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So a bio, I hate Bio’s but I really need to give this a shot.

I guess the first thing to do is to realize I am a geek, which is not the same as a nerd. The difference is I love nerdy geeky things but I was not a straight A student nor a brain by any stretch of the imagination.

I love Sci Fi and Fantasy and action.

It was grade three, when I almost failed, that I was handed a journal for the summer and forced to write every day, a suggestion from my teacher that year. So the first few pages had, entries such as it was a hot day and I was force to do school work, which angered my parents to no end. Then I started reading The Three Investigators Mystery series by Alfred Hitchcock. This lead to me writing about myself and my two best friend solving mysteries in my journal.

I moved on to the Twilight and Dark Forces horror novels and then me and my friends lived horrors in my journal, then Fantasy hit and suddenly I was writing (Horribly) about knights and wizards all the time. Then I started work and geeky had to go away for a while.

A few years later Computers became a house hold item and the world was opening up and I was finding people just like me. I started playing PBeM, most notably a Star Trek One . That held for almost forever until Mass Effect came out and I was in love. It consumed me for five years and I played it over and over.

Turnabout is my first attempt in a long time to write a story by myself. I know a lot of people had a lot of dissapointment with the endings of Mass Effect, and yes I agree it could have been better, but that does not overshadow the Mass Effect Universe or the rest of the game, for me anyway. I wanted a happy ending for my character so I wrote Turnabout. I might eventually write something for Garrus as a LI as well since he's about my second favorite NPC. I am also thinking about working on concept I had when I was a kid, but we'll see. Until then I look forward to reading some great stuff.

MY influences are many, but some of the notable ones are, obviously Tolkein. His mastery of the written language was nothing less then god like. He painted a book better and with more detail than anyone I ever knew.

In that same view I loved the movies Willow and Princess Bride and then the Shadow Series, which continued the magic of Willow written by Chris Claremont and finally in this genre was The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon.

Other Movies that I loved are Kick Ass, Terminator, Serpent and the Rainbow, Escape from New York, I am the kind of person that does not like a perfect hero. I like a hero that struggles and falter yet manages to just somehow make it in the end.

My TV over the years have included I also like Firefly, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Xena, Angel, Buffy, Walking dead, Leverage, so I’m pretty much everywhere on that front.

Also, just a note about my stories:

1) Turnabout was the first written and takes place five years after the war. It sets up several items and cannon that the rest of my stories will follow. All of my stories are post game.

2)Hallowed Truth takes place two years after the war but still takes place in my cannon

3) Into the Unknown is an ongoing series that take place after Trunabout. The "series premier" is done but there will be more.

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Alana Flynn is running for her life from a Government that set her up. With no where to turn she is force to find the truth on her own, that is until she runs into a Samantha Traynor who is the key to clearing her name and saving her life, even if she doesn't want to. Set two years after the end of Mass Effect 3, because Sam needs a happy ending too...
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Turnabout reviews
Shepard has destroyed the Reapers and disappeared. Most have gone back to some sort of normal life, but Liara just can't let go. I will try for at least one chapter a week if not more. Any critism is welcome as well as thoughts and ideas. Really look forward to reviews, they are what inspire and spur me on, so if you like you read , or don't, please review.
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