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Author has written 16 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア.

My Nonexistent Update Schedule and My Rewrite Tendencies

I'm basically a procrastinating piece of shit. I do what I want, even when I don't want to. My inspiration flies all over the place, so I have so many ideas that pop up out of nowhere. It just keeps expanding and so I try to cope by noping out half the time.

I also seem to have a habit of looking at some old work only to be so disgusted that the public can see it. That then leads me to rewriting shit, generally, and then more ideas come about as I'm rewriting. It's just a vicious cycle that I will probably never escape until I die. I've decided to just accept it.

But, regardless, thank you to those who've stuck around for as long as you have. I appreciate it. I'm sorry I'm terrible at keeping schedules and having to always rewrite things. While it'd be nice if you were still around whenever I get to doing shit, I understand if you don't.


I'm a What?

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Self-Insert OC. / Beta: None. / Status: DISCONTINUED/REWRITTEN. / Rewrite: Black Demon of the Leaf.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Taidana Kuroki is the main character and Self-Insert of 'I'm a What?' and it's from her perspective in which we view the story. She makes friends with, like, nearly all of Konoha Eleven and becomes the dreaded creature known as a... 'Mary-Sue.' Sasuke's weirdly perverted and wants Kuroki; Kuroki's trying not to give in to being a cradle robber, but ultimately fails. Unfortunate. Oh, and some weird creepy spirit pops up and tries to molest her. What?

Personal Theme/s: Wish Fulfilment, Escape and Humour.

This is the first story that I uploaded to FanFiction. Silver Queen's story was my inspiration, I think? This story was an escape from my reality, where I had depression and anxiety and I didn't want to focus on schoolwork.

Instead, I focused on this story. There was really no thought put into the story, one of those types where the author makes things up as they go along and it was just pure wish fulfilment. I enjoyed it, people enjoyed it. In the end, it made me realise how much I still had to improve with my writing. I don't like it anymore, but I keep it up because of some people who still enjoy it. It's a horrible but humorous story, either because it's horrible and/or because of the humour within it.

The Uzumaki Seal

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Insert/Anti-Hero/Grey OC. / Beta: None. / Status: DISCONTINUED/REWRITTEN. / Rewrite: Seal of the Uzumaki/Seal of the Maelstrom.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Uzumaki Shiru is the main character and Insert of 'The Uzumaki Seal.' On her deathbed, she contemplates whether or not reincarnation works. By some fucked up miracle, it works and her soul is shoved into an Uzumaki body with no soul. Karin proclaims they're sisters, Orochimaru finds them with his weird tongue and shit. They work for him, Orochimaru makes her an apprentice, Orochimaru wants her to infiltrate Konohagakure to corrupt Uchiha Sasuke. Shit goes down from there.

Personal Theme/s: Depression, Betrayal and Corruption.

This is the second story that I uploaded to FanFiction. It's only slightly better than 'I'm a What?' and it's a little more serious (meaning it's horribly edgy). This story was mostly me trying to write a story that interested me, but also a story that I tried to create for others' wishes.

I tried so hard to fulfil everyone's desires of the story, reading reviews and using their opinion as an inspiration for the next chapter. As a result, it became random, disjointed and just didn't mesh well. I was going to continue it until I realised that I'd rather not.

Black Demon of the Leaf

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Insert/Dark-ish OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face The Third. / Status: REVISED/DISCONTINUED/REWRITTEN. / Rewrite: Kings of Limbo.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Taidana Kuroki is back and she's more depressing, more dark and vicious than ever before! There's less humour, more thinking about how much of a scum she is because her parents love her and her being a horrible piece of shit, which means that she doesn't deserve that. The Uchiha and Taidana got along well, but the Taidana were vicious shits and so most of them were cut down. Kuroki's fucked up, she makes Sasuke fucked up by accidentally making him obsessed with her. She does that to a few people, actually, and she doesn't even mean to. It doesn't make much sense. She thinks they're weirdos. Jin and Kuroki are bros for life.

Personal Theme/s: Obsession, Morality and Corruption.

I really liked this when I first wrote it. I looked back on it and dear god, no. I abhorred it, so I decided to revise it. Turns out that halfway through my revision of the twelve chapters, I decided I didn't like it at all anymore and it was time that I rewrote this one. A rewrite of a rewrite getting another rewrite.

