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Hi there, my fellow profile stalkers! I am only another author who loves hentai, yuri, yaoi somewhat, and lovely lemons and limes :D I should be posting some stories soon, but for now, here are my favorite couples:

BiancaXTouko (Shiroshipping)

ToukoXTouya (ChessShipping)

ToukoXCheren (Checkmateshipping)

ToukoXN (Ferriswheelshipping)

TouyaXN (Isshushipping)

TouyaXCheren (Kuroshipping)

TouyaXBianca (Rebelshipping)

BiancaXN (Freedomshipping)

CherenXBianca (Dualrivalshipping)

The highlights mean that I really like it. Italics Bold means I freaking love it.