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Author has written 2 stories for Star Wars, and My Little Pony.

I am Pikmin3411. I help out with the IDDF: Sleeper Cell Fanfiction. Chapter 5 is in progress. Here are my Fanfiction OC's

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

1. Nick - He is kind of hyper like Pinkie Pie, but he can become very serious when theres trouble. He is almost always seen carrying a baton with him.

Type of Pony - Unicorn

Cutie Mark - Baton outlined in black.

Special Talent - He can use the baton he carries to make music notes appear, which 'summons' music. (For example, Nick can use the baton to 'summon' the Find A Pet song. He can also use the baton can also 'summon' any song mady by anyone else.) The effects from the music, however, depends on what type of music it is.

Relationship Status - Will be decided in My Little Pony - Dimension Travel

2. Flash - Flash has a reputation he doesn't want to lose. Ironicly, he doesnt like people to recognize his reputation. His personality is like Fluttershy's. Due to the fact that nopony liked him in Las Pegasus, he always volunteers to do the dangerous things. His idols are also The Wonderbolts.

Type of Pony - Pegasus

Cutie Mark - Thunder Clouds

Special Talent - He can summon Thunder Clouds that are filled with 10 lightning bolts each. He can also summon regular white clouds, but it takes longer to summon them. The size of the cloud determines the power of the lightning bolts.

Relationship Status - Will be decided in IDDF: Sleeper Cell

There are some short discriptions and some 'fun facts' about my Fanfictions:

1. IDDF: Sleeper Cell

Its a sequal to Stormjedi's 'Luke Skywalker: IDDF Agent' Story. Twilight Sparkle has been 'awakened' by the IDDF agents, and the rest of the Mane 6 gets pulled into it. This story was originally going to be a seperate fanfiction called The Biggest Crossover Yet.

2. The IDDF Files (Future Story)

What happens when there is no 'threat' to the dimensions? What happens when the 'heros' want to stay in the IDDF bases instead of their own home? The IDDF Files answers these questions.

3. My Little Pony - Dimension Travel

Twilight Sparkle perfects the 'Dimension Travel' spell and 'summons' Heros and Villians from other dimensions. Can the Mane 6 help the other heros to defeat the villians before Equestria is destroyed?

-Pikmin3411's Guide to the World of IDDF-

Sector A-1: Doctor Who
Sector A-2: Star Wars
Sector A-3: Teen Titans
Sector A-4: My Little Pony
Sector A-5: Star Trek
Sector A-7: Dimension Travel
Sector A-8: Pokemon
Sector A-13: Avatar: The Last Airbender (Sector not confirmed)

IDDF Stories: (So Far)

Luke Skywalker, IDDF Agent - (Its not my fic) Complete

IDDF: Sleeper Cell - In Progress

-End IDDF Guide-

UPDATE 1: Flash's bio was changed so that writing his personality would be easier.
UPDATE 2: Yes. Las Pegasus is the pony name for Las Vegas.

Enjoy IDDF: Sleeper Cell and Dimension Travel!

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