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-The calm ones are the ones to fear the most

Rurouni Kenshin

Hello everyone! Welcome to this humble writer's profile which she hasn't edited for a while XD Well, like from the previous profile, most of you will know me from Jaden's Twin Sister, a story which I'm so much proud of being its co-writer! I have finally published my own story, Adventurous Adventures of Jaden Yuki and I hope you can enjoy it!

Nickame:Rodie (Don't hesitate asking my real name :3)

Real Name's Meaning:First snowdrop in Heaven and Moon Fairy -I still don't know why I wrote that XD)



10 Things I really LOVE:My mum,Food,Jesse Anderson,Internet,Music,Anime,Manga,Chocolate,Fanfics,Writing stories.

:D Some Facts About Me :D

I am a 16 years old tumblr girl, I live in Turkey and I absolutely LOVE Yugioh:The Abriged Series and Yugioh GX:The abriged series :) I am a loyal fan of LittleKuriboh, Shadyvox and TheAzureCrow :3

Due to my computer's absence I sent "Rise of The Supreme King" to Cosmic Kiss,and she will be publishing it on her own account so don!t judge me :D And I might add that I'm the original creator of it, people talking like Cosmic owning it really pisses me off. Read the Author's Note people!

I love Jesse Anderson! I currently learnt that he was named after a murderer *.* But who cares? Our love shall live FOREVER!

I am a fangirl! :D Though I love card games, I am not good at playing them, I am an idiot ._. I love Gakuen Alice :)

I like all of Yugioh spin-offs, but i didn't watch Zexal yet,LittleKuriboh got into my head O.o

I don't like ecchi anime so much, I started to disgust it after watching High School of Dead and read Fifty Shades of Gray, don't get me wrong but...its freaking sequel to Twilight!

Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust and Hellsing have the real vampires i imagine. FTW.

I totally support OC's, I don't understand why some people are against it. Don't you want to rule the storyline guys? Just kidding. But I really do support them. I have my own OCs c:

I am a Bro!...Do you guys know PewDiePie? I am that kind of Bro!

I love Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra! I ship Zutara, Kataang and Makkorra!

Johnny Deep and Robert Downey Jr. rocks, I want to witness an arguement between them.

Does anyone like Formula 1..? Somebody...? Anybody...? Not even ThePianoGuys?

I really like befriending people, so don't hesitate to PM me! I am generally a cheerful and optimistic girl, I think you won't be bored while talking to me :D

Who likes Marvel series?? Tony Stark and Thor are mine, mine I say!!!

I have a facebook account if you'd like,you can add me! :)

Favorite Bands and singers:Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Rihanna, Skillet, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Justin Timberlake, Vocaloid, Your Favorite Martian, Demi Lovato, Adele, Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, Fireflight,Flyleaf, Evanesence, Within Temptation, Paramore, Hollywood Undead, Soundtracks,Two Steps From Hell,Immediate Music...and much more!

Favorite Anime and Mangas



Yugioh GX

Yugioh 5D's

Rurouni Kenshin

Gakuen Alice


Gundam SEED/Destiny

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya: Hades

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Saint Seiya: Omega

Ouran High School Host Club

Card Captor Sakura

Vampire Knight

Shaman King


Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust

Code Geass

DN Angel

Pandora Hearts

Black Butler

Spirited Away (*.*)

Howl's Moving Castle

Chrono Crusade (ROSETTE!! ;_;)

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Black Cat

Kaze No Stigma

Eureka Seven

Kimi ni Todoke

Perfect Girl Evolution

Dengeki Daisy

Angel Sanctuary

Sailor Moon

Bride of The Water God


Magic Knight Rayeheart


Full Metal Alchemist


-And much more!

Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a mistake. The average person can't.

this is this cat

this is is cat

this is how cat

this is to cat

this is keep cat

this is a cat

this is retard cat

this is busy cat

this is for cat

this is forty cat

this is seconds cat

Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top down and I bet you can't resist passing it on!!!

