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Hello Readers!

Wow! Thanks for actually reading this. I have been reading fanfictions on this website for years and I rarely ever read profiles since they usually aren't that interesting. Let's start this with a tiny introduction.

My name is Ashley. I'm seventeen years old and live in Canada. I have been in love with writing since elementary and have been writing stories for just as long which includes fanfictions. I actually already have an account on this website but that was from YEARS ago when I was into a show called Teen Titans. Now my interest has turn to anime! I'm a complete Narutard and history has never been more hilarious thanks to Hetalia. Those would have to be the biggest fandoms I write about.

If you weren't already clever enough to notice I am a fujoshi. I adore yaoi! Hence why my username is YAOIorGTFO. Most if not all my stories will range from shonen-ai to yaoi but every once in a while there my be a heterosexual couple put in or even shoujo-ai.

Now here some couples you can expect to see from me:

My All Time Favourite: SasuNaru

From Naruto:

Just about anyone with Naruto (I see him as one of the ultimate ukes)
OroKabu (I don't really enjoy but it will most likely show up)
There's probably a bunch more but I won't name them all...

You will never see: (consensual)SasuSaku, NaruHina, SasuKarin, (consensual)SasuanyoneexceptNaru, NaruSaku and some others.

Another warning I should add is... I don't like Sakura. Call it childish or stupid to hate on a fictional character but I don't like her. There is a very good chance there will be fanfictions with Sakura bashing. I will put a warning in the story but there most likely will be some.

From Hetalia: (When it comes to this show I'm very open minded about couples)

There are too many... Just know that it'll be rare for me to write a straight Hetalia fanfiction except maybe AustriaxHungary.

I don't write Nyotalia stories. Just saying.

From Other Animes/TV Shows:

Sherlock x John Johnlock (BBC Sherlock)

Kotetsu x Barnaby (Tiger&Bunny)

Keith x Ivan (Tiger&Bunny)
Antonio x Nathan (Tiger&Bunny)
Shiziya (Durarara)
Usagi x Misaki (Junjou Romantica)
Iason x Riki (Ai no Kusabi)
Sebastien x Ciel (Black Butler)
Many more that I'm too lazy to name...

I will try to remember everytime I post a story but if I forget to put a disclaimer please just tell so I can fix it right away. On that note criticism is welcome and if I make any spelling/grammar mistakes I would like to know.

Well, there you have it! I hope that one of my fanfictions will be something that you can enjoy. :)

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