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wow... well there's really nothing to tell you guys reading this about me that i actually want posted on the internet, for the whole damn world to see, so i'll stick with the basics i suppose. you can call me kiki, my actual name is kierian and yes, i am a femme. long story as to how i wound up with a guys name and i highly doubt i will get to know anyone well enough to tell them about it.



LuSam - the condition to this one is if it's not GV, I'm not interested. Jon Jackson just didn't do it for me, sorry. I was a GV fan even before gh.

JaSam - the condition to this one is it must be old JaSam, not current. I hate the current rendition of JaSam, leave it to the writers to take something that was once great and completely eff it up though, right?

Journey - yes. I like Jason with other women besides Sam. I'm not one of the crazies that's 'team jasam'.

Liasion- * gasping* shocked, are we? yes. it is possible to like jason with liz or sam. i'd think that i am living proof.

L&L - for those of you newer fans, that's luke and laura. I've been watching since I was a tot, so I know the show fairly well.


Delena. That is all, they are the only pairing to me, from this show, that are even worth two shits.


Dramione. Yeah, go ahead, say something you canon correct dorks. I won't care. I've always loved this pairing and really don't give a damn what anyone should think about it. I find it amusing that people are so against this pairing, when if you really read the series, you would have picked up on the underlying 'tension' between Granger & Malfoy.


GSR. I don't care how old Gilbert Grissom is, he is one sexy ass man. And Sara is perfect for him.


Eric and Calleigh.


Garcia and Morgan. They're just so sweet together, that even though I wanna vomit, I love it, the cutesy factor.


Thor/Jane. - that one needs no explanation, really. They were just good together.

BlackHawk- another that needs no explanation.




I am a huge fan of WWE. I loved it when I was younger and even now, at the age of 25, I still find myself glued to the television in awe, every Monday and Friday, sometimes even Thursday.




The Hardy Boyz

Stone Cold

The Miz

CM Punk

John Cena

Shawn Michaels

Triple H

Randy Orton

Zack Ryder



Football. My teams are as follows: Crimson Tide, Michigan Wolverines (college) New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants

If I'm not online, or at work then I am most likely in my garage. I work on cars, it's been a hobby since I was, dunno, twelve or so.

I love riding ATV's... Especially in the mud ;)

I love, love , love cooking. I'm good at making up things to try in the kitchen. But give me a box of hamburger helper, and I am going to fuck it up 9 ways to Sunday.

Music. I have to have music everywhere. I listen to any and all kinds, even classical occasionally.


Anything I write will more than likely be AU. If there's a pairing, and it's about someone I love then it'll be personXoc. I realize that right off the bat I'll have hardcore fans of anything I write for bitching and nagging, but hey? I'm not doing this for anyone's approval. This is strictly for my enjoyment. That's why its a H -O - B - B - Y, to any of you overly critical and picky people out there in reader land. So just know ahead of time, that constructive criticism and all out flames are cool, they won't bother me. I won't change what I'm doing either. I'll ignore it, because I'm not doing this for anyone but my own amusement, and to rid my mind of pesky what ifs and alternate endings, or alternate universe plots I come up with. If the above makes me sound like a bitch, I'm really not sorry. I do things the way I want to, not the way someone wants me to do them. All of this having been mentioned i do really love reviews. I'm just letting anyone who might feel the urge to criticize or flame and possibly repeatedly at that, up front that all they'll wind up doing is giving themselves a fucking aneurysm, because I'll do what makes me feel comfortable, unless in the rare occasion what they happen to suggest happens to make sense to me.

The above being said, I will take particular pairing situations, and any plot bunnies you may have when reading my work into consideration, if you pm me, or leave it in your review. If I do, then you will be given full credit in the next chapter I post, if not in a footnote at the bottom of the one your idea 'inspired'. It's only fair, right? To take someone else's idea and then not say a word otherwise is basically stealing, and while I might be a bitch (according to most people, anyway) I do not steal. Ever. If I read something you wrote, even and it inspires me to write my own take on it? I'll ask you first, and feel free to say no. I won't get bent out of shape, in all honesty.

There are very few pairings that are not unconventional (or a subsequent oc) that I will willingly write for, because I'm just not a big romantic. I love to write romantic fanfictions, yes, but if you're solely looking for just endless fluff then you're not going to ever like anything I write, because I mix as many as 6 genre's into one story. If I ever have muse for a canonXcanon piece, then yeah I might do it. But for the most part, know ahead of time that when I write romance it's either an unconventional or an ocXcanon pairing.

