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Author has written 2 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Iron Fey Series.

I actually had a FanFic account a few years ago...but I forgot the password, so...xD

I'm finally back but this time, I'm...better.

A list of links and their purposes: = my official blog for writing, drawing, fanfics, random ideas, etc. Some shorts/ one-shots can be read there ;) You can also ask for requests (any type of Hetalia short/one-shot, drawings, I guess...?) = this is where you can find my drawings (obviously)

Anyhow, since personal info should remain confidential, then I will not...tell anything personal? [I'll let this info slip: I'm just 15 years old :)] Okay, so I am just an average teenager who mentally dates someone that does not exist...(which is a little creepy, I guess?). Actually, he exists and he's the reason why I end up fangirling during Asian History (and next year, World History). He's not Asian.

Yes, yes. He's from Hetalia. =3=

Moving on, whenever I write stories (and most of the time, I end up making them...a series), one thing that I've been used to is including at least four of my friends in my stories (they don't really mind, anyway.)... I started writing when I was in fourth grade but I stopped during sixth grade due to...personal reasons. I restarted writing during seventh grade and yeah...I'm still writing until now.

Since I find it hard to create a story that is...really mine (as in the story's concept, characters, etc. came from my ideas), I just write stories with my favorite character/s from a particular anime or book included in the story.

As far as my writing history is concerned, it's only the story that I wrote in fourth grade that's 100% original.

Am I the only one who prefers writing with pen and paper instead of typing the story...?

I'm a tree killer.

I also draw... I usually draw the characters in my story.

I'm killing trees.

Whenever I have free time in school, I'm with my fellow nations (all female). During departure, I read a book inside the bus.

It's hard to read a book when you are beside two young kids singing their hearts out.

Like what I said a while ago, I'm just an average teen, alright. Black hair that reaches my elbows, brown eyes, brown-ish skin. I'm just an average teenager.

I'm average. xD

Most of the stories I write involve magic and stuff. I really feel...pressured and awkward whenever I write love scenes (as in the guy and the girl with their cute moments and stuff)...I don't know why. Again, am I the only one who's experiencing this? I'm trying my best to get rid of that, though. =.=

I've really watched a lot of anime shows already (based on one of my friends) but right now, I'm stuck with Axis Powers: Hetalia.

At least, it's helping me with Asian History! And it will also help me during World History next year!

...but the problem is (sighs) I always end up fangirling whenever he's mentioned.

I even accepted a challenge: "highlight each and every word in the (Asian History) textbook that says -name of nation(not gonna tell 'ya.)- with pink highlighter."

The color of the highlighter is already a BIG clue.

Character Profiles

> these character profiles are for my fanfics' OCs only...

I. The Witch and the Hero! (Hetalia fanfic)

Leanie Avirre

I'm hoping that you'll enjoy reading my FanFics...and feel free to make a review.

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The Witch and the Hero! reviews
Alice Kirkland has always been avoided by everyone in the school because of a rumor that claims her to be a witch. Despite this rumor, Alfred F. Jones decided to make friends with matter how hard Alice tried to push him away from her-especially when she knows what will happen to Alfred when he gets involved in her life- again. *Supernatural will come along later on...*
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