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Poll: Who should Steve be paired with in charis2770's upcoming series about Captain America? Bear in mind that this series is based on the Marvel and specifically Avengers movieverses, not the comic book series except for a few references Vote Now!
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Author has written 8 stories for Thor, Avengers, Kingdom Hearts, and Finder Series.

Important note to readers!!! It is only very recently that I have branched out into writing fics for Kingdom Hearts. This is because my home has (also recently) become the meeting place/workshop/costume shop/storage facility/safe haven for my teenager's cosplay group. In the interest of not being put off by all the disembodied heads in my spare room's closet (the ones holding the wigs), I began to read up on who the heck these Organixation XIII people were anyway. I have come to be interested in their stories in spite of myself. Axel is both my favorite Orgy member AND the one of the group who really actually lives here, so I'm a little biased. Here comes the warning part!!!


I have always been a huge super hero fan. I think it started when I was 6 years old and my grandmother bought me my first comic book. She called them "funny books" and she became my enabler, buying me 2 or 3 comics a week for many years. In 3rd grade I met a boy who lived on my street. We would both rush home from school to watch Spider Man on television, then meet behind my house to play out our own heroic adventures. Danny never let me be Spider Man. Ok, nine year olds can be a bit sexist. I was always stuck being Super Girl. Who I thought was boring. My preference for Marvel was already showing. Except Batman. He's awesome. And yes fine, if you do a little cartoon history research you'll be able to figure out I'm not a spring chicken.

It really hasn't been until quite recently that I feel Hollywood has done Super Hero movies justice. I almost didn't even go see Iron Man, because he was never one of my favorites, and I pretty much expected it to be another typical cheesy superhero movie. Well. Let me tell you he BECAME one of my favorite super heros! That coupled with Heath Ledger's legendary portrayal of the Joker pretty much seemed to set the stage. I have fallen in love with the Marvel Movieverse. With the exception of the Incredible Hulk movie, each and every one of them has been fantastic. I'm sorry if you loved Ed Norton and watching a giant cartoon swing tanks around by their barrels (which wouldn't happen, btw, because they'd just break) but I thought it was stupid. Everything else, Iron Man 1 and 2, Captain America, Thor ...amazing. After watching the Avengers, I had to go see it again. And then again.

So really, though I swear I do have varied interests (Gaming, reading, hiking, leather crafts, other movies besides super hero movies, cooking) I really just joined Fanfiction to publish the stuff I've started to write about the Avengers. It began with Jane and Thor when I began to hunt for fun stories about Thor and discovered that almost all of them were slash. Please don't get me wrong. I don't hate slash. But Thor sniveling at Loki's feet just doesn't work for me. Sorry. I got annoyed, so I wrote my own.

All of this is you people's fault. It was only gonna be a One-Off. I'm so touched by the response I've recieved. And I quickly began to see that I had a lot more stories to tell. So I'm finally making a profile to try to sort of lay out what my goals are. My stories on this site, at least for the time being, are all going to be about the Avengers and members of SHIELD. Yes, they are all likely to be smutty. Just because there isn't sex in the movies doesn't mean heroes are not sexual beings. In fact, I think risking your life on a regular basis would probably make them more so. But my aim is not *only* to write porn. My goal is for anyone who reads my story to be able to say that it FITS with the character. Sure, I want to amuse, to challenger, to titillate and excite. But I also want to give these wonderful, conflicted, lonely, screwed up and awesome people a vehicle in which to feel even more real when you read about them.

I'm not going to invent pairings that don't make sense for me for the sake of writing smut. I'm not going to make characters act in ways I do not think they'd act for the sake of being kinky. I'm going to *try* not to turn any of them into jokes or fools.

All of my stories will have overlaps. The characters that appear in one story will be the same ones with a cameo in another. If something big happens in one storyline, another will probably make reference to it. That doesn't mean everyone will love all of them. Thor and Jane, for example, are fun and funny and delighted with everything and very very sexual. Why shouldn't they be? There may be themes there that bother people purely for the kink in them being a little too much, but there's nothing emotionally disturbing about Jane and Thor. If you read their story first and then switch to Clint & Natasha's Clipped Wings, series, you're probably in for a shock. They are violent, complicated, screwed up people. Their story matches.

I do have plans to write about all of the Avengers eventually. Please don't expect me to pair Steve and Tony. While I do find some of the Stony stories hilarious, in the movieverse, Tony loves Pepper. In my world, he's going to keep doing so. You can probably expect their stories to be silly and sexy and over the top, like Tony. You can probably expect Steve's stories to be nostalgic and heroic and lonely but ultimately rewarding and joyful. You can probably expect Bruce's stories to be very angsty and out of control and sad, but also humorous and crazy (because yeah, I plan to pair him with Darcy, stop pestering! Sheesh!)

Right now I am really enjoying writing about Jane, Thor, Clint and Natasha. I'll expand when I'm ready, or feel they're at a good stopping point. I hope you enjoy as these tales unfold.

If you would like to read my stories in a chronological fashion so that references to other chapters and stories in my series make sense, here is how you should read them:

1. Thor Pwns Wal Mart ch. 1

2. Clipped Wings

3. Clipped Wings - Interlude

4. Jane Gets it in the End

5. Getting the Red Out pt. 1

6. Jane Makes it Rain

7. Getting the Red Out pt. 2

8. Thor Uses the Internet

9. Light the Dark

10. A Heated Situation

11. Because He Needs It parts 1 and 2

12. Stealing Away chapters 1-5

13. Because He Needs It part 3

14. The Hawk and His Handler

I am now also writing under this same username on AO3

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