I have no intentions of putting up the rewrite until I've got a good amount of chapters. Sick of this procrastination that I do, but eh. I lied.

Carmine and Bubblegum

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: AU. Non-Massacre. Grey OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: REVISED/IN PROGRESS/UNDER REVISION/BEING REWRITTEN. / Rewrite: Colourful Sentiments.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Haruno Saki is the eldest daughter of Haruno Kizashi and Mebuki (nee Ensou) and elder sister of Haruno Sakura. She's stoic, blunt and so intelligent it basically damages her psyche real bad. Her and her mother's relationship is weird and strained, with Mebuki not knowing how care for a prodigious daughter and Saki believing that she didn't deserve a mother's love. Saki tries to deal, doesn't deal well and is quite possibly mildly insane.

Personal Theme/s: Love, Misunderstandings and Pain.

I genuinely like Sakura, if only because of the potential that she had in canon. Kishimoto fucked that over, as he does. I also like Itachi. So, somehow, I made this.

By the way, those chapters that are currently up? They'll disappear, eventually. Maybe. I'm sorry, sort of. The writing's trash, honestly and I'll be doing the same thing with Seal of the Maelstrom where I replace previous chapters with newer ones. (That's a lie, Seal of the Maelstrom's dead.)

I've decided to keep the chapters up and just start anew because I've embraced my tendency to just rewrite shit. Even if I don't like the current versions, others do and I don't want to take them away from people anymore. (I mean, kind of. Maybe.)

Seal of the Maelstrom (Previous Title: Seal of the Uzumaki)

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: AU. Dark/Insert/Antagonist OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: IN PROGRESS/HIATUS/REVISING/REVISED/INDEFINITE HIATUS. / Rewrite: None.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Uzumaki Shiru is some kind of soul sucking demon and Orochimaru's unfortunate enough to fuck with her by intruding on her sanctuary. Cue some fucked up bonds and the beginning of a story that's probably never going to get told by a traumatised Orochimaru following around an antagonistic OC.

Personal Theme/s: Warped Bonds, Interesting Antagonists and OOC Personalities.

So, rather than creating a new story, I decided to go over the one that's already there. You may not like that, but it's done. Who knows when I'm going to get continue it, but I will come back to it. Probably. (Probably not.) (Definitely not.)

Disgust of the Crack

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Crack. AU. Insert OC. / Beta: None. / Status: IN PROGRESS/HIATUS/COMPLETE. / Rewrite: Immortality with the Dragon Lady(?).

Horrible Summary of Plot: In all honesty, this summary is accurate as shit. Orochimaru has the feels and it is gross and creepy. Shun wishes she were dead and hadn't been literally ripped from her world into the Naruto world of crack. Want weird as hell scenarios that make no sense? Horrible perversions of the characters that you love? Read this, my friends. Read it. Except no, maybe don't.

Personal Theme/s: Humour, Unadulterated Crack and Mild Seriousness.

It was stress relief and it is unadulterated crack. This is what happens when I don't filter shit. Everyone needs creepy Orochimaru with the feels, am I right? Lost my inspiration for this, but it's now completed with a really lame conclusion.

Bound by Flowers

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: NaNoWriMo 2016 - Achieved. AU. OOC. Sakura-centric. Sociopathic/Insert OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: COMPLETE. / Rewrite: Bound by Death and Flowers.

Horrible Summary of Plot: In a world where the vast majority of canon characters are deliberately OOC, Haruno Sakura is the young child of an eccentric businessman with hair in the shape of a flower and a woman who's abandoned them. She also has the soul of a dead person in her head, who also happens to become the catalyst for many of the weird shit that's to come. There's also Kakashi, who's more akin to a sad canine than an actual human being.

Personal Theme/s: Fun, Humour and Less Stressful Writing (in regards to a planned plot because I died multiple times trying to keep schedule).

For NaNoWriMo, which I had planned to participate in for 2015. For reasons I can't remember, I didn't.

I was stressing about a lot of ideas beforehand, the original idea having come from Sakura meeting Kakashi at the Memorial Stone and befriending a broken man. Because Kakashi is really fucking depressing, like, more so than Sasuke.

Then Shion came to life after incorporating a different personality of Sakura, but at first it was just Shion reborn as Sakura. I didn't like that, because I wanted it to actually be Sakura, just a different version of her. Then you have Bound by Flowers.

