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Welcome to my Avatar profile. My other fanfiction profile is Evil (dot) VS (dot) Waffles, only without the (dot) and spaces. The dots are the periods. I can't type it in on this site and have the full name still visable. Why do I still have it like that? Because I like it. Why do I have two accounts? Because I decided my Teen Titans fics were becoming too much.

Name: Shannon, but on both accounts I'll answer to Waffles. :)

Age: I won't say this on my other account, but I'm 13 years old. I got my other account when I was 11, and I know I'm writting "M" rated fics there. Oh well!

Gender: Female, but I think the way I talk is not like a boy. ;)

Ships: Kataang, Tokka, Makorra, Irosami, Bolsami, Bolin/Jinora (older), Skoochy/Jinora, Maiko (until the Promise part 2), Zuki (since I saw spoilers for the Promise part 2 x3 [nothing big happened...]), Pemzin (IDC how much I love Lin's character, she does not belong with Tenzin, Pema does. :D), Bolin/OC, Bolin/Me ;3

Ironically I wasn't going to watch Avatar, since I didn't want to become an Avatard. Then I broke that vow when I was curious about why so many cartoonatics LOVE the shot. I then loved it but didn't want to watch LoK at first because I didn't think it'd be as good. Soon the excitement and hipe it was getting wore off on me and I watched the first two episodes when they leaked online in March. I've seen all twelve episodes in season 1 and talked my friend/youth group leader Jeska to watch LoK. MAKORRA ALL THE WAY!!! =D

Ok, am I the only one who is/was fed up with the waiting period to check my PMs? A full 24 hours before being able to check. Imagine how annoying that is. -_- To make it worse, I signed up on here to write Avatar fics, right? I was about to put my Pemzin oneshot up when, when I clicked on the Doc Manager it said to reduce spam/abuse there is a TWO DAY waiting period for "new" members. I don't remember stuff like this happening on my other account. >[

So you can look on my other account (in bold above) and read the Tokka fic I'm writing. I'm going to post some oneshots, and maybe a Makorra multi-chapter fic sometime. :)

I got an YouTube account recently, and my best friend and I may make an amv(s) before summer ends (account: EvilVSWaffles, not period. ;)). I'm EvilVSCactusJuice on deviantART. I'm evil-vs-waffles on Polyvore. If you want to see Avatar related "sets" (collages, basically) that aren't too shabby, look me up on there.

So, why do I choose to be EvilVSWaffles or anything like that. Well, if you've seen Teen Titans you know they love waffles and the quote "Evil beware, we got waffles" made famous by Tara Strong (voice of Raven) is a favorite of fans. I wondered, "hmm, who would win: Evil or Waffles." Poof A star is born. (MASH 4077 refference) Then on dA I changed it to Cactus Juice because of Avatar. You guys know what I'm talking about. ;) I decided to go back to waffles, but had to decided magic and waffles because anything about Evil VS Waffles was taken, and not all by me. -_-

Thanks for reading. I'm working on a Pemzin oneshot right now, so watch out! :)


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