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Poll: Does anyone mind if I post the uncensored version of "Vhenan Aravel" rather than the censored for explicit sexual content version? Vote Now!
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"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, because you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

Remember to support your friendly fanfic writer.

Muchas gracias to everyone who has left reviews. I love my story, and I will continue writing because I love it, but we all need encouragement from time to time. When I feel down, which is annoyingly often, or just don't have enough motivation because I'm tired from work or real life, reviews keep me going. I am thankful for the time you took to read the story and especially for any reviews. Something as small as a 'thanks' or 'good chapter' means a lot to me.

Special thanks to Oleander's One for her amazing reviews. You rock. You too, Bloodsong.

Updates and In Progress News:

Since I'm now on AO3, (huzza!) I'll be posting there as well.

btw - I have a tumblr account if you're interested in checking it out. "Lost-Elf-of-Dragon-Age" is more fandom/random stuff. "One-Who-Is-Not" was once classified as 'landscapes and manscapes'. This is the blog that helps inspire me to write. It's also nsfw, so fair warned.

For now, I'm going to try and keep to a schedule of posting on alternate Thursdays to keep my updates consistent. If there's a hiccup, or RL gets in the way, I'll let you know. Rest assured, I will finish this story.

3/31 - Next chapter is done and sent to beta. With luck it'll be up on Thursday without any delays. :)

Now time to thumb my brain to work on the next chapter. :/ Brain is not cooperative lately, but I'll keep trying to bully it.

4/13 - I'm positive that at this point the next chapter will be late. Brain just isn't cooperating with me. I'm working on it, trying to figure this next chapter out. I'm going through a slump where I hate everything I write. It all feels banal and mundane. I'm actively working on trying to fix this issue, but it will probably effect my chapter updating schedule.

4/22 - Between social obligations, battling insurance companies, battling family court, and getting in a car accident (not my fault at least), it's been a busy week. Trying to write while battling the RL hydra monster, but it's not easy going. Oy. More delays. :/

On the good side, brain is doing a bit better. :)


I've got a poll open in case anyone is interested in giving feedback. Your thoughts and feels are appreciated. Of course, you can always PM me if you want personal warnings or have input. If non-con or violence (or anything, really) are triggers for you, I don't mind sending you a personal warning when those chapters are posted. I'm a pretty nice person most of the time. Just ask my enemies.

After discussions with some ridiculously awesome DA fanfic writers and reviewing to poll results thus far, I'm going to stop putting up individual chapter warnings aside from a little NSFW for sexually explicit chapters. Just beware that this is a dark fantasy. Very, very heavy themes. Violence, torture, character death, psychological issues--you name it. I also write the gamut of sexual situations from full consenting partners, dub-con, non-con, rape, m/f, m/m, maybe some f/f, threesomes, kinks, and there's a whole lot of sex in this story. Be prepared for what you're getting into.

About this fanfic:

I started this after Awakenings came out but before Witch Hunt or DA2 was announced. This series began weaving itself during a night of insomnia, which I have often, when I let my characters' lives continue after the game. Part 3 (which takes place after the Fifth Blight) was actually what I started writing first then worked back to fill out the characters' history. I don’t own a copy of Awakenings, so everything after Origins is my own imaginings with some inspiration taken from the Dragon Age wiki site.

There have been a considerable number of changes to canon since Origins came out. Well, some of those can be worked in, but for the most part, I write with what interested me about Origins and expand on that. There are some hints and plot reference (and perhaps a character or two) from DA II, but otherwise this is the story of 'The Warden'.

The story is divided into sections, some of which are book length. With that in mind, you can view this fic more as a series of books than as one single story.

Married Life - Covers the few months of marriage Raviathan has with Nesiara.

Strange Bedfellows - Duncan and Raviathan travel to Ostagar.

Plans and Tactics - Events at Ostagar.

Crossroads - Lothering

Eyes of Wolves - The elves and werewolf quest.

Burn and Fade - The Broken Circle quest.

Interlude - One chapter of the characters discussing life and love.

Ashes to Ashes - Redcliffe and Eamon's quest

Honor the Stone - (not sure if I like that title) Orzammar

Home Again - Denerim and the Landsmeet

The Final Road - Post Landsmeet and the Final Battle

Goodbyes - Last three chapters of this story.

About writing this sucker:

This is my very first fanfic, and indeed, one of my first creative writing projects aside from two short stories I wrote almost a decade ago (a decade ago at the first posting of this story, and crap I'm getting old). I did not intend to recount the Origins tale, but as the expression often goes concerning one night stands, one thing led to another. Now I feel like I have a sixteen year old asking for the car keys. So be it.

In any case, despite my failings as a writer, I hope you enjoy the story. Thank you for taking the time to check my story out, and special thanks to everyone who leaves feedback. Love to you.

A Note on Mary Sue and other Avatars:

There's that moment of dread when a writer first learns of the Mary Sue (or Gary Stu or Marty Stu or whatevers). Dear God, I have done a thing! At first I was paranoid about it, but as the years have gone by and I've had a chance to read more and reflect, it's not something I concern myself with anymore.

First issue is "The Perfect Person". To me, a character isn't a list of traits just like people aren't a list of traits. Certainly there's a matter of degree, and our personalities do have an ebb and flow with what we're feeling at a particular moment, but we're more than just 'stubborn' or 'secretive'. We are experiences, feelings, products of culture, the age we live in, technology, social and economic class, and so on.

Also, the issue of assigning traits (make sure your OC has flaws!) is very problematic. Stubborn can get you through tough situations that others would fail at, or it could make you insufferable and unreasonable. Secretive lends an air of mystery, but how many of us were frustrated to angry with Duncan for holding back information on the archdemon? Secretive can also be counterproductive an unnecessary. Miserly or thrifty, brash or brave: it's all in perception.

Secondly, the application of Mary Sue is arbitrary at best and is often destructive. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne both completely fit the bill for Gary Studom: rich, genius levels of intelligence, *almost* super human physical abilities, handsome, tortured pasts, faithful sidekicks, a constant stream of new love interests begging to have the hero's love child. Yet... I can't remember ever hearing them called Sues. Hmm. How strange.

Yet fanfic writers are shamed or scared of the mention of Sue, so they create convoluted, unlikable characters to avoid this. Hence the birth of the Anti-Sue, which is still a veiled Mary Sue. Enough with the shaming. If a character is shallow, call the character shallow. If the character is taking up too much of the story and becomes the hub of every other character's universe, call it bad writing if you'd like, but that seems to be most published novels in existence.

Which brings me to another point: Just because I write something doesn't mean I agree with it.

I write about murder, violence, and rape. Do I need to say I don't endorse any of those things in real life? If I write something about religion, class, race, or any other subject, please don't think that's my opinion. My characters' actions and opinions are not mine. I happen to agree with some, but I also absolutely disagree with others. For example, Rav will never be able to wrap his head around the concept of asexuality. It's just not in his make-up. Me? Not only do I completely acknowledge the existence of asexuality, I fully endorse the rights of an asexual not to be harassed, questioned, or marginalized. This is just an example but one among many divergences of 'what I write is not what I personally believe.'

These are characters, not avatars or my own personal mouthpieces.

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