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Hey, everyone! Nope. Not dead. Just... busy. We'll go with that. (Friday, June 19th, 2013)

Apparently, the whole 'Fanfiction' thing gets past some people, so I'll say it here:

I own NONE of the original concepts I write about. Allow me to summrise the concepts I DO own here:

1. Fairy Harry: All I own from this is Chessboard. The other parts come from Joshua the Evil Guy, Fairy Tail official, Harry Potter official. There. Not mine.

2. Monk of Creation: Synthesizer, and Synthesizer characters. That's it.

3. Black Shadow: One OC. The MAIN ONE. And I might be replacing this fic with a newer version, so, updates to come...

4. The Little Guys: I own Shogekiha and his buddies, and their Zanpakto when those come around. That is all.

Age: six seconds ago plus six seconds.

Sex: Insert comidic 'yes please'. Gender. Male.


Occupation: Writer.

To all those seeking to write: WRITE. That's the only advice worth crap. It's like learning to speak- it'll be strange at first, and inexperienced, but you'll get better with practice. Take what you know are bad ideas, and write them out. Don't publish them, just write. Let it out. Over time, it'll refine and blossom into something worthwhile. On that note, use the proper form of the language. Nobody wants to read one, massive, paragraph. So, some simple tips to help you get started on writing in the English language.

1. Capitalize the beginning of each sentence. In the English language, capitals are important. They, along with periods, make sure that the ideas present in each sentence are separated.

2. Parentheses (xxx) should not be used at all in dialogue. However, it can be used to make more 'informal' notes. "" Mr. X commented (not that he needed to), "xxx..."

3. Quotes ("xxx") are for when a character is talking. Hyphens (xxx-xxx-xxx) are for when a character makes a side note. When you write a statement, use quotes (Or quotation marks, if you prefer) to make it clear when a character speaks. "I am Mr. X."

4. Comma use is important. Using a comma, every few words, does not, help the fic. Commas can be used in series (Apples, bananas, and oranges), or after names in dialogue (Mr. X, I don't know what you want...), but not to make sentences longer. They can also be used, when placed in a sentence, to set conditions on a statement or comment. Or, they can be used to define 'and', 'or', and 'but', as I have done here.

5. Keep sentences to the point. Writing absurdly long sentences is a bad idea. Don't use a comma every time to try to combine two different sentences. Most of the time, this doesn't work. There are times for it.

6. Keep the ideas of sentences separate, but linked. Writing a sentence, then another sentence that has a different idea, then another sentence with yet another idea, is very poor English. Write one sentence. Then, with a different idea, write another.

7. When writing dialogue, each new statement is a new paragraph. In example:

"Why, Mr. X, that is a fine hat!"

"Why thank you, Mrs. Y."

This is one of the biggest flaws I see.

8. Each idea is a new paragraph. If I were to write this list as a document, then each time I started a new number would be a new paragraph (Save #7. That case was to demonstrate dialogue arrangement.)

9. 'Said'. While 'said' is a very exact term, after a time, people get tired of hearing 'said'. Words that you could use include 'preached', 'declared', 'shouted', 'cried', 'asked', 'begged', and hundreds upon hundreds of other words. Use some of them- that's what they're there for. Using 'said' is still grammatically correct, but repetitive. You should be hesitant about using the same adjective or verb multiple times. There are rare exceptions, but they arise in poetry. You can also simply remove the names, when it is two characters talking. (See #7)

10. 'Their' 'there' and 'they're'. This is another mistake, and it angers me immensely. 'Their' is a possessive- 'their hats.' referring to a group of people or someone of ambiguous gender for whatever reason. 'There' is a declaration of location. 'They are over there'. Finally, 'they're' is a contraction of 'they are'. 'They are sad' and 'They're sad' mean the same thing.

11. Spelling. If you type in a word processor, then you have a built-in spell checker. So does the site, and so do most computers. After a certain point, there is no excuse for misspelling.

