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Hey Guys!!!!!

Yes I am Malaysian!!!!! I know it is weird!!!!!! And a rare sight!!!! XD

But you can correct me with my mistakes!!!! XD

I want to improve anyways!!!!!

Constructive criticism is allowed!!!!!! =)

About Me:

I am a fan of Sonic,Tintin,Kingdom Hearts,Letter Bee, Naruto, Rozen Maiden,Teen Titans, Percy Jackson,Danny Phantom, Miraculous Ladybug, Alex Rider, Disney/Dreamworks movies, Batman but not in love in drama. I am more to animation than real life! :)

That description above was when I was like 14 years old so its rather cringy to read. Basically I came back when I was 18 years old and I gave up writing for two years as my self esteem went all time low. I am 19 now and I don't think I have made significant leaps in terms of fanfiction. I finally decided to do this for fun and not aim to perfect everything. That's because it takes the life out of me if I work on it too hard.

Recently, I also tried to spread my works to other websites such as Wattpad and ArchiveOfOurOwn. I don't repost everything, only recent work that I will work on. One day I might put everything when all my works are completed. I would include links but it's the same stories just different websites so I'll spare the misery. I don't have the same usernames haha, so it will be hard to find me. Thats not too important though. I only do this to expose myself to as many feedbacks as I can as an author and also hope people enjoy my work :)

I'm not the type of person to be very outgoing and open but I'm taking the chance now and I feel as though I'm not doing too bad. I'm quiet, focused and reserved but if you're close to me. I can be real weird by acting crazy and just saying whatever comes to my mind. That's just how I am :) Hopefully you guys find me ok as we are all here to learn and to improve ourselves as we go.

Writing fanfiction has been a release for me and gives me the excitement to be able to create stories that could amaze people or learn from it. It might be also because of my crazy imagination and love for animations that pushes me forward. It's a one of a kind experience and most of my ideas came from insirations from other fans work or the emotions of the film itself.

Anyway, thats just a brief description about me. I hope I see you guys and you stick around for more :)

Yes I have another account but this is for other fanfics!!!!

Because in my other account i write loads of Sonic fanfiction!!!!!

If you like you can check my other account!!! XD

LovesAnimations1998 = Retired from this account

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Tintin In The Choice Between Good And Evil

I watched this video 'Tintin The Animal I Have Become' and i had this idea to write this...

On Hold

My Last Days

Inspired by blue.totoro story! "Tintin's Farewell Letter"

Dedicated to my friend lovesmysteriesgirl!

On Hold

The BrokenHearted

Let's just say I had a crazy imagination so thats how this came about XD

On Hold

I Shouldn't Exist

The feels really got me this time @.@

Such a inspirational and beautiful movie!

On Hold

At The Edge

After watching massive amounts of fan-made work such as comic dubs and fanfictions. I thought about Adrien's life especially how sad and lonely it can be. It started off of thinking of Adrien just as a depressed person and Ladybug came around but slowly the idea developed into a full story filled with sequences that led to his breakdown.

On Hold


My friend was down and I knew she was a hardcore Hiccstrid shipper. My first HTTYD fanfic and contribution to my friend. Indirectly me being Hiccup letting her know everything is ok and what you do isn't wrong.


I Failed You

There was this one scene in Young Justice where Robin considered giving up being Batman because he doesn't agree with his ways. This is like a 'what if' story. So it's not my most creative work but I think the trauma I will express in this story will be creative. Hopefully.


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I Failed You reviews
All the members of the team had to go through therapy to recover from the simulation. The guilt and pain hit Robin the hardest which led him to resign from the team. His friends and even his mentor 'Batman' were searching for him but he has disappeared from the face of Earth. Will they find him and can they mend the scars in his heart?
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