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My name is Emily Rose.

I'm a multi fandom nerd who is too good at maths for their own good.

To begin with, I would like to share with you the reasons I joined Fanfiction. It's simple, really.

I love both reading and writing, but unfortunately, English has got to be one of my worst subjects. I don't think it's a matter of I'm bad at it, but I'm just average at it, and I think, in my mind, that's my downfall. In long term, I would love to be able to improve my writing, hopefully with the help of others. Criticism an comments are welcome on all stories.

Secondly, ideas fly out of my head like a piƱata struck by lightning so I need somewhere where I can put those ideas.

Something you have to know about me is I love OC stories (I don't see why others don't). I think this may be because I like seeing how differently people see the fandom, and how they can change it, usually for the better.

I believe people can make their characters as interesing as possible (without over doing it), and they also show what sort of person the author is.

Also its a change from the usual stories you see. That's why most of my stories will have OCs in them.

I have an OC for most fandoms, the list is at the bottom, after story plots.

A few stories I'm thinking of posting:

-How To Train Your Dragon: Red Cloak

A rewrite of HTTYD with The character, Emilia, who Is on the run from her mother, the queen. She stumbles across the Viking village. Terrified, she hides out nearby, befriending the dragons. She soon also befriends a young, gangly Viking called Hiccup. Follow their Journey of bringing Vikings and Dragons to peace. (K-T)

Hiccup/OC (Emilia)

-The Hunger Games: Annie Cresta

Annie Cresta is a the well known victor of the fishing district, District 4, but how was it such a fragile girl survived the games? At the age of sixteen, Annie had been lucky enough to have not been called out in a reaping, but her luck was about to change. Once reaped to go to the 70th Hunger Games, she had no choice but to go with it. With Finnick, Mags and her district partner, Garb, on her side, she had much support as she anticipated the vicious games to come. (T)


-Young Justice: Love And Lies

"The sweetest love story a hero could have" Anonymous

Elisa Kirdle- Intelligent, Sarcastic and Stubborn- hadn't ever had never experienced pain more painful than scraping her knee on cement. But after meeting Dick Grayson, her life and views are turned and tested to the limit. Will he be able to hold his grip on her, or will she slip away forever?

Richard Grayson/ Elisa (OC)

-Doctor Who: Only a Dream

(I've actually started this one, but haven't really done anything on it since the last chapter, and I'm thinking I won't continue it.) (K-T)

Rose/10 Doctor

-Qualities of A Companion

Hayley had always been a Victorian girl of high quality. She believed all people should have high standards of living, but also maintained the need to help those who suffer and were in need. This was the quality which drew her to the Doctor, but, unfortunately, it was also what broke them apart.

-Young Justice: What Could've Been

Dick is sent into a coma, where he is soon transported into a world where his parents never die. Although he is confused at first, it soon occurs to him that it is the life he always dreamed of. In this new life, he has friends in school, family that cherishes him and a gorgeous girl living next door. But what happens when reality breaks in? Will he find happiness once it's all gone? (K-T)

Richard / OC (Elisa) (alternative meeting)

Plus I have a few oneshots I'll post every now and then:)

So here's the list of OCs:

Doctor Who

Hayley Annelise


Satine Lelux

Young Justice/DC World

Elisa Kirdle


Emilia Evens

Hopefully I'll get around to fact files for you lovely people. One day.

Anyway, So hope you enjoyed my little profile and an inside look on my busy mind!

Be flawlessly fearless, swift kitties:)

Emily xxx

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The Hunger Games: Annie Cresta
Annie is a well-known victor of the fishing District, District 4, but how was it such a fragile girl survived the games? Once reaped to go to the 70th Hunger Games, at the age of sixteen Annie had no choice but to go with it. With Finnick, Mags and her district partner, Garb, on her side, Will she have enough support as she participates in the vicious games to come?
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