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Um... yea, well we can't really explain ourselves aside from we're sick ppl. Who have no lives.

Then, yes we did steal our friends e-mail to post our story, but she didn't care as long as NO ONE thinks she wrote it. She didn't even want a part of it.

We LOVE Atlantis and I hate Sherlock Holmes, although my accomplice in "The REAL Atlantis: How it REALLY Happened" likes him a little too much. I can't tell you our names for fear that serious Atlantis fans may come to our houses at night a kill us in cold blood. *nervously looks around*

Anyway, we would only like to say "Please don't kill us for our deranged minds," and "Spare us!"

Oh, yea and a final statement we want to make, "We like eggs! Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Ttyl. If you need to tell us anything or send threatening notes you can send them to our friend and she will tell us ^_^.

Your friends,
Pinky and the Brain