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About Me:

I am 16 years old, and I live in Louisiana.

My favorite type of fan fiction isOliver Twist (when I can find it). You'd be surprised at the lack of Oliver Twist fan fiction on I've read just about all there is and I've even started my own. Please read them! I would greatly appreciate it.

My computer is evil. It won't let me review. I hate that! So just because I haven't reviewed a story doesn't necessarily mean I haven't read it. Believe me, if it were up to me I'd review every story I read. My computer will pay.

About My Stories:

Whatever Happened to Dodger: Oliver Twist. This story is about the life of the ever popular Artful Dodger after he is last mentioned in the book. It's still in theprocess of being written, but it will be finished soon. I have outlined the entire story and it will be fifteen chapters long by the time it is finished. Updates are slow because my life tends to get in the way, but I will never abandon it. I promise.

In the Beginning: Oliver Twist. And this one is about the life of the Dodger before he is first mentioned in the book. It will span from the time when he first takes up residence with Fagin and the gang until the book picks it up. I expect it to be much longer than Whatever Happened, but I've only just started it and don't know for sure how long it will be yet. This story is temporarily on hold. I decided I can't keep up with two stories at once, so I am focusing on the other one. Once I am finished with that one, I will continue with this one. Be patient. It will be a while before it is updated again, but I swear I won't abandon it.

About My Future Stories:

I have several ideas for future stories, but I haven't written any of them yet. I want to finish the ones I have started first. I have ideas for two more Oliver Twist stories (a one-shot and a multi-chapter) that I really want to start writing but refuse to.

After that, I want to write an Alice in Wonderland fic, but I don't have any ideas for that one yet. Hopefully, one will come to me before I finish all of the stories I have in mind. I've noticed that there are very few decent Alice in Wonderland stories (no offense to writers of these fics). They are all the same. Either Wonderland turns evil, Alice goes insane and is sent to a mental institution, or somebody else goes to Wonderland (or all three). I want to write something different. I have to think of something.

I also want to write something completely random like The Great Mouse Detective or Invader Zim or something. I definitely have no ideas for that one. Luckily, I have plenty of ideas for other categories to keep me busy until I think of something.

About My Obsession of Oliver Twist:

Oliver Twist is one of my favorite books, Dickens is one of my favorite authors, Oliver! is one of my favorite movies, and the Artful Dodger is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. I don't know if that can be called an obsession, but I know it has been classified as suchbefore.

My favorite characters are the Artful Dodger (duh) and Charley Bates (he will definitely show up in just about all of my stories...eventually). I don't like Oliver at all. I personally think the story would have been much better without him (with a bit of editing). He will most likely not be in any of my stories and if he is, it will be brief.

Other News:

In the Beginning is on hold (as previously mentioned) and Whatever Happened to Dodger is almost finished. Thanks for your patience!

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Whatever Happened to Dodger? reviews
Did you ever wonder what happened to the Dodger? Charles Dickens gladly tells us what happened to Oliver, Fagin, Charley, Nancy, and Bill, but what happened to that funny boy with the top hat who disappeared from the text around chapter 43?
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