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Author has written 4 stories for Vampire Diaries, and Rise of the Guardians.

Hello to all of you who actually care enough about my writing to come and read my bio! My profile will be the place to look if you want to know about my stories and updating times. I will most likely update monthly, unless I am going on vacation. I am always available through PMing. I probably will mostly write for TVD couples, but I probably will be writing one-shots for other books, tv shows, movies, etc.


My name is Karli Marie Roberts. I live in California, and I love to write. I have not ventured into writing original stories just yet, but I have been writing fanfiction for a long time. I just never posted any of it. :P I am opened to writing stories for users, so if you have a request for something you haven't seen yet on Fanfiction.net, I'm all for it. :D

Stories In-Progress:

Blue: A Rise of the Guardians Multi-Chapter (M)

Sweetly Broken: A Delena Multi-Chapter (M)

Stories Completed:

Beg Me: A Delena Two-Shot (M)

Stories Coming Soon:

Rip Me in Half: A Delena Multi-Chapter (M)

Call Me Obsessive: A Klaroline Multi-Chapter (M)

Sweetly Broken Outtake #1: Elena's Dream (M)

Stories on HIATUS:

The Love of My Existence: A Klaroline Two-Shot (M)

LoveEpicLove is one of the best Delena fanfic author EVER: LoveEpicLove (She will NOT disappoint!! Read her fics if you are a hardcore Delena fan like me!!)

UPDATE (10-15-12):

To all of my fans: I have been EXTREMELY busy these past months. I have not forgotten about my stories, I just do NOT have time to do anything. I can barely sleep five hours as it is. I am hoping to find time over Thanksgiving Break to work on my fics. I'm sorry if you are waiting for Part 2 for The Love of My Existence, and I promise I will update that as soon as I have time! I also have a multi-chapter fic that one of my fans requested that I need to work on. Thanks for understanding! I will try and update as soon as I can! xoxo Karli

UPDATE #2 (11-18-12):

Okay, people. I have finally posted Sweetly Broken (SB) and I am going to try and work on The Love of My Existence (TLOME)tomorrow, if I have time. My main priority right now is SB, but I have not forgotten about TLOME. Thank you for sticking by me, my wonderful fans! Also, my other Delena story (which I have named Rip Me in Half (RMIH) will not be posted for a while. This is a Delena fanfic that one of my fans requested. I will probably start on RMIH after I finish SB. I am also working on a Klaroline multi-chapter (which you may have noticed in my Stories Coming Soon section) called Call Me Obsessive (CMO). I plan on giving sneak peaks for both RMIH and CMO in SB, so be on the look out! Thanks so much! xoxo Karli

UPDATE #3 (12-3-12):

Hello. Welcome to my semi-monthly profile update! If you guys have not figured it out by now, I have a new non-Vampire Diaries fanfiction called Blue. I have not forgotten SB and I am working on both equally. At the moment, I am have an extreme case of writer's block for SB, and I have written and rewritten the same chapter about four times, and still cannot get it right. I am using Blue as a stress reliever because I know EXACTLY what is going to happen in that story. I have deleted The Best Forgiveness from my account, because I reread it and really hated it! LOL. I may put it back up if I want to, but most likely not. Adios The Best Forgiveness! Anyway, I will try and update SB soon, and Blue's next chapter is on the way! Thanks for reading! xoxo Karli

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