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NAME: I have amnesia. Just call me Junichiro. The number 13 may be unlucky, but it's my ward against bad luck. I'm neutral when it comes to luck. I get lucky and unlucky at the same time.

AGE: I'm 16 this year.

HOBBIES: It's obvious isn't it? I like to write.

I'll tell you some about myself that I can still remember.

I'm in my fourth year in high school.

I'm currently studying world history. It might strange for a person like me to be studying something way out of my league. But, I'm actually planning of travelling the world after graduation. I haven't decided if I should pursue my studying college before leaving my country or not. Still, the plan is not yet finalized.

Aside from it. The only funny things I can say is that, I'm a sucker to dramatic stories. It is common among teenagers but for me, its getting realistic.

For now. In continuing my studies. Writing is my only hobby. I'd really appreciate it if you read some of stories.

I should say to you how I write. I say this in three details.

First, I read on some specific wiki (Search them on Google. You're bound to find something there.) about information on the characters that would be involved in the stories I would write. If searching them has only a bit of info, I'll just make I get to know more about their background. I and some of you know those methods. There's no deed for me to explain what are those methods.

Second, I have a habit of explaining things at every end of a chapter. If the explanation isn't yet concrete, I'd explain them in a next chapter. So please, if you were to read some of my stories, expect that to happen. So don't go posting a review yet. I still have to explain the things that you got yourself into some questions.

An lastly, you can obviously see I have some flaws in my grammar. I'm still recovering from my amnesia that lasted for ten years. (How would you feel if something like that were to happen to you?) I forgot much about the rules in grammar. Do not worry. I'm in the process of recovering. It's sped up somehow. I think I'll be fine in a matter of months or years. So expect that I'll be able to write at the fullest extent of my capabilities.

I should say my favorites. Hey, I've got the right to say what I like right?

First: Castlevania (All games)

My favorite. I really want to write so badly about it. I don't think of having some pairings there just yet. Expect that there will be in the future.

Second: School Days

Believe me, I really don't why I like this anime. I think I'll know someday.

Third: Phantasy Star

I only like the PSP games. I finished it within three days. It was hard than you imagined.

Can I ask? Is there some anime, games, etc. that is good to write a story on? If there is tell me. I might take interest on it and eventually write a story about it.

I don't take any credit for writing fan fiction. I think it's a way for me express my ideas. Although I'm not really sure if I'm right or wrong.

I allow any kind of reviews. You could at least show some respect on it. If you have any questions about on any of my stories, feel free to ask me about it and I'll explain it in a simple way. I also do some requests and I have the time to help you in your own stories. I can be co-writer on it, I'll let you have the full credit on the story. You were the one who made it. I only helped you complete it. So it's fine for me.

Completed Stories:

Rewinded Days: Prologue (School Days)

The first story I've ever finished. It's a bit short but it's interesting to read before reading "Rewinded Days: Main Story" which is under progress.

Vampire Hunters and Female Companion (Castlevania)

Just a Castlevania parody of the anime Danshi Koukusei no Nichijou. You know the rest.

Upcoming Stories:

I have decided these.

Rewinded Days: Final Story (School Days)

The final arc in the Rewinded Days story. Four years passed and only one thing remains unsolved. Will everything come to a conclusion? (Believe me you'll be surprised about this story.)

Rewinded Days: Extra Story I (School Days)

A rewinded tale of the Magical Heart Kokoro-Chan OVA. Ito Makoto gets himself involved in the trouble under a code name. Will he succeed or act like nothing happened? One-shot and will be published on an unknown date for the purpose of the time traveler's decisions in Main Story. You know why? Because he'll say this: "Morpher Set! Key Set! ...Transform! ... Mahou... BISHOUNEN!!"

Rewinded Days: Extra Story II (School Days)

A rewinded tale of the Valentines Day OVA. The time traveler goes back on a specific day and wishes to do something he should have done which he couldn't do back then because of cowardice. Just like Extra Story I, this is published at an unknown date for some purposes.

Aftermath of A Murder (School Days)

Takes place on a specific ending of the game. "Because of everything that has transpired, will I make the correct judgement? Or repeat all over again?" A story on Ito Makoto's view.

Two Sides of the Coin (School Days)

Just like a coin, a story can have two different views depending on its plot. You can read this to know "her" side of the tale of "Aftermath of A Murder". It's other name is "The Blue Sky Cliff".

Series: Castlevania: Trinity Soul

"The Recollection of Innocence that brings forth the Chains of Darkness that leads to the Gale of Sorrow"

Castlevania: Gale of Sorrow

A fan-sequel to Dawn of Sorrow. Another year has passed and when Soma Cruz finally thought that everything is done for good... it comes back to him like an outburst. (The theme song for this is '雫' (Shizuku) by Asaki. It also serves as Soma's theme.)

Castlevania: Chains of Darkness

A novelization attempt for the Castlevania 64 games. After the events of Dracula's defeat by Cornell's hand. A young boy by the name of Malus discovers the truth about himself. It was fated to happen, how will he break from the chains that bind him? (The theme song for this is '幸せを謳う歌' (Shiawase wo utau uta) by Asaki. It serves as Malus' theme. It will change on the progress of the story.

Castlevania: Recollection of Innocence

A view of the prophesied Demon Castle Wars that occurred in the year of 1999. This story focuses on the one who defied the heavens, Mathias Cronqvist, now known as the Dark Lord Dracula. Will the prophecy happen or not? (The theme song for this is 'ほしふりの果て 極東史記より' (Kyoukutou Shiki) by Asaki. It serves as Mathias' theme. Just like Malus', his theme will change as the story progresses further.

There will be other songs used, mainly most are by KONAMI. They'll be written at the point where they are played. I already completed the list of the songs. Just wait and see.

These are all of it. I need to finish the stories I have first written before I can write the new one as. There are others, I'll just inform you in the near future.


I think I'll go with Soma Cruz X Mina Hakuba, Malus X Carrie Fernandez, and Jonathan Morris X Charlotte Aulin pairing in Castlevania. Besides, they're my favorite characters and their games was the first ones I've played.

I don't like same sex pairings. The simple boy and girl relationship is already enough for me. Those boy and girl relationships are really interesting and are really wonderful to think of. Love is in the air, right?

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