When you're reading my stories, expect moderate to heavy cursing, violence and at times pure smut. If this makes you queasy, then don't read the parts that I have an M warning beside. If you do and complain, all I have to say is that you were warned here first. And I will ignore the complaint. Also expect crazy plot twists and very dark, graphic and grown up material within. I'm a realist. It's nothing against fluff, but too much is too much, ya know?

I'm new to fanfiction, but not to writing in general. So while I might make small mistakes, bear in mind, I am 25, and I have been writing since about the age of 12. So, yeah.. I think I have a handle on my own way of doing things. If it's hard to understand something I've written, please, by all means, feel free to shoot me a pm asking me about the particulars of a story, and to explain what you didn't understand. Don't let all the above scare you off, I'm really a friendly person, I just call it like I see it.

Usually, the first chapter of a story written by me, is a complete listing of plot and timeline changes I've made, pairings you should expect to see, an explanation of the plot for the story, even if it's just a few vague sentences, the genres I used to write it, my original start date on it, any and all warnings that are pertinent to the story and fandom it's for, and if I use an oc, a short summary of the oc I use. I do this because I want to cover my own ass, I know this site is used by more than just the older set, because I've been coming here to read fanfictions for a while now, just never felt the whim to make my own posting account until now.

To any die hard fans... If I get a character inaccurate, or a past plotline, or something major that would be problematic for my fanfic, let me know in a pm. Lots of times I'll skim my reviews because if I have any, I get the notify on my phone, and just read them from there and over half the time when this happens, I'll be in a hurry, like for work or something and I might miss it. So PM is really the best way to tell me if I've goofed on a character, or something like that. But by all means, tell me when it comes to that, because it usually pisses me off if noone mentions it, and I discover it on my own after I'm say, halfway into a story and have to research something for it, and discover a previous mistake that I didn't know I made. Point being, we're all human, we all fuck up. If you notice that I don't seem to have a particular character down pat, then leave me a wiki link or something, or tell me how you see the character in question. It really helps, and I'll be glad you did. I can't tell you how many times I've written something and due to a mistake that people let go unnoticed, I've had to go back and rewrite the whole damn thing.

& Yes, before you ask... I am that critical of myself, partially why others criticism and negative comments don't bother me. Because I know that while I am doing this for my own amusement, I also want to make something worth reading for anyone who might stumble upon it here. I tend to ignore negative comments and criticism of my writing overall, but yeah... If it concerns something in my plot, or about a character, or a pairing, or an idea, then I'll be more than happy to listen. When it comes to my writing style, or my writing in general, or if I feel you're just being ignorant and trying to start something, then I'm going to ignore you because I am too damn old, 25, to be involved in stupid and childish cyberspace fights.












A warning ahead of time* Huge believer in oc insertation. Even bigger believer in alternate settings, universes, crossing things over, and screwy plot twists, cliffhangers.. You were warned.





















A warning ahead of time* Most of these will be alternate endings, or things I would have changed, or alternate universe and oc pairings..







Same warning here as above.*

As a general rule, anything I post on here, will have a complete summary, explanation, pairings list, ratings and genre's list, as well as any other information needed, as the first chapter. My friends got me started doing this, and are the ones who talked me into making this account, to begin with. It's neater, and it saves people getting the urge to state the obvious, also lets them know what to expect ahead of time, before they become too invested in a story. Because I admit that while this is a hobby I'm passionate about and I work tirelessly on stuff I write, I can also honestly say that in my own opinion, I am not a great writer. It's readable, that's about all I'll swear to.


FULL NAME: Sylverster Jessabelle Greene

ALIASES:Syl, QuickSylver (stage name), mouthy bitch (LayCool's 'petname'), Jessabelle (ONLY select few call her this, and either leave with ALL their teeth, or to tell about it)

DOB: October 31st

HOMETOWN: Las Vegas, Nevada

SIGNATURE FINISHER: Quick Sand (it's a Russian Leg Sweep), and vertical suplex (only if her opponent's not stronger than she is)

WRESTLING STYLE: She prefers Aerial, in all honesty. If she ever gets in the air, consider yourself dually fucked. Unless you happen to be faster and or stronger, preferrably both.