12. Italics, bold, and underline. I have seen some good uses of each- to define how a specific character talks. However, they should not be used in common writing- as most of us do. Italics have the connotation of some form of thought. As such, do not use them in full-on speaking sentences. There are, of course, exceptions to this. Bold acts as a more powerful statement, usually of great anger when used in dialogue. However, it is not used in the main body of any work. Underlining statements is not used in the main body, but can be used to define a different sort of of speech in dialogue. However, ensure that your reader understands what it means.

13. Use the proper form of the word. 'Run', 'will run', 'has run', 'had run', and 'running' have different meanings. 'Run' is a verb, in the basic form, or a noun. 'Will run' is a statement that something will occur in the future. 'Has run' is used in the present-past- Mr. X has run over xxx miles. Had run is purely in the past. Mr. X had run xxx miles.

14. Adjectives. When using adjectives, ensure that you are using them properly. Please.

15. Homonyms (I think.) In this case, words that sound alike. Alter/altar, pray/prey, etcetera. Make sure that you use the proper word. 'Altar' means a ceremonial table of some sort, while 'Alter' means to modify, or to change.

16. Etcetera. Never, ever, use etcetera in the main body of writing. However, it is acceptable for a character to use it. But, be aware- 'etcetera' has a very particular usage.

17. 'And' and '&'. Under no, and I repeat no, circumstances should you use '&' in place of 'and'. Writing should be, at the least, semi-formal.

18. Plurals. This occurs most often in fics that have foreign words. I cannot speak for Japanese plurals, as I do not know Japanese. However, I can speak for plurals in English. Let us take, as I see this so very, very much, 'Shinigami'. This is the commonly accepted title for 'death god' (In the west). In proper usage, it is treated as both a singular and a plural noun- much like 'celery', which is a common diet food in the west. Celery, as a word, can be used both singular and plural. 'I picked a stalk of celery' or 'I grabbed several stalks of celery'. One does not use 'celeries' as that would be unconventional- however, there are words that end with a 'hard E' sound that do have singular and plural forms- 'Property' and 'Properties', for example. As a general rule of thumb, it sounds more proper to native English speakers to say 'Shinigami' as both a plural and a singular. This can be applied to many Japanese words ending in a hard 'E' sound. If there is a proper plural form for the word, however, that is readily accessible and well-known, then you should use that.

19. Apostrophes. (") and (') are two completely different symbols in English. Quotations mean that someone is speaking. Apostrophes, on the other hand, are slightly more versatile. They can be used in speech to have one individual repeating another's statement ("Oh, she said 'That's not what I meant, Mr. X'. I do not believe her."), or as part of a contraction. It's, they're, hasn't, and so on. They are not used as a direct part of speech, nor as 'magic' gestures. They are, however, able to be used to define or separate a word from a sentence, as was seen above.

20. The best advice that I can give you is one, simple, question.

"Would your Language Arts teacher find this proper?"

I should hope that, at the least, many of these were covered in early language courses. I, myself, have not taken advanced courses in English- I am working on getting into college- but I have, in first through seventh grade, taken courses that define many of the mistakes that I pointed out above. This isn't a hard thing to do- but it will greatly improve the quality of your writing. I've seen too many fics that could have been great, brought low by poor grammar.

And, of course, try your best. These problems aren't ones that I see occasionally- that is perfectly acceptable. However, when they are constant mistakes that occur without any point to them readily apparent, then it is simply infuriating.


Rule ONE: You can, and you WILL proofread.

Rule TWO: You CANNOT and WILL NOT abandon fics entirely, without good cause. I.E. given for adoption, death, etc.


Rule FOUR: You WILL be considerate.

In Progress

Story: Black Shadow

-Okay... Black Shadow is coming along nicely. Naruto has a very open storyline. Personally, I HATE shippuden, so the story may end differently. There will be NO Tsunade retrevial arc, as to be explained, but there WILL be a replacement, featureing Naruto's "maturation" as according to the Predator culture.

