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Author has written 10 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, Pokémon, and Team Fortress 2.

About me: I am staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in my beliefs. I am a hard worker who takes a strong moral stance. I particularly believe in following directions and being organized. I am generally reserved and truly not arrogant in any manner.

Although relatively calm and mature, I can be quite laid-back and playful when I'm not under stress.

Nationality: American

Race: African-American

More about me: I have a love for World History, photography, and anime (and no I'm not one of those freaks who sees everything as anime =.= ). There are many things I like and many things I dislike but I won't go into detail because if I do this profile would be too long to read and you would get bored.

So I'll keep it brief.

Likes: Animals, Hetalia, het, yaoi, yuri, jazz, heavy metal, rock n roll, deviantart, pizza, candy, nachos, carrots, salads (with ranch dressing), world history, cameras, and ice cream.

Dislikes: Snobs, racists, liars, insane yaoi fangirls, people who bash you for liking a cracky pairing, Twilight (not my cup of tea folks. I like my vamps who can die in sunlight, get staked, hates holy water etc.), high school (I say that because college made me realize just how obnoxious high school was), people who are drama queens, very cheesey romance novels, War, animal cruelty, and senseless violence (if you want to fight someone please have a good reason to).

Wow...I said I'd keep it brief but it appears my dislike list has gone up XD

I will freely admit that I do love crack pairings (as you can see from the GermanyxUkraine avatar picture to your left) and characters that are seriously unloved. I love Hetalia but fear not my dear readers I'm not a weaboo fangirl and I don't eat teriyaki for the hell of it nor do I squeal KAWAII DESU like someone on meds.

You will be reading a lot of crack on my pro and most of it will be het, yaoi, and yuri so be prepared.

Here are a list of pairings I love that most hetalia fans consider crack:

1. SeychellesxRussia (Believe it or not Seychelles and Russia have strong ties that go way back even during the Soviet Union so don't freak out people...their legit and Seychelles seems to be the only one not deathly afraid of Ivan.)

2. FemCanadaxEngland (Who's up for some MapleTea?)

3. UkrainexGermany (Ukraine is more then just a crybaby with a bosom that can breast feed the entire planet. Besides,...she and Germany make a sweet couple.)

4. UkrainexTurkey ( comment.)

5. CanadaxRussia (Winter relations for the win.)

6. EnglandxRussia (Loneliness attracts the misunderstood. I think they make an interesting pair since they're both lonely souls who fell from their status as empires and are looking for a sense of peace in their lives.)

7. ChinaxSeychelles (They have good it people. Even if they didn't have awesome ties I would still ship them)

8. JapanxGermany (There's more to life then GerIta...and personality wise I think Kiku would make a good lover for Ludwig XD)

9. LichtensteinxNetherlands (o.O...He likes Loli...even though Lichtenstein is a lot older then she looks XD.)

10. S.ItalyxGermany (A relationship spurned by hatred and desire all rolled up in one.)

11. BelarusxJapan (We all know that Belarus will never give up her love for Russia but I have the right to imagine what it would be like between her and Japan if she wasn't as crazy as she is now.)

12. CanadaxEnglandxRussia (Yeah I like threesomes. Sue me)

13. SeychellesxGermany (...Tuna anyone?)

If you don't like the fact that I write stories with crack pairings then piss off and don't waste my time with flames and hate because I will not respond to it.

Now that I've made my introductions...just sit back, relax,...and enjoy the crack.

(I have a second profile in case this one is hacked into or deleted. If you wish to see it the web address is ))

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