I, You, We (Previous Title: You and I)

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. OOC. Sakura/Inner Sakura-centric. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: COMPLETE/REVISED/IN PROGRESS. / Rewrite: None.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Haruno Sakura has another Haruno Sakura (but this one refuses to be called that; identity crisis and all) inside of her and it's pretty angsty there. Told in sketchy first person with some second person elements, you get this trash that has very little thought and more feeling in it. Sasuke's fucked, Naruto's fucked, everybody's fucked. Traumatised children need to stick together.

Personal Theme/s: Much Angst, Failing Expectations and Broken Children.

Previously a one-shot, I decided to edit it a bit, cut it up and make it a multi-chapter story. It's still a rather experimental style with shorter chapter lengths than I'm used to, but might as well.

Tainted by Filth

Fandom: Harry Potter. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Grey OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: IN PROGRESS/DISCONTINUED. / Rewrite: Afflicted with Filth.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Small, mentally ill Hemera Granger has some handsome maniac connected to her in some manner. Why, she doesn't know, but she knows he's deranged and a touch clingy. Then she gets enrolled into his school and then his House, which is full of little dick snakes that hate her on principle. It's some shit from there on.

Personal Theme/s: Attempted Romance, Dealing with Mental Illnesses and Discrimination.

Created from an idea that popped into my sleep deprived mind, I decided to attempt to write some kind of romance. This, after reading a bunch of Harry Potter fanfiction with it; of course, it would plague me.

I don't know how well I'll succeed, but I hope it'll be fun anyway. I plan for a sequel and stuff. Though, my plans rarely get executed properly. I didn't succeed, obviously. But there's a rewrite, so there's that.

Immortality with the Dragon Lady

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: NaNoWriMo 2017 - Failed. Semi-AU/Canon AU. Crack. Insert OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: IN PROGRESS/UNDER REVISION/BEING REWRITTEN. / Rewrite: Trials to Immortality.

Horrible Summary of Plot: A disorganised, fluffy romance between a preteen snake boy and a dragon that can turn into a preteen human girl. Also, they're both immortal. That's pretty much it.

Personal Theme/s: Fluffy Romance, Reptiles and Uncertain Plot.

Created by the idea of re-imagining details within 'Disgust of the Crack.' Currently going through an editing stage since I failed NaNoWriMo for 2017.


Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Grey OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: IN PROGRESS. / Rewrite: None.

Horrible Summary of Plot: This chick named Konishi Koukan has a face that makes her look blind and perpetually high. It's kind of creepy. She has the Power of Friendship, best buddy-pals, a sketchy past and a questionable reason for becoming a Hero. It's fun times.

Personal Theme/s: Questioning Morality, Power of Friendship and Power of Family.

This story has taken months of my life, which is sad but it's all right. I've come to really care about it even though I've only got two chapters that took me like two months to actually perfect. Because perfectionism.

I honestly tried to create an OC that wasn't morally grey, but I think I'm incapable. It feels forced and wrong for my main OCs to be like, "I just want to help people." It's just kind of boring in my opinion and I can't really get into the mindset from a writing perspective. I do like what Koukan and her gang of bitches have become, though, so hopefully we'll get to see her develop. (Please, brain, let me do it.)

Changing Shape

Fandom: Harry Potter. / Type: AU. Grey OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: IN PROGRESS. / Rewrite: None.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Tom's fucked. Morgan's fucked. But they can be a little less fucked when they're together.

Personal Theme/s: Fix-It-But-Not-Really, Dark Fluff and Leisurely Writing.

I had an idea that went from the normal Hogwarts era, then to the Marauders, and then finally, it went to Tom. All this in the span of. like, a week, and all because I kept searching for random Hermione fics that... had her? I didn't finish this sentence and, editing it again, I have no idea what I was trying to say.

Afflicted with Filth

Fandom: Harry Potter. / Type: NaNoWriMo 2018 - Achieved. Semi-AU/Canon AU. Grey OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: IN PROGRESS. / Rewrite: None.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Little muggle-born witch, Hemera motherfucking Granger, is the distressed proud owner of multiple mental illnesses. It's debatable as to whether her dreaming of an edgelord named Tom Riddle is considered a mental illness, too.