-...gonna be a while. Probably rewrite Chapter One- I HATE IT.

Story: Fairy Harry -Awesome! Over 14,000 views! Thank you!

Chessboard wins!

-I hit writers block in this one. It's probably going to be awhile until next chapter. Sorry, everyone. NEW! I WILL UPDATE THIS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! IT SHALL LIVE! UPDATES BY APRIL!

Story: Division 12's New Captain -nearing 1000- I'm putting this one on hold for a while... (Readying for rewrite, because I was an idiot.)

-Now entirely in the present! I'm probably going to have three/four arcs. Takes place long after Bleach. Probably going to go up to an M rating, soon.

Ichigo's Wonderland

-And here we go! This one is working, it really is.

Monk of Creation

Within Bleach, there is a race that is the opposite of the Quincy. To gather reishi, and remake it, is the power of the Synthesizer.

-...Hehehe... For those who actually checked this out, Dante MAY gain a vicious power... I'll have a poll up when that comes around...

Hint: I am the bone of my sword.

-Officially second story- behind Fairy Harry, which is taking FOREVER! COME TO ME, OH PLOT BUNNIES!

The Little Guys

Having a competent subordinate can change history. In Division Two, that's a life saver. Adventure/Humor, Bleach. Lengthly updates. TKB and I have some communication problems, but we're working on it. Trust me.

UP FOR ADOPTION/FREE IDEAS (Just tell me you're using them so I can see!)

Gotei Vanguards _DROPPED

Uplifitng Twelve Humans to operate as shock troops for the Seireitei? What could go wrong?


Ichigo is the First Division Vanguard

One of them is a real, royal smartass.

Karin and Yuzu are Vanguards.

Bount Mansion becomes the base.

No bashing.

(Look! I left it really open! It can be an AR, or a new story, or picks up around the Blood War! Whatever works!)


Howling at the moon

Tatsuki is bitten by a werewolf, who is killed by the first werewolf. Said werewolf then proceeds to train her.


1. Alucard and the gang show up at some point.

2. Tatsuki is involved in the Soul Sociery arc.

3. The new werewolf calls Tatsuki 'pup' like Alucard calls Seras 'Police Girl'.

Potentially coming in the future (I.E. Ideas that I like too much to scrap, too little to put effort into.)

Naruto, Master of the Elements

Adopted by the gods themselves, Naruto becomes a true force of nature... not that he wasn't already... Naruto adventure/humor NaruHina

Northern Stars, Broken gods

When strange people come to the Elemental Nations from the far north, what can you do? Especially when they're Jinchuriki? Adventure/Humor, Naruto, OCxTemari

Welcome to a new world

Lightning is dumped into a new world with new rules. Where's her sister, what happened, and how can you have hair that shade of orange? Final Fantasy 13/Bleach No pairing

From the Shadows

The Assassins worked from the shadows to serve the light. And sometimes... sometimes, they went even further into the dark. But for some of them, there are spots of light in a black existence. Adventure/romance, Bleach/Assassin's Creed, SoifonxOC

By all that is holy

Bleach Self-insert mockery. I was sucked into Bleach, with the most pathetic power: I CAN'T DIE. Humor/parody.

Unnamed Halo/ME crossover

Rants of amusement!

1: Naruto: the Shunshin

...Look, people, the Shunshin is NOT A TELEPORT. That's the Hiraishin. In Shunshin, the ninja just sets off a distraction and moves really freaking fast. That's what made the Hiraishin so dangerous- it was true teleportation.


Shunshins can be blocked- by a wall. That's all it takes. Hiraishin moves the user through a sub-dimension to move them instantaneously across massive distances.

...Calling a Shunshin a teleport completely removes the potency of the Hiraishin.

