The First Time Contest
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The First Time Contest - A Twilight Anonymous Challenge

First kiss, First touch, First glance, First smile.

The first time you heard their voice!

These are things that are ingrained into our very souls as we collect them on our journeys to true love. They say you never forget your first time, be it sexual or not so we want to hear yours.

This is the theme of our contest, using your favorite Twi-Slash/Fem-Slash pairing, share with us their first times. The intimacy of that first touch is sometimes stronger than the act itself.

Just remember lemons are not compulsory, but do add a nice flavour or texture to any story in which they're included.


Your story must be an original one-shot, and NOT an outtake or continuation of another story. We would like something fresh and new. Continuations will also not be accepted.

The one-shot must be between 3,000 and 10,000 words, that does not include the heading.

This is our theme 'First Time' as per above description.

This is a slash contest, so we will only accept slash/femslash stories.

Please note that this is an 18 contest due to the nature of the possible story material

Collaborations are welcome.

Only one story per author or per collab.

This is an anonymous contest. You may tell people you have entered but not what you have written.

All Stories must be Beta’d.

We serve the right to refuse submission from anything containing Necrophilia, Beastality, Rape, Abuse, Incest (not incl Step Siblings)

All stories must have a summary and a rating but no A/N (Author Notes).

We would rather not have stories of incest, rape, pedophillia, beastiality or necrophilia, but do accept Vampire and shape-shifting wolves. Any submissions we think breach these rules will not be publish and deleted from our contest.

Entries will be being accepted July 8th through to August 24th 2012.

Please send submissions to: Firsttimeawards@gmail(DOT)com

You will find us on Twitter - Firsttimeawards


Submission heading:

The First Time Contest

Penname: (This will be removed when we publish)


Word Count:






Submissions: 3rd August

Closing Date: 24th August 2012

Winners Announced: 7th September 2012


Judges Overall Award

Public Vote Award 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.

Best Pairing (Judges Vote)

Most Promising Author (Judges Vote)

SimplyMatt and Arc Morpheus Favorite Entry (This will be based on the story and not the author)

Most Original Story

Best Cliffhanger


Twilight Mum 69 - Author of Trust Me

Arc Morpheus - Author of Bad Boys Get Spanked

LoopyLou992 - Author of Karma Killer, judge and validator on the Sunflower Awards


SimplyMatt - Author of Taming Of A Swan

Only he will know who is entering

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