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I'm a BIG fan of the TV show, Grimm and have found it to be quite inspiring, so I thought I would try my hand at some creative writing. Little did I know that the ideas would flow so quickly.

I was a fan-fiction first timer with Sweaters Are a Girl's Best Friend, which is over 60,000 words, and I wrote out the rough draft in 3 weeks! I've been surprised and delighted with the positive comments I've received, and I'm enjoying this new hobby of mine.

The sequel, Fifty Shades of Gray Sweaters was written in a month and is over 130,000 words.

The third story in the Sweater Series, If You Want to Destroy My Sweater took a few months, but it's roughly 315,000 words. (Yeah, it's bigger than A Game of Thrones.)

Who knows, maybe I'll try to write something original soon. Thank you, Grimm! (:


Okay, so I can't put links in the stories, but from what I've seen of other profiles I can put links here. YAY!

Here are a few extras to my story, Sweaters Are a Girl's Best Friend --

Chapter 7 - Two videos of Renée's Wehrle Singing Bird Cuckoo Clock:
This is not your run of the mill cuckoo clock!

Chapter 10 - Josh Gilbert's, Gray Guitar.
This is a very cool piece of art!

Chapter 11 - The dress I used as inspiration for the Renée's little black dress for the symphony:

Chapter 14 - The Astrology book on Monroe's Birthday:
Monroe's birthday in my story is October 31, 1974.

Here are a few extras to my story, Fifty Shades of Gray Sweaters --

Chapter 20 - A link to the book description of Dally Winston in The Outsiders:
I especially liked the "sharp animal-like teeth, and ears like a lynx," so that was kinda an inside joke if you know the book.
This way even if you don't know the book, you get the inside joke, too. (:

Chapter 21 - YouTube video of 'Eight More Miles to Louisville':
Here's a link to the song that Renée hums as she looks out the plane over Louisville.

Chapter 26 - Monroe's outfit with the plaid bowtie:
I found a photo of this suit complete with glasses and a black and white plaid bowtie.
Subtract the flower and this fits what I was picturing.

Chapter 27 - Monroe's black with grey and white plaid tie:
I love this tie!

Chapter 28 - Song on the phonograph:
Billy Murray - "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie" playing on a Victor II phonograph

Chapter 29 - Ray's Monkey House:
The sign for the coffee shop Monroe and Renée go to.

Chapter 29 - Grimm's Fairy Tales - Little Red Cap:
The true tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Chapter 35 - Bats and Balls:
Photos of the Louisville Slugger Museum's 'World's Largest Bat', The large baseball at The Kentucky Mirror and Plate Glass Company,
and Caufield's Novelty Shop's 'Large Vampire Bat.'

Chapter 36 - Clocks, Boats and Racing:
Here's photos of the Colgate Clock, The Belle of Louisville and some info on Churchill Downs (Since Renée skipped the history lesson)

Chapter 41 - Hitler is a Blutbad?:
So if you have a Facebook, here's the link to the thread where Norberto Barba himself says that Hitler was a Blutbad.
Also I have a link to the ComicCon panel where Jim Kauf talks about Hitler as the Big Bad Wolf.

-- Watch starting 18:27 or for direct quote 18:50

Chapter 48 - Wolf Whistling:
Wanna learn how to Wolf Whistle? Watch the following youtube video.

Chapter 54 - Old Books:
The two books Renée takes from her dad's office are real. Wanna read through them? Your wish is granted. (:
My Dark Companions and their Strange Stories:

Chats on Old Clocks:

Chapter 59 - Red Eyes and Mr. Wolf's Devilish Grins:
Just a few photos of Monroe when he's seeing red and my visuals when I write about Mr. Wolf and his devilish grins. (:
Red Eyes:

Mr. Wolf/Devilish Grinning:

Here are a few extras to my story, If You Want to Destroy My Sweater --

Chapter 27 - Starry Night Over the Rhone:
A beautiful work of art by Van Gogh.

Chapter 35 - La Bella and Albrecht Dürer:
Here's a photo of Titian's La Bella that we saw in the episode 'Love Sick':

Here are the three paintings that make up Albrecht Dürer's Meisterstiche:
Knight, Death and Devil:

St Jerome in his Study:

Melancholia I:

Chapter 58 - Renée's Tarot Spread:
Here are the four cards the Gypsy pulled for Renée.

Chapter 84 - Multnomah Falls and Cello playing:
Below is a picture of Multnomah Falls:

Here's the link to "Chef Hayden" playing his cello for me on youtube. He's doing a blend of harmony/melody of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time." Show him some love!

Chapter 96 - Fortune Cookies:
Below is a photo of Renée's and Nick's fortune cookies from their secret lunch.

Chapter 107 - "La Vie en Rose" Edith Piaf:
A link to little youtube video I made when I found a music box that played "La Vie en Rose." This song is in the movie Sabrina, and Renée hums it in this chapter and sings it in a future chapter as she hopes her life in pink will return.

Chapter 119 - Cello version of Jim Croce's "I'll Have to say I Love You in a Song" on YouTube:
Use this link to listen to SNCello (Niklas) play this song on the cello, made especially for my story! Make sure you use the like button, or leave him a comment. He's a wonderful guy!!!

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