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Hello visitor.

Welcome to my profile!

Have you thought about the guidelines of this place?

I recommend following them to save yourself some trouble later.

Most horrible fandoms.

Have you entered a fandom and thought "hey, the source material is very cool and rich, I'm sure I'll find something great to read here" just to be saddened by the poor offerings in said category?

You're not alone.

Here I'll add the worst fandoms in this regard as I find them.

  1. All Batman categories. Can you say poorly written Harley Quinn origin fics and Harley/Joker sappy romance stories? Because that garbage is something you'll find by the bucket in all Batman fandoms.
  2. Dragon Ball Z. Here you'll find wave after wave of horrible OC/self insert is a super strong Mary Sue and has adventures in the Dragon Ball stories! BUT the Spanish section is worse as it is ruled with an iron fist by trite fangirls who can only write about Bulma and Vegeta romance over and over and over and over and over and over and... you get the idea... again. Yes, it's that bad, be glad you can't read Spanish and are safe of that horror.
  3. Young Justice. Oh yeah, this one. There are weeks when all you can find in this category are "The team sings songs!" or "Give me your characters for my story!" trash. To be fair, it seems to be improving... but it's also full of "my OC is a Mary Sue in love with Robin or any other teenager male in the show!" stories. - I admit that this one is getting a little better since the series has lost mainstream popularity.
  4. Hunger Games. Interactive OC contests. There are months where all you can find is that interacive junk. There's also songfics galore here, by the way.
  5. My Little Pony. Yeah, it's here. Can you say "human in the land of ponies?" Because you'll find lots of it on that fandom. Oh, and humans and ponies falling in love. Yeah, if you have a wish to read human & horse/unicorn/pegasus romance, go there and hurt your brain to your heart's content.
  6. Percy Jackson. Can you say MST? There are times where all you can find are "characters read X book in the series and I write some (not)witty comments while I copy&paste the entire, copyrighted book! Screw the rules! Gimme moar reviews! Aaargghh moar reviews!" stories written by kids who think they are funny but in reality they are not.
  7. Frozen. Why is it that a fandom based on a movie that is all about two sisters has degenerated into a hell hole full of incest porn and songfics where the two sisters from the movie spend their time either making out or having sex with each other? I know Disney movies tend to attract the worst kind of perverts but this one surprises even me.
  8. Candy Candy. This is a fandom for a very old anime and it's populated and ruled by Spanish-speaking women in their early forties. What makes it so terrible is that it seems 90% of those women are talentless hacks who resort to plagiarism.

I've seen so many strange things here that I'm going to start a section in my profile devoted to it.

Weird comments collection:

1.- I don't mind good flames, like constructive criticism or helpful pointers. But destructive criticism- I think everyone has a problem with that. -By some person in a review.

According to this person offering constructive criticism is flaming. And here I thought flaming was sending destructive insults unrelated to the story. Some people need to learn what flaming is before they go around confusing others.

2.- they reported me cause i am TWELVE!! i know people on here that are NINE! -Retrieved from a forum.

The minimum age to open an account is 13. If you aren't that age yet, you should at least keep quiet about it until your birthday number 13 comes.

3.- A review that only evaluate the work based on the sites rules does not make the reviewer a critic. -From a profile

I'd say this one depends on the person, but if the review is telling you how your story breaks the rules then you should pay attention and fix your story in order to keep yourself out of trouble instead of complain about how someone told you the reasons why your story is in violation to the guidelines.

4.- Bruce must hunt down the very person who is holding Dick -From the summary of a Batman fanfic.

I can't help but laugh at the idea of Batman hunting down a man for the horrible crime of holding his manly parts. (Yes, I know it's talking about Dick Grayson, but c'mon, it's funny!)

5.- I remember when times were simpler, when people didn't criticize others for a mistake, but kindly told them what they did wrong... enough said. -From a profile.

Funny thing is that the account I got this from is less than a month old at this point (said account was created on Nov. 17-2012, this comment was added on No. 25-2012), that the owner of the account has admitted to be 12 (meaning she can't be here according to the rules) and she doesn't have any flames or concrit in her stories. So basically she's complaining over nothing and playing victim for who knows why. Really, some people are just weird.

6.- and just so you know i am not the only story that dose this. -Retrieved from a forum.

So... this person claims to be a story? Or that his story is a dose? Make sure you write properly or stuff like this happens.

7.- Finally in answer to those accusing me of plagiarism, I wish you the best of luck in obtaining an education wherein you can learn what does and does not constitute such an act.

Said by a person who uses song lyrics in the stories they upload here, complaining when people accuses her of copy/pasting song lyrics she doesn't own as a crutch to gain reviews.