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My name is Krissy,I'm 13,mixed and bla bla bla...

I've decided to start up writing again. Sorry,but writing is my passion,and I love it!:)

I'm going to ignore flamers,and all the negative comments,because THERE USELESS TO ME! XD. Hate if you want,I really don't care. I mean,everybody has there own opinions.

I do take constructive reviews. I love to improve on my writing. :)

I will write about,Victorious,Dragon ball Z,The last airbender,sonic the hedgehog...maybe more.

I like writing drama. (my friends call me a drama queen)

My favorite fruit is...STRAWBERRIES! There so sweet. :) I constantly change my penname so, don't expect it to be 'IStoleYourBanannasSoNowWhat' I was bored...

My favorite artists:


Ariana Grande

Katy Perry




Liz Gillies

Lady Gaga

Avril Lavigne

Demi Lavato

Justin Beiber

And more...

My celeb crushes-


Justin Beiber( Don't judge)

Avan Jogia-victorious

Leon Thomas-Victorious( Everyone's so engrossed in Avan,they don't give Leon some love...)

Harry from 1D




My Opinions on Victorious-

I loved and watched this show ever since it came out. But now it's just stupid now. I mean,I still like it,but the plots are stupid,Everything's all about Tori,and Cat is just plain dumb. In season 1 she was smarter! But now she's just annoying. And Jade...she's soft now. She's not as mean as she was in season 1. Andre is okay though.;) And Beck...*growl* He's a jerk. I'm a bade shipper,and when I saw TGP I lost it.

And Jade and Cat's auditions were WAY better than Tori's but of course. Tori got it. I understand that Tori is the main character,but I'm sick of everything ALWAYS being about her. It gets annoying. And I like Jade better. :)






I'm bored now...bye. :)


I am a very,insecure girl. Like someone says something like...mean or something,I'll like burst into tears. I do not judge on stories. If they are TROLLS,I report them.

If I like a certain story,even if critics say against it,It's MY opinion. Everybody has them,even if we don't like it or not.

I do accept constructive critisim,unless you are just plain rude about it. If you are trying to help the author,then try being more nice about it. We're not perfect. You can't expect some to just do the right way,or to do it the way you want.

It simply says, 'Unleash Your Imagination' and that's what they're doing.

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Trapped reviews
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