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Hey guys! My old account: Kataang4u was disabled due to complications with my old email address, so I'm back.. I cannot, however, post for at least.. 3 days? I think it's 2 or 3 days after I sign up (Update: It'll be fully functional on July 1st, 11:24 a.m. Operation: Waiting Game is a go!)

I copied everything I was working on back to this account, so everything is ready to be posted, just keep checking back! You can still read everything on my old account, but this is the one I shall be posting from from here on out.

Same old Keri, still me. Just new account.

I took the Fanfiction Authors survey. Just for the giggles.

1.) Favorite ship?: Uh... UH... *boom!* I couldn't take the pressure to choose JUST one. I have alot.

2.) Post during night or day?: Mostly night. But you must remember I live in the U.K., and there's time differences. Sooo.

3.) What kind of music do you like?: There's a lot. Again. Right now, the most listened to is Iron & Wine, Imagine Dragons, Boyce Avenue, Piano Guys (huehuehue), Daughter, Funeral Suits, Coldplay, Augustana, 30 Seconds to Mars, etc..

4.) Age/Grade?: Grade: Tenth :D Age: 16 (woo, sweet 16! October 28, yo!)

Eye color? Green :)

5.) When you aren't posting, what do you do?: Normally, I'm writing during the summer. But if I'm not writing, I am watching Pewdiepie on Youtube and you'd probably find me to be sleeping more often than not. xD

6.) Favorite quotes?: OH GOD.

7.) What house of Harry Potter would you be in?: Easy. RAVENCLAW ;D

8.) Scariest thing in your childhood?: This is weird, but it's Kermit the Frog's eyes. O.o Just whoa.

9.) Saddest thing of your childhood?: Returning to regular life after finishing a Kingdom Hearts game. D:

10.) Friends?: Plenty of them :3

11.) Mac or PC?: Mac, yo.

12.) Hair color?: Redhead. Must be a Weasley ._.

13.) Interesting fact?: Some guy just messaged me on Facebook, saying my accent was funny. Whatta troll.

14.) Most epic moment of your life?: Lolol. Beating Demyx in Kingdom Hearts II, and yelling "HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY, BIOTCH." each time. whoa.

15.) Reaction to reviews?: *stomach gets fuzzy* asdfghjkl. people like me! :D


: Hey! I'm working on my Percy Jackson story, and even started a new one, I'm so excited about posting new stories, and hope you are, too! -

Much love! xoxo -Keri

6/25/12: I'm baaaack, loves! Just finished that Percy Jackson story, starting on some Legend of Korra stuff. . Um, it'll be up and posted soon, I promise! I cried at during the finale episode, and had to watch it all over and over, so I figured fanfiction is the best way to get over my Makorra obsession.

Paha, and guess who get to go to Band Camp in two weeks? This girl, right hurrr. xD My gosh, I'm lame. Anyways, that's all. xoxo -Keri (:

6/29/12: Hey, today I logged into my old account, only to find that they were disabling it! D: Well, my old email was shut down because I only used it for Fanfiction, so I had to make an entire new one, and an entire new account, which you're on right now.

If you want to check out my older stories that I posted alot earlier, go to "Kataang4u", or just private message me, I'll send you the link to the old account. (:

7/17/12: I've had quite a few people PM me about my spelling of "realise", "colours", "organise", etc.. Guys, I live in the UK, so it's the way I spell those words normally. On here, I'll probably end up using the American spelling, since it's throwing a few of you guys off. (: Don't worry, I'm literate, haha. Much love, xoxo, -Keri (:

7/22/12: Yes, I changed my username, sorry guys..D: xoxo -Keri (:

11/12/12: I'm baaaack. *dun dun dun* But really, guys. I'm probably going to post my new works over Thanksgiving break (November 21-November 27), so check back soon! (hint: Makorra, and a slight bit of Zutara, different fics, but same concept.)

3/23/13: Spring break, guys. I'm trying to get back into Digimon. So. Yeah. ._.

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I Can Barely Breathe reviews
Putting a new twist on Digimon: The Movie. What if Cocomon didn't go straight after Willis after the group got to Colorado? What if he went after TK and Kari first, who were still trying to get to Colorado. TK and Kari struggle to find their way to Colorado unharmed, protecting one another from danger. Takari, because I'm obsessed. :3 Willis & TK's POV.
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