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Author has written 3 stories for South of Nowhere.


ALERT: Updates every Wed/Thurs

I have a FictionPress account as well, for those who wish to read my original works. Not much Posted

Stories in progress:

Possibilities (South Of Nowhere): Chapter 8: Posted Chapter 9: Planning Date Estimated Release: Undertermined

Ad Amor, Ex Mors: Chapter 17: Posted/ Chapter 18: Processing

Ahhh, how clever my devices are. They managed to lure you into this pit... this pit that has only one entrance and one exit. That exit is currently being guarded by a rabid March Hare that responds to the name Frank. Note, he only responds to Jabberwock, something that I happen to excel at. He blocks the exit to prevent thieves from walking off with these lovely Archiapoliasarus skulls. Very, vary valuable indeed. Now I suppose that you came here for a reason? Ah, I suppose that you are looking for these digital manuscripts that contain the lovely tales that my brain creates. Or you're here to take my brain. In that case, I would rather you didn't, as it's virtually useless. Now, run along, read my art, comment as you may (and you should), and live your life with out bothering me. Woo! Oh, on final thought, I'm also a Beta, so feel free to enlist me, okay?

RAMBLES :Any who, I appear to be rambling. This is my... place of residence I suppose we will call it. Don't mind the bones lying about. They're rather fresh. I haven't had the chance to bleach the ones by the chair. And the ones on that shelf, needs dusting. I dare say this place is a pigsty. My companion, Frank, is usually the one cleaning around here, damn bunny can't seem to stop cleaning. He's off saving the Tangent Universe of something equally pathetic like that. But this is the place where I store my fictions of the sort. You know, the ones that are based off something or another, with an idiotic disclaimer in the beginning. *scoffs* Well, Feel free to wander around and pick something off a shelf if it's there. If you don't see anything, obviously I haven't written anything yet. In that case, SCRAM! I don't dilly-dally around here. Neither should you.

UPDATES: Back, so check my stories... er, story. I have only updated Ad Amor, but Possibilities might be done soon.

NEWS: Courses started. Things might be a tad slow for a while

Also, I'm starting a story on Fiction Press titled "In Dolor Hostiam" I'll post when I actually post first chapter.

FINAL NOTES: I am an obsessive profile stalker. It makes me squee like the little Rainbow Unicorn I am when I see my story views go up and receive reviews. In a way where It makes me want to write more. So stalk me! It excites me... Also, If you have a super cool awesome story, lemme know so I can check it out!

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