Personal Theme/s: NaNoWriMo, Questionable Romance and I'm-Going-To-Die-But-Let's-Fucking-Do-This.

Wanted to continued Tainted by Filth, then realised that Tom's low-key too hostile towards muggle-borns despite him being in a time where he shouldn't really give a shit. Seeing as how that was a large part of the original story, I had to move shit around. Then we have NaNoWriMo to kick me in the ass so I was actually writing something.

Kings of Limbo

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Non-massacre. Sociopathic/Insert OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: IN PROGRESS. / Rewrite: None.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Ikisudama Kuroki's bonded to some creepy spirit who's just as bored as she is, so she has to decide whether or not she's going to do some crazy shit for the sake of fun. Or she could make food and drink bubble tea. There's that option.

It's here after four years, hooray. If I never update again, I'm sorry.

Tom and Evie

Fandom: Harry Potter. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Crack. Ghost OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: COMPLETE. / Rewrite: None.

Horrible Summary of Plot: There is no plot aside from a dead chick named Evie bothering the shit out of Tom Riddle, who's not really good at the whole Dark Lord thing. He, of course, thinks otherwise.

This was fun to write. I'm glad I actually made something out of it after letting the first part sit for years. Maybe one day, I'll add onto it, but it's done for the time being.

Upcoming Stories (Or: Stories That I'd Like To Share With The World. Eventually.)

The Many Faces of Justice

Fandom: Death Note. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Grey OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: INCOMPLETE.

Horrible Summary of Plot: She has a peculiar habit of befriending people too concerned with the idea of justice.

Colourful Sentiments

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Non-massacre. Grey OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: INCOMPLETE.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Haruno Saki feels emotions. She doesn't like it.

Trials to Immortality

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: AU. Crack. Orochimaru-centric. Insert OC. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: INCOMPLETE.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Orochimaru manages to reverse-summon his way to Ryuuchidou, where he's then presented an opportunity to not only receive dragon summons, but also immortality. One thing, though; he has to do a trial where he kills the summons that have been talking shit about the dragons. To establish dominance, obviously.

A Variation Within Magic

Fandom: Harry Potter. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. Grey/Insert OC(s). / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: INCOMPLETE.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Gwendolen Liu of one of my original stories (which hasn't even been written yet, my god) becomes Gweneth Weasley and learns the joys of being a four-year-old with depression, anxiety, paranoid and PTSD. It's great.

Bound by Death and Flowers

Fandom: Naruto. / Type: Semi-AU/Canon AU. OOC. Sociopathic/Insert OC-as-Inner. Sakura-centric. / Beta: Senior Coq-on-Face the Third. / Status: INCOMPLETE.

Horrible Summary of Plot: Little Haruno Sakura is fucked, and it may or may not be the fault of the dead person chilling inside her head.

Reviews are love. Reviews are life. It's never ogre. Thank you for reading my stories.

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She was one, then she was two. He was whole, then he was not. They were lost, until they were found. Within a world both familiar and new, she would set them on a path of unknown destruction for the sake of no one but herself. [AU. Insert/Antagonist OC. Previously known as, 'Seal of the Uzumaki.' INDEFINITE HIATUS.]
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Father's a shady businessman, Mother's (understandably) abandoned them and a dead person has somehow tethered themselves to Sakura's soul. It should've been obvious that it was only going to become more absurd from then on. [NaNoWriMo 2016 - Achieved. AU. OOC. Sakura-centric. Insert OC.]
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There were those who believed that ninja with civilian backgrounds were inferior to ninja hailing from clans. She was one of those who believed otherwise. [AU. Non-Massacre. Grey OC. DISCONTINUED. Indefinitely rewriting.]
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The Uzumaki Seal reviews
She was on her deathbed and wondered if reincarnation worked. Apparently it did, and in the strangest of ways. In her former life, she had learned to accept things as they came... This wasn't the exception. [Semi-AU/Canon AU. Insert/Anti-Hero/Grey OC. DISCONTINUED. Rewritten as 'Seal of the Maelstrom.' Warning: It's horrible.]
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Hold up, hold up. I died, and now I've been reborn into Naruto? And... I'm a what? A ninja? Ha! [Semi-AU/Canon AU. Self-Insert OC. DISCONTINUED. Rewritten as 'Black Demon of the Leaf.' Warning: It's horrible.]
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