I currently own 3 OC's that I'm really proud of! Their first appearances are in Adventurous Adventures of Jaden Yuki, which is my very first story too, after co-writing Jaden's Twin Sister. And a big shout-out to awesome AvionVadion who kindly accepted my requests! Thanks to her, you can see how they actually look like!

My OC's

Name: Meave

Middle name: Gwendolyn

Surname: Paladium

Nickname: May, Mae

Gender: Female

Age: 527 (looks like 15)

First appears in: Adventurous Adventures of Jaden Yuki, Chapter 2

Birthday: 1th August(?)

Deck type: Counter Fairy/?

Dorm: Naumachiarii

Appearance: Shoulder length high pony-tailed dark caramel hair. Her bangs part from her left side, her eye-length bangs get longer and stops at her chin. She has a small face that fits her petite body, she has golden-amber eyes and has fair skin. She is 5 feet tall, that's why other people tend to call her a child. She wears black jeans along with a simple white shirt and a loose yellow tie on it, a black bolero and basketball shoes.


Personality: Meave Gwendolyn Paladium is your average girl aside from her temper. She's cunning, sarcastic and has a gentle side which she finds hard to express *eeep, tsundere alarm!*. She may look dewy-eyed but she has an unique ability to analize everything she comes across, but she's not that smart actually. Meave is not confident of herself although people around her continues to compliment on what she has accomplished so far. After all, carrying on without your past in a world she lives in is not an easy task. She can be extremely blunt and outspoken as she doesn't care what people think and minds it only when it comes to her loved ones. She's loyal to honesty, but it causes her to be in trouble sometimes. She likes to nickname people, as she has nicknamed her grandpa, sister and her best friend Robin. Meave finds it hard to socialize, she's not good at talking with people.

Duel Spirit: Athena

Family: Chris Paladium (sister), Ian Michael Paladium (grandfather), Robin Chase(best friend)

History: Meave doesn't remember her life before the Time Apocalypse happened, basically when she was 16, her beginning was the time the world was doomed. Meave thanks the God though, because she had her Grandpa and her sister by her side who helped her to carry on. She was scared of dueling because it was the reason people threw themselves into the arms of death for the sake of entertainment, but came to like it when she met with Robin. Robin showed her the wonders of this card game and taught her how to have fun while playing it, although it took so much time. She has an another friend who's name is Nora Durant, a mysterious beauty who rejects accepting she's friends with them. If you ask Meave, Nora is a 'kuudere'.

Favourite card: To tell the truth, she has never thought about which card she favorites. She doesn't have that word in her vocabulary.

Likes: Nicknaming, teasing, reading book series, fangirling to them in the internet, solving puzzles, eating, being lazy, sleeping, dueling, her friends.

Dislikes: Being called a little girl or a child, anything related to 'little', milk, being lost or being confused.

Best friends: Robin Chase, Nora Durant, her deck.

Romantic interest: Jaden Yuki

Other: Meave sometimes has strange dreams that seem to be connected to each other and has the strange ability to materialize Duel Monsters without summoning them. This ability is connected to her mood but she has learnt controlling it during her free time and she thinks this is not that important in a world in which Duel Monsters can become real, no one knows it besides her and her duel spirits. Meave is the oldest amongst the gang and she has a problem about expressing her feelings. She blushes easily. Meave's thinking style is really different from other people, she likes philosophy very much and doesn't accept easily when other people say something to her, she researches it first and produces her own thoughts and beliefs. She had a veerrryyy long time to think about things like this. [WIP]

Name: Robin

Middle name: Celine

Surname: Chase

Nickname: Robs, Kaleidoscope Girl

Gender: Female

Age: 16

First appears in: Adventurous Adventures of Jaden Yuki, Chapter 2

Birthday: 23rd January

Deck type: Allure Queen/Prophecy

Dorm: Bustuarii

Appearance: Almost hip length hair that is a delicious shade of red that looks like a carousal of colors; orange, red, yellow, amber, vermilion and such. She has eyebrow length messy bangs and has exremely tanned skin. Her turqoise eyes change colours depending to her mood. She wears her trademark clothes, a baggy white-blue capri, black boots, a black tank top that says: "I'm a genius" with red letters and a white jean jacket –Robin rolls up its sleeves-. She also has red glasses that she wears occasionally.