2: Bleach: Multiple Zanpakuto

...Look, people. It's cool if your character/Ichigo/Hanataro has more than one blade. BUT... remember, Zanpakuto are fragments of the wielder's soul. You can't split a soul into multiple portions. However, two people who are extraordinarily similar can synchronize with the same blade. Alright? So enough with this 'oh, let's give Oc/Ichigo/Hanataro another blade just because!


Like... Soul Society getting upset about (character) suddenly gaining a second blade. Or (character) being able to sync with any blade, and that being the problem.

I mean, I have trouble reading stories where, say, Ichigo gets Alucard, and his Hollow, and Syoka, and Zangetsu as blades.

...Seriously? Remember, shattering anyone's soul to that degree is going to leave a mark.

On that note, 'The Protector's Temptation' by Sedor is actually one of those fics I LIKE. Ichigo syncs with Kyoka Suigetsu, and brings out the 'Aizen' part of Ichigo.

3: Inner Demons

...What is wrong with people? Inner Demons should be a part of a character, to an extent. Hichigo, for example, is all the stuff that Ichigo represses. Anger, wrath, lust- he's the Ichigo-that-isn't. That's just an example.

Seriously, Inner Demons SHOULD be somehow connected to the host/primary/(Character).

'The bloody Shadow'- his demons are PARTS OF HIM. LITERALLY. (Bleach fic, by the way. OC/Yoruichi).

And defeating said demons in one chapter? WHAT. THE. HELL.

"Oh, I have inner demons, but I'll crush them for everyone I care about and go riding dramatically off into the sunset!"

...Build up to it. Make it a struggle. Christ knows Kubo did with Ichigo. Drop hints early on. Make it a problem.

4. OC's.

Perhaps the most important question here is: What is a 'Mary Sue' or 'Gary Stu'? Simple. When an OC is liked by everyone, overpowered, or generally extra-ordinary in some way, they are probably a MarySue/GaryStu. FOr more violent fics, there are easy questions to ask:

Can the main character of the series kick their ass? (EX: Creating a character to take the spotlight) (Counter: Unless you are writing a Bad!Fic. Then go nuts.)

Are there people that don't like them? (EX: Creating a character loved by everyone) (Counter: Spoofing, and creating a character hated by everyone, for no apparent reason. Make it fair, though.)

Do they have abilities that should not go together, but do, 'because'? (EX: RebukeX7 spoofed it quite well- a Quincy-Shinigami-Hollow hybrid with... wow. He guess what was going to happen to Ichigo...)

Are they upset about seemingly positive traits they cannot control, and make everyone else suffer? (EX: Being 'too beautiful'.) (Counter: The movie Hellboy, at least, tried to DO something about it.) (Really? 'Too beautiful'? Damn. If I was half that attractive... well, there'd be a lot of paternity tests, we'll say that.) (Might complain about THAT part, though...)

Let's take my OC for example, the one coming up in a rewrite of a story.

1. Can the main character kick their ass?

Answer: Yes. Undoubtedly.

2. Are there people that don't like them?

Answer: Byakuya hates his guts, Kenpachi wants to beat on him, Sasakibe dislikes his dislike of tea. YES.

There. Two questions to help with OCs.

If they are a 'hero' (I.E. on the same side as the protagonist) and the answer is 'no' you have Suism! If they are on the other side, and the answer is no... well, we see that all the time, then 'Hero' uses 'plot device' and 'terminates/kills/otherwise defeats enemy'. Yeah.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Codename:ShadowFox by Codename-ShadowFox reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 27 - Words: 130,983 - Reviews: 1089 - Favs: 2,450 - Follows: 2,760 - Updated: 8/1 - Published: 11/14/2011 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.]
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One of the only human Predators is now stuck on Naruto's planet. When he finds a young boy chased by a mob, he does the only responsible thing: He adopts the kid. How will Konoha change with two of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy?
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...I don't even... Alright, this was created out of sheer boredom. Deadpool and Pinkie. I apologize. One-shot
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