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Spitfire Shippers Anonymous: A Spitfire Collaboration Document

The Spitfire Collabs document was made by TheRantDragon shortly after the airing of the episode Depths, due to a need to repair her Spitfire heart, broken from an overload of feels and fluff after the events of the episode. It's simply a doc for fans of the Wally/Artemis pairing to chillax and write collabs together and chat about everything and anything. You will find all genres here, anything from K to M, from rainbow vomit inducing fluff to hardcore smut. WE HOLD BACK NOTHING!

The Writers:

Veggy (IronicVeghead of the devious duo): I’m Veg! Also known as IronicVeghead on tumblr and ffnet! I’ll write anything but character deaths, but I have a terrible damsel in distress complex. I’m constantly putting Wally or Artemis in dangerous situations. I just really enjoy the intense emotions that come out during those kinds of things. My catchphrase would be something like “Who have you had kidnapped today?”

Geeky (Geekytheartchick of the devious duo): (will be joining us upon returning from her vacation)

Dott (Dottoraqn): I’m your typical tumblr fangirl. I can’t words when I read cute or angsty fanfiction or see wonderful graphics. I like to think I’m quality, then I see other blogs and just go back to reblogging. Check me out on fanfiction.net/dottoralartista, dottoraqn.deviantart.com, and dottoraqn.tumblr.com.

DSBB (DamnSmartBlueBoxes): Umm, DSBB feels she has similarities to both characters and is an ideas person. However, getting those ideas into written format is problematic for her. To be fair she’d tease Wally for living in Missouri. Why? Secret.

LittleDailyBattles: Hey! its Amber or Chasingfireflys, or littledailybattles...I have an unhealthy obsession to YJ, my OTP is spitfire, and I need rehab for my addiction to fanfiction. I write action/comedy/romance...I’m trying to finish Fetish but I have serious writers block...so maybe this will help me out!

Alfhild: Alfhild was named after a viking princess and can’t take anything seriously. Really—all attempts at angst are negated by a wry sense of humor about any and everything. Spitfire is her YJ OTP, although she is guilty of the occasional infidelity. You can find her tumblr at alwilda.tumblr.com, although it’s not much of a blog to behold.

Chanldancegirl: Hiya *waves happily* My name’s Chanel. I’m new to collabing and I mostly watch the others in amazement as they write while helping where/when I can. I’m not new to Spitfire though and I will love them forever! It’s so hard not to write something with them. I like writing some action and fluff, anything where I can get Spitfire banter. :D You can check me out on ff.net or tumblr, both under chaneldancegrl.

Findyourownlittlespitfire: What am I supposed to write here? Oh, right! Melissa here (Melissa Black13 on ff.net or findyourownlittlespitfire on tumblr)! I legit don’t contribute at all to these fics, so just ignore me. I like to linger in the background and watch all these fantastic writers do their thing. I’m a certifiable Spitfire fanatic, and I will ship them even past my dying day and into the afterlife. One OTP to rule them all!!

Ranty (TheRantDragon): Spitfire gives me an extremely unhealthy amount of feels all day everyday. I’m allergic to angst and tragedies, I’m more adept at writing pointless, cliche fluff and shameful smut. And, hey, maybe one day I’ll actually finish a multi-chaptered story!... not really. Ranter, oneshot lover, character and emotion analyzer, and of the firm belief that Wally/Artemis has never been nor ever will be a love/hate relationship. Also I would like to concur with Melissa's "One OTP to rule them all!!" statement!

In The Works:

Dizzy With a Dame suggested by everyone: The year is 1923 and Gotham is hopping with cats and dames, but when the exuberant Wallace West lays eyes on Artemis Crock in the city's finest speakeasy, the young man's life takes a turn toward the dangerous. (Soon to be rated M)

From a Match to a Wildfire - The Witnesses Tales suggested by Veggy: Series of oneshots in Barry and/or Iris' POV about Wally coming to them about Artemis over the years, whether it be complaining, advice, or wondering if vibrating in bed is a safe thing to do!

Betting Pool suggested by everyone: After her grueling therapy sessions with the kids after Disordered, Black Canary, feeling drained, goes to the Watch Tower to unwind. Deciding she needs a good laugh after her depressing day, she let's slip to the League that Wally and Artemis seem to have a thing for each other. WITHOUT breaking her promise about the sessions being confidential, of course.

It's Hue You Know suggested by DSBB: Spitfire. Paintball guns. That's all you really need to know.

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