Personality: For starters, you need to know one thing about her. That graffitti on her cloth is not a lie, she's a genius up to the hilt. Like Tony Stark, or like, Seto Kaiba. But the difference is, she doesn't really like to show off with it. Robin is the type who daydreams a lot, but takes action first when something happens. Immediate and effective solutions and ingenious plans are her type. She dislikes complicated things as like feelings. She had always prefered books over people, she dislikes humans. But that changed when she met with Nora and Meave. She has history with Nora. Robin can be really hyperactive and cute if she wants to, and she has a weak side towards cute things. Other than that, she likes to tease and annoy people, her trademark is her smirk. Meave says she finds it even more irrirated when the dimple on her left cheek comes out. She's kind of like a knight in shining armor.

Duel Spirit: Strength of Prophecy, Kurivolt

Family: (?)

History: Robin has a past that she wants to forget. She started living a wanderer's life after her uncle disappeared. She attempted to find the reason, but it revealed impacting things that could change her life forever... (more to come!)

Favourite card: Emperor and Empress of Prophecy because she sees them as her parents.

Likes: Popcorn, dueling, her friends, lessons, mythology, music, playing piano, talking to herself, annoying, teasing, food.

Dislikes: People and crowds, talking, trouble.

Best friends: Meave Paladium, Nora Durant, Kurivolt

Romantic interest: Jesse Anderson

Other: Robin is being chased by someone who she thinks its related to her missing uncle...Although Robin may be a genius, she thinks all the people were geniuses when they were born. Their brain was just dirtied by certain things and they just stopped 'producing ideas' and molded a narrow reap for themselves. She believes someone could achieve the impossible if he/she deserves and works for it. (more to come!)

Name: Nora

Middle name: Mercy

Surname: Durant

Nickname: Nor, Creepy Lady

Gender: Female

Age: 17

First appears in: Adventurous Adventures of Jaden Yuki, Chapter 2

Birthday: 23th October

Deck type: Gladiator Beasts

Dorm: Academian Sector

Appearance: She has angled bob hairstyle with blunt bags, Nora is a natural blonde. Her eyes are a creepy shade of brown that is close to red, which is considered as scary by the people around her. Nora has perfect curves and she's aware that she's very beautiful, not cute or pretty. She dresses rather daring, a red leather mini skirt with a black belt, high-heeled long black boots, a black polo-neck tank top and a red leather jacket. She also wears a red pendant and ball earrings that are also red.


Personality: A cool and spicy girl who is really impatient and merciless. Nora is your ideal kuudere. "Kuu" in kuudere stands for "cool", and it basically means a character, often cold and harsh on the outside; but swirling with feelings inside. Nora is really careful of not giving her trust to every people she comes across, she thinks trust is the key to a person and she really is biased. Aside from her stern look, she's really emotional, and shows her gentle side to her pets. She has many cats in her house.

Duel Spirit: None. She can't see duel spirits.

Family: Mother(deceased), Father(missing)

History: [more to come!]

Favourite card: Gladiator Beast Alexander

Likes: Animals, her parents, her friends even though she'll never admit it, Aster Phoenix, nightclubs, nighttime.

Dislikes: Noisy and nosy people, having to deal with trouble, mysteries, stupidness.

Best friends: Meave Paladium, Robin Chase, Aster Phoenix

Romantic interest: Aster Phoenix

Other: Nora knows no boundaries, there is no such thing as 'limit' for her. She believes humans really underestimate themselves and they forget the one who created them has the absolute perfectness. To her, humankind is perfect, she laughs at people who say "Nobody is perfect.". Yes they are. All the humans are perfect. Why minimizing? Why the belief that nobody can be perfect? If you can't call the way the life is given to you 'perfect', you have already lost to the world.

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