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I am more of a reviewer/reader than a writer.

Poems I write but never full length stories.

I’ve a vivid imagination though; I’ve a pen full of plot bunnies! And it ends there.

Hyuga Neji and Tenten are my virtual methamphetamine.

Talk to me. (Skype ID: angel.p616)

NxT fics I wholeheartedly recommend and are the best in my opinion:

Daring to Bleed by NessieGG- It's a choice between the Hyuuga Prodigy and the Kazekage. Tenten, you... you lucky girl!

Precious Things by Nokito-chan- always sends tremors of suspense to my very core; very good depiction of adult Neji, Tenten and politics that is the Hyuuga

Ms. X by Blade Redwind- the magical 3 words were never mentioned here but even without them this can make you fall in love with NxT over and over

River Trilogy by Goldberry- my addiction to FF stemmed from these two stories, my dormant (then) affection for Nejiten was reawakened when I read these

- Crossing the Archeron

- Bridge to Mnemosyne

Perhaps Fate by wildcatt- certified tear jerker! No happy ending but love this nonetheless

About A Daddy and a Nanny by syaoran no hime- one word- HILARIOUS.

Venus or Themis by NessieGG- initially I was not into AU but this changed my mind

Spring of Plum Blossoms by Silverlight- “Sometimes, love can’t be denied.”

Melted Steel by FenixPhoenix- One of the best stories of Tenten’s family background and a sprinkle of (one sided) SasuTen goodness

I Had Died For This by Cyberwolf- this time Neji did the “chasing after”

Colorful White Wall Canvas by MuSiC HaTs- Sob. Then smile.

AU fics:

Like Paper Dolls and Little Notes by Seynee

Mismatched and Messed Up by Nokito-chan

Coffee Trilogy by Midnight Insomniac

A Peachy Surprise by Byakugan Hyuga

One shots:

Chrysanthemums by wildcatt

Untouched by MakeYouSmile

Eyes Like Open Doors by fyd818

Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid by Poisoned Scarlet

East O’ the Sun and West O’ the Moon by wildcatt

Beginnings by

Fics that should be continued (it's been years since the last update was seen) :

Bittersweet Tragedies by Byakuxhisa4eva

Tainted Love by Nara Temari

Helix by Kriste-chan

I Will Carry On by Nemarra

The Limit by KiyokoMoments

A Kunoichi’s Love by 018108

I Thought I knew You by HellFire Kitten

Best Served Cold by yuji-i16

Onyx After by Cyberwolf

Aiming for the Stars by MidoryEnvy

Hummingbird by infinite vertigo

Undeniable by demoneyeskyo86