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I love Young Justice so most of my Fan-fiction will be YJ.

I will never write things that are inappropriate I actually have standards.

I am working on a new story but I wont publish it until it is mostly done.

There is Nightstar Page on Facebook Everyone Go Like it Please!

Sorry Computer has not been working and family problem and brain farts have made it hard to write sorry

TV Shows I Watch

. Young Justice

. Legend of Korra

. Wolverine and the X-Men

Book I have read

. Vampirates

. Eragon

. Percy Jackson

. FableHaven

. Tigers Curse

My Standards

. No Cussing

. No Drinking Tea and Coffee

. I believe people should wait until marriage

. Modest Clothing

. Please don't judge me because of my standards I still read your stories as long as I think they are appropriate

Favorite Shippings

Wally West/Artemis Crock

. Dick Grayson/Barbra Gordon

. Kurt Wagner/Wanda Maximoff

. Rogue/Gambit

. Mar'i Grayson/Damian Wayne

. Roy Harper/Jade Nguyen

. Peter Parker/Mary Jane

. Question/Huntress

.SuperGirl/Braniac 5


Favorite Characters

Nocturne(T.J. Wagner)

. Nightstar(Mar'i Grayson)

. Oliver LeBeau

. Lian Harper

. Dick Grayson(Robin, Nightwing, Batman)

. May Parker(Spider-Girl)

. X-23(Laura Kinney)

. Red Arrow(Roy Harper)

. Super-Girl(Kara Zor-el)

.Percy Jackson

. Merlin

If you can't tell I like lots of different alternate universe kids, I am a sucker for them :)