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I am a huge lover of guns, cars, and cities. Guns, because they have great power to them. Cars, because they are beautiful, well designed tools for freedom. Cities, because they are full of buildings, people, and excitement. My top 5 favorite cities that I have been to are Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. That list is not in order, as I love all of them equally. I couldn't possibly choose one over the other. I would love to visit Las Vegas, St Louis, Montreal, Baltimore, Toronto, and Dubai. I have been to Baltimore, but I only drove by it and saw the skyline. I did not explore downtown like I did with the 5 cities I mentioned above that I have been to, so I guess that doesn't count. I love cities with a lot of pedestrians, because it is such a less lonely feeling. No matter what kind of person you are, you will always fit in in the city with hundreds of thousands of other people. The city I come from, the streets are dead. No one is out exploring downtown, it's just depressing to be there. I hate it. That is my main goal when I finally turn 18, is to get out of this abandoned, forgotten area and live in a real city. I have no clue which one to go to, there are so many amazing ones to choose from. I guess I still have some time to figure it out, as I am currently 17. I am very friendly and would love to message you, so if you need anyone to talk to, whether it's support, random chatting, or discussion of a certain topic you want to talk about, I am here to talk.