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Author has written 6 stories for Star Trek Online, and Secret World.

Space Viking is a pseudonym of a science fiction and fantasy writer, webcomic artist, gamer, college graduate, and all around nerd.

