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Hey all, well since my bio was so short I have decided to make it longer, so I guess I fill you in on a few things about me.

Name: Jade

Age: I'm 21 years old and I'm a Taurus

I've finally finished college passing with a few good grades in English Language and Literature (although how I did it I'll never know), also passed Media Studies and Art. I'm just glad that I had my friends behind me otherwise I would never have gotten it done, I can be rather lazy which I guess doesn't bode too well when it comes to updating stories, I have a friend who writes on here as well who keeps on telling me to get my butt in gear, but then again she can hardly talk given the fact that she's probably worse then I am!!

I have so many ideas bubbling through my head at the moment but I've been struggling to get them down on screen to make new chapters but I promise you I will be continuing on with all I have written so far, not to mention adding a few new stories into the mix and I am also in the middle of discussing a co-write with my good friend and fellow author yeah keep your eyes peeled and posted!!

Well I have now officially ran out of things to say about me so I will finish my waffling now!!

My Current Works Are:

Immortal Lovers - This is my baby and I will be finishing it, just haven't had any form of new ideas yet but it was the first story I posted on here and I won't leave it unfinished, not since I know how many of you enjoy it.

Let Me Love You - This was my first attempt at a Harry/Draco piece and looking at it now I don't know what I plan on doing with the story, I think I may edit it and see how it goes after that

My Future Releases

To Conquer Darkness - This is a Shadow Hearts Karin/Yuri piece, it originally belonged to my fellow authoress Angel-Wings6 however she was disatisfied with it and decided she didn't want to use it, I read it, begged her to let me have it cos I thought it was a good start and now I'm in the process of development on it.

The Wantoness In Me - This is a Seifer/Squall piece that just begged me to be written, have got the layout and general idea for it so am just developing it from there, its only going to be a oneshot though.

The Heart Remembers - This is aother Harry/Draco piece and the first chapter is currently underway so I guess it might be the first new story I manage to get out.

Well thanks for stopping by, please stay a while and read a story, I have another one I am working on which I haven't listed but that's cos its a challenge fic and I don't want any info out about it till its done, its a oneshot and its proving to be a pain to get done, but for the sake of the challenger I'm sticking at it cos I know he really wants to read it when its done. Review stories, constructive comments welcome but please be warned that any flames you leave will be dealt with by my flame eating monkey hahahaha!!

And when the future hinges on the next words
that are said, don't let logic interfere,
believe your heart instead
-Philip Robison-

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Immortal Lovers reviews
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