AFFILIATIONS: (eventually) the hardy boyz, AJ, Kane (only because of AJ, in my fanfiction), CM Punk (Only in very very tiny doses) and Zack Ryder.

PERSONALITY: Sylver can be a bit of a bitch. She's not known for having a sensor, and if she doesn't like something, she's going to say it, regardless the outcome. The only person, thus far to crack past most of her defenses would be her "best friend" AJ and that is because AJ essentially "adopted" her, when she joined the WWE. The two form a tag team occasionally. Sylver is protective of anyone she considers to be close, or she likes and she's not overly emotional. But, she can be a romantic, she just has to be shown it's "okay" to be one... She does have slight anger issues, and can be competitive. She's a bit of a prankster, and also a smartass. She will NOT turn down a dare, and she loves to do risky and wild things.

Just so you know.. She DOES have a soft side, and she does have her own share of secrets. ;) You don't get that angry if you had even the slightest of a normal childhood, trust me. ;) All in good time, all in good time.. :D

BIO: Sylverster was born on October 31st in Las Vegas, to a single mother who alternated jobs as a stripper, and worked as a dancer in a cabaret club, and perhaps liked to party just a little too much. Growing up, Sylver learned to fight young, to defend herself from some of the people her mother associated with. It's largely believed her father is tied to one of the mob families that still linger in Vegas, but that's mainly a rumor. Sylver personally believes her father was a visiting Air Force pilot, who was already married, and so her mother never told him about her.

She and her mother get along, though her mother primarily let her come and go, do what she pleased, and as a result, Sylver became more the adult, and definitely has an independent streak. She got into quite a few fights in school because of her mother's occupation and some kids finding out that her father MIGHT be a mobster, so yeah..

LOOKS: She stands about 5'0 tall and weighs about 130 lbs, most of it being muscle. She's got a curvy figure, and warm brown eyes. Her hair is dark brown and it's slightly wavy, but she straightens it all the time and usually puts bright white extensions in it in places. Her skintone is olive, because she's at least 50 percent Italian. She has three tattoos (one on her lower right hip- her own lips and her "autograph", and one on her shoulder, a trio of shooting stars, a scorpion on top of her left foot) and has three piercings in each ear.

THEME SONG: Indestructible by Disturbed, with a hint of Down With The Sickness... It's part of her 'crazy/angry' gimmick.

If she's coming out with Matt then it's his themesong, with a lil bit of hers in there. ;0

SIGNATURE COSTUME: Tanktop with fishnet one shoulder half top, plaid/tulle mini with large safety pins crisscrossing down one side, (the tulle is black and it's underneath the skirt, kinda like a tutu,) knee high boots she can wrestle in (they look like military issue combat boots) and fishnet stockings, with rips, and garters holding up the stockings. She wears a hockey mask kinda like Jason Voorhies did in the Friday movies, and is often seen with a baseball bat in hand. Noone is sure why she carries the bat everywhere, but she has told few people that she wears the mask because she was inspired by Jason. :D

Habits: Swearing like a sailor, swearing in Italian, flipping people off, pouting, playing with fire, setting things on fire... Hence the reason through out my fanfic, when Kane is thinking of either female, he thinks of AJ and Sylver as the 'tiny crazy ones'... That's AJ and Syl's gimmick, they're both crazy. Syl's just ANGRY CRAZY, completely opposite of AJ, who is "happy crazy".

Villain or Hero: Neutral. She could give two shits less about being either. She does this because she likes to beat the shit out of people and things.


'Don't go away mad... Just go away'

'I was on my period? My hormones were all wacky? I need to get laid really, really bad?'

' I hate divas almost as much as I fucking hate cats. Okay, maybe more. At least cats don't possess the ability to talk and piss me off, and they're sorta cute to look at.. Divas? just no..'

' Fuck off already.'

'you can only imagine the immensity of the fuck i do not give.'


'I was NOT staring at his ass, AJ.. If I'd been staring at his ass, I would not be able to speak right now.'

'Okay, that's it. I'm about to go and fuck someone up.'

'There's TWO things you do NOT fuck with... My tag team partner AJ and my Ipod. And you fucked with AJ.. Consider yourself officially fucked.'

'Haven't you heard? The house ALWAYS wins... Pay up bitch.'


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