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So who's reading this??? Umm possibly people who are incredibly nosy?(; don't worry i'm nosy too. So, my name? Not very important call me crazy but i don't really trust the internet. Who can these days? I CAN tell you that I am a legal midget! 4'8 and I'm not growing anymore.

I have an amazing boyfriend named Danny and he is my world we've been together for five years and still going strong (: I love my best friend and would do absolutely anything for her. I only trust a handful of people and have major issues. I never use the word 'love' unless I mean it because that word gets tossed around way too much. I work in the worst place ever... it's like my hell. I'm very passionate about hockey. I'm a New Jersey Devils Fan and damn proud of it!

And I LOVE SHARKS! Can Shark Week come sooner!?!

One Tree Hill was an amazing show! Before the series finale. I loved that show and I still do. I have all of the seasons and I watch them every chance I get. Major Problems with couples though! So the only couple that ended up together that I don't have a problem with? Naley.

BRUCAS- Brooke and Lucas are my FAVORITE couple of ALL time. Why they never lasted is beyond me. They were completely perfect for each other. I mean UGH, they are just PERFECT. Not just because the whole Jock and Cheerleader relationship it's just because Lucas brought out the best in Brooke and Brooke always kept Lucas entertained. That relationship was never boring and the Leyton relationship was never exciting. I mean I can't stomach watching them together and it's not for lack of trying...

NALEY- I absolutely love Nathan and Haley together. They are everybody's fairytale couple. It's just like they remind you true love does exist and they are adorable and show everyone you really can share your life with your high school sweetheart.

Rachel&Cooper- Okay I don't really know why I love them so much I just do. Rachel and Cooper were like the forbidden fruit which was GREAT. Any story that I write that will have Rachel in it I will rewrite that WHOLE part with the story.

Jeyton- Jake and Peyton were amazing together. I like Peyton but her and Lucas did not go well together for me. I just really think that if Peyton didn't kiss Lucas and kept chasing him any of the times Brooke was dating him Lucas would have ended up with Brooke. And it didn't make any sense to make Jake leave. like what the fuck? After he got Jenny to stay with him he could have just came back to Peyton... dumb writers (just kidding?)

The Walking Dead is like my new favorite show ever since One Tree Hill came to an end. I love Daryl Dixon. I don't know if it is just because I love Norman Reedus but I don't really care cause that's just the way it is. I love Daryl/OC's. I will cry my eyes out if Daryl ends up with Carol.. EW! I feel to much of a mother son bond there not a romantic one. AND WHAT IS WITH ALL THIS BETHYL? Beth is (hopefully) marinating in that trunk..

Just a thing, I love OC stories. Except for One Tree Hill because everybody has someone they're meant to be with in that show, but usually I love OC stories. I really don't understand why people moan and complain about an OC, as long as it's well written and it's not garbage chances are I'll like it.

I love Shane/OC's. I hate Lori with Shane, sure Shane was wrong to sleep with Lori after lying about Rick but that was fucked up that she even let him have sex with her. I like OC's with him because I don't think he is that bad. He just needs his own girl... AND NOT ANDREA! I feel like if Shane didn't have that whole 'I need to be in charge' thing he could have actually been a really cool character that could have made it.

TRUE BLOOD! I'm in love with this show and am sorta sad it's the last season. I officially do not like Sookie anymore. I think she's a big ole whore who can't keep her legs shut and Bill can do so much better!

I don't know why but before Nora died, I really wanted Nora and Jason together! He's such a big and adorable idiot and I feel like he needed someone smart like Nora. and not like Violet. Or whatever her name is.

I LOVE Jessica Hamby! I think Deborah Ann Woll is an amazing actress and I loved her and Hoyt together. I know he's not gonna come back, but if he ever did, and I'd be a happy girl!!

Lafayette!!!!!Oh I love Lafayette. He makes the show, without him I really don't think I'd watch it. I love him and his sassy mouth!

I was shocked when Tara and Pamgot together, and even more shocked when I loved them together. I love Pam and I love Tara and when they were together, oh good lord their scenes were never boring.

Eric... he's my secret fantasy. Guy is sex on a stick and I do love bad boys who do good things... But not when he was with Sookie. I don't like Sookie with him, or anyone. I think Eric should find somebody of his own to be with. Like... I don't know. I don't really see him being with anyone on the show. But, maybe that'll change in season 7. (;


I have been writing guys! Unfortunately OTH Season 3 & Beyond has been put on indefinite Hiatus, almost all my stories are. All my stories on my old laptop are gone but I've recently gotten a nice little gateway and I can finally stop writing on my IPad. Right now I'm working on a Walking Dead Trilogy. I have almost all the outlines for the three stories done but I won't be posting anything until it is done. It will be a Shane/OC, Daryl/OC, and Rick/OC, all independent stories as of right now. I don't want any issues like I've had with my previous stories. Mainly being I start and am really excited and then I lose interest or my muse.. So, right now I'm just trying to finish up Happily Ever After: The One Tree Hill Version which I'm hoping to tie up with maybe another couple chapters. I have been trying to write some of my SOAfanfic but Healing Souls is being very stubborn. Simply because I have written out everything I want to happen but I can't write it in chapter format. If anybody has any tips to get me out of this funk that'd be great! Thank you everyone for being so patient with me!

And that's it, soooo Read and Review my stories, that I own nothing of except any OC's you see! (:

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He cheated on her. She cheated on him. They were both stupid and wrong to keep hurting each other. And it was all because of Tara. If Tara never entered the picture they would have been together right now, they would have been happy. And they both knew it.
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OTH Season 3 & Beyond reviews
Fixing the mess the writers of One Tree Hill made. I don't own anything. Summary inside and read at your own risk.
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