorite Bonnie decided to rip off his counterparts face... and I truly, deeply love them both (T T) sucks, really, it does... Any who in THAT story I was discussing above, they were all friendly and really silly (Toy Bonnie took Toy Chica's cupcake and ran around the room with it, heheh. And then when Chica caught him, he was gripping onto his guitar for his LIFE, like... lol... imagine how incredibly cute funny that'd look. I know; immensely so) and were, in other words, totally cool robots. Like, if Freddy Fazbear's were real and the TOY animatronics were out there, then yeah, going there wouldn't be so much of a drag nor a risk to my life... I pray. So; I just need ta KNOW: which suits them best? Good or Bad? Sweet or Spicy? Let me know! . Vote Now!
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My name's * * and i'm * years old. i'm keepin' that stuff hidden for safety reasons!

Favorite Movies:

Wreck-it-Ralph, Brave 2012, Hotel Translvanyia, Shrek Forever After, Shrek, and many more

Favourite Songs:

Allstar - Three Days Grace

I'm a believer - Three Days Grace

Both of us - B.O.B and Taylor Swift

Don't Worry Child - Sweedish Media (Or something like that -.-)

Primadonna - Maria and the Diamonds

I want you back - Victorious

When can i see you again? - Owl City

Vocaloid Songs

Utauloid Songs

And many many more!


Amusment Parks

Road Trips

Awesome movies! (Like Wreck - it - Ralph)

Fantasy stories

People making a difference

People trying to STOP bullying (I've been there before, it's not cool! It might make someone popular or seem in power, but that just makes you a jerk with nothing better else to do!)

Hanging out with friends

Being yourself

Inspration/ inspirational quotes



Different Cultures




Kaito Shion... or in other words, Vocaloid


And many many more!


Bullies (Like Taffyta -She's kinda too stuck up like to me)

People who gloat ( I would say like Rancis, but all i know is that he's a chocolate flavored, blue-eyed blonde who spends most of his time looking in the mirror besides racing)

People who don't give you a chance (Come on, man, or gal, you can't just get mad cause somebody ain't picking things up as quickly or so as you did! If you're like, teaching somebody how to do something, and they're not getting it, they're kinda slow at it, then don't get frustrated and start saying things that would make them feel stupid or slow -even if they are- you just need to break it down more and more and try to do it at a pace they can understand and keep up with!)

Idiots/Fools (And no, not the people who aren't exactly the best in academics, but like the people who try to start fights with you over stupid things or things that could easily be solved by talking it out. For example, if you ask somebody a question out of the blue, and the other person doesn't even know you or your face and so they answer back rudely, don't try to start a big massacre all because they seemed to have an "attitude". If you really don't like that person's attitude, just turn around, walk away, and leave that person alone! It makes no sense to start a fuss over stupid things that could easily be solved people!


Alois (well, not much that i don't like, just that he creeps me out... A lot... -,-'')

Alright!!!!!! Now, I happen to like to do some things when I'm not writing, like: reading, drawing, planning new stories, watchign anime, and... last but not least, believe it or not... I like to get on Google Images, and look up random pictures. I fall in love with stories I write; they all are like the many different lives a girl wished she could have. I've fallen in love with many of my stories, but the main one is Naruto Shippuden: Raundosuri! Raudosuri was supposed to stand for Round Three, cause you know, first there was Naruto then there was Naruto Shippuden and so I figured Naruto Raundosuri could come next, but after trying, apparently Raundosuri didn't mean anythign... Might change it... ANYWAY, for those who know/ read my story Naruto Shippuden: Raundosuri/Naruto Raundosuri then I hope you look at all these photos below because they all are relating to the way thigns look or resemble in the story... l-like the places ,''! Enjoy them!!!

(Ongaku in the very beginning)

(Ongaku at night by Gadona Heart's home [fun fact: in the sky you see two swirling bluish white vortexes as well as gears in the air. if you remember, those represent Itachi's eyes from the tenth dimension: the Clockwise vision or whatever. It shows what he can do with those eyes, manipulate time to manipulate others or his own life])

(Tobi's Fairytale book in the tenth dimension)

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Naruto: A Monstrous Dream! reviews
AU! Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. Selfish people often mistake selfishness for strength. It takes no talent, no intelligence, no self-control, and no effort to sacrifice other people for your ego. Sometimes you have to lose your mind for freedom… full summary inside.
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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. That was how it went. The Mock "2.0" versions of the newest animatronics were secretly left in one piece at last minute decision, and were now hiding in the storage... FULL SUMMARY INSIDE! PLEASE READ ! INCLUDES SOON-TO-BE-UPGRADED! FAZBEAR CREW x OCS! INCLUDING FAMILY PAIRING! ENJOY!
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