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Hm. I haven't looked at my profile in so long that I didn't realize how cringe-worthy it was. Well, might as well restart with an almost blank slate. I will post ideas that I've failed on but wanted to see done later on too. Please feel free to pick up any of them, or maybe give me suggestions on how I might be able to get them to work for me. I probably won't be getting around to them though, no matter how much I like the idea. Most are probably gonna be for Miraculous Ladybug, one of my most recent and intense obsessions.

Miraculous Ladybug story ideas:

-A completely backwards alternate universe told primarily through Hawkmoth, who struggles (and ultimately fails every time) to stop the criminal acts of Chat Blanc and Antibug (akumatized forms created by others already were used for convenience, but basically evil Marinette and Adrien/Ladybug and Chat Noir). The fun thing about this story is just how backwards the universe is. Like, for example, Chat Blanc and Antibug don't work together. They compete against each other for the same target (because of course I imagined them as thieves). Yet somehow, they'd still manage to defeat poor Hawkmoth while fighting each other. And they would flirt during a heist, but it's obvious that they hate each other. In real life, Adrien and Marinette would be dating (they don't know about each other's identities) and they would remain kind of aloof from everyone else in school. Alya and Nino could still be together, though. No need to mess up every good thing. The only real problem I had with this story was that I couldn't figure out a motivation for Chat Blanc and Antibug to be criminals. 'Cause I feel they need a good reason for them both to be phantom thieves. I was thinking maybe Marinette's bakery could be struggling, but I have no idea what excuse I could give for Adrien. And I was debating about whether or not they could be reformed. (This one is currently ongoing in the form of sort-of one-shots.)

-Schrodinger's Chat. Because it needs to happen. I'm surprised a title like this hasn't popped up yet, actually. At least, to the best of my knowledge it hasn't. Maybe it has... Anyway! If it hasn't, then the story could probably be a personal adaptation of Adrien losing his memories as a superhero and disappearing. Since this idea has been used before, if there is another story line that might possibly fit the title, I say go for it. Maybe a physics discussion gone out of hand? Strangely enough, this one isn't so much a story idea as it is the need to see this title out there somewhere. (Or be made aware of its existence elsewhere in the fandom. Seriously, please let me know.)

-A story in which Adrien questions the mysterious card from the Dark Cupid episode. Because seriously, that card had no form of address on it (not hers or his!) or even any sort of name. Unless the mailman opened the card to read it, I don't even know how the guy knew it was going to Adrien. Maybe he just assumed. But Adrien just goes with the weird situation! This story would be about him trying to find out who wrote the card and whether or not it was really his Lady.

-Speaking of Dark far I've seen a total of one story that did a role reversal for that episode. I'm honestly surprised by that. If there are more, I'd love to hear about them. But I would find it interesting to see how different people would write this story. Poor Adrien. Could you imagine if Ladybug had actually gotten hit with the curse instead of him? He'd probably be devastated. Which is exactly why I want to see this idea used more often (I know I'm a terrible person).

-Emi Agreste recanting her parent's incessant, perpetual honeymoon flirting (just because that's what I imagine them being like when they are older--and together). They may or may not still be Miraculous users, but they are aware of each other's identities. Emi, on the other hand, has no clue until she stays over at Alya's house for a visit and Alya shows her the old Ladyblog. Then she realizes that her parent's flirting is exactly like the flirting between Ladybug and Chat Noir. Whoops.

-I was just reminded of this idea when I saw a humorous fic describing Plagg's ever-changing relationship with cheese. I wanted a story explaining Plagg's obsession with Camembert, in particular. As it turns out, this story required WAY more research than I was willing to do for a cheese story. I'm sure no one really cares about historical accuracy, but there needs to be some kind of foundation, right? First, I looked up when and where Camembert was created. There's some discrepancy right there. And then, I wasn't sure which social class ate cheese, especially something like Camembert, which seems expensive. (I think. I don't know my cheeses and their values.) But apparently, it was just the local communities at the time, so I assume the farmers and the poorer people ate it. Now, this sounds like it more or less could be the end of what I need for the story. But here's the thing. I wanted Plagg to hate cheese at first. (After all, cats are usually allergic to dairy and the stink has to be a deterrent. Or maybe they're drawn to the scent instead?) Anyway, Plagg wouldn't like it, refuse to try it, but he was really close to his holder at the time (approx. 1800s), who really liked Camembert. His holder eventually convinced him to try it, and Plagg might've thought it was okay. Now here's the part that gives me more headaches. I want his holder to die tragically, either through disease or through a battle. (If only because it explains his strong love for Camembert and his seemingly careless attitude towards people.) Either one of those options requires more research for the most likely culprit. It would be easiest if it was in a battle, because then I could also have a potential Hawkmoth to justify Plagg's presence. Battle might still be a potential option, since it seems like the French revolution was going on ~1790s. I seriously need to brush up on my history if I want to continue. I might, though. I'll give it some thought.

Miraculous OCs:

Only a couple because I have this super strong image of Adrien and Marinette's kids whenever they get married in the future. The strange thing here is that I always imagine either sister as 14, depending upon the story. So if it's a story focused on Sylvia, then that makes Emi a curious five-year-old. If the story revolves around Emi, then Sylvia is not likely to be around the house due to college. Which suits me just fine considering I only thought of Emi at first. Kind of a cliched division of traits, though.

Sylvia: The older daughter by nine years. She has her dad's sense of humor as well as his green eyes whereas she has long black hair like her mom.

Emi: The younger daughter with her dad's blonde hair and her mother's blue bell eyes. She's usually a little more serious and shares her mother's creativity.

And if you were to bother including pets, I would have to say a black cat named Noir and a reddish-brown hamster named Lady. Sylvia and Emi named them, but of course Adrien and Marinette share a secret laugh about it.


We don't really know too much about the Miraculouses yet, so this is based on the most realistic vision I have on the power balance between them. From what we know, only Ladybug can take care of akuma. And, in a sense, this is true for my headcanon. Since Ladybug is supposed to represent good luck and creation (pretty sure creation, right? To balance destruction? Anyway), she's the only one who can purify the akuma and set everything right. However, realistically speaking, it makes no sense to have only one Miraculous that can counter the butterfly Miraculous. And there's a few reasons for that. First of all, it's not very secure. What if the Ladybug Miraculous was lost? What if it fell into evil hands as well? It's been more or less confirmed in the origin episodes that Hawkmoth wasn't always evil. At least, that's what I understood at the time. I could be wrong, of course. Anyway, of that's the case, there's no guarantee that Ladybug is ALWAYS going to be innocent and good. So there should be some form of insurance in case Ladybug is not around. And thus, here's my thoughts. There are seven Miraculouses, right? Well, in case one goes rogue, at least half of the remaining six has some way to counter it. I say half because besides Ladybug, I can only see two others being able to stop an akuma. That opinion may change once I see the other Miraculouses and their powers. In any case, I think Chat Noir and Volpina can also neutralize akuma in their own way. For example, Chat Noir can Cataclysm an akuma, thus completely destroying it. However, this would not restore the damage that was caused by battle and can cause serious damage to the victim ( my second major headcanon). Volpina, on the other hand, if the fake Volpina was anything to go off of, deals permanent illusions. The akuma is not released but rather is appeased by locking the victim in a permanent illusion of their perfect life. The victims would be basically non-functional because they would not be living in reality.

More in depth about my headcanon involving Chat Noir... Now, my above theory and the following may be wrong. In fact, I'd say there's a good chance of it since MLB is a kid's show and what I'm suggesting is kind of dark. Chat Noir also hasn't tested his Cataclysm on anything living, much less anything immaterial like the akuma. So we don't know what effect his power would have on either of those things. The answer could debunk this whole thing. In fact, it often looks like his power rapidly ages objects so that they break down. Most notably, I'm referring to metal objects that he often destroys. It looks like rust spreads over it, right? And if my second headcanon is right, it can also debunk this theory because the butterflies do not age. But say he can destroy them. I think it would turn the victims into vegetables. (Funny phrasing, sad reality.) And that will be explained by my second headcanon. ...Which I will post later because it's really annoying to type long messages on my tablet.

As always, if you like this headcanon and wish to use it, I have no problems with it. Just please credit me somehow. And if you liked or thought it was interesting or have some insight on how it can be improved/proven wrong/etc, feel free to message me about it.

Miraculous Ladybug Akumas:

Maybe this should just go under OCs, but I figured that maybe I should make this its own section. Right now, I only have one, but I feel like it's actually a really good one (unlike most of the other Akumas I think of). I'm currently writing a story with this Akuma in it, but knowing me, it'll never be finished. If I do finish it, I'll take this down. If I don't, feel free to borrow it as long as you ask or at least credit me. Anyway, here it is...

Pandora. I dunno if there has been anyone else with a Pandora akuma, but I feel it has a lot of potential to be used. First off, trigger for the akuma. A girl is bitter that people dig and pry too much into her life and it somehow ruined her life or her chances at something she really wanted. Second, her powers. There are a couple different main ideas I had for Pandora's Box. Since I liked both, I was thinking that maybe it can have two different forms or modes. The first will swallow up any physical object/person it touches, completely erasing it or putting victims into a different plane of existence (like with Pixelator, except they don't end up in pictures). It will grow in size and power with everything it destroys. The other form is much more insidious. It will completely take away a person's memories exception for the one that terrifies them most (this form remains about the size a person's head). If that's not enough, it will also create a worse nightmare out of that one memory. Imagine that, losing your entire sense of self except for this horrible moment, haunting you over and over again. As for how the akuma looks...meh. Have fun with it. I'm kinda boring. I just kind of imagined Pandora in a flowy white dress (maybe in a Greek style) with this empty white box as, well, Pandora's Box.

Songs of the Month:

Angelfish by luz (Japanese)

Dreaming in Black and White by Trust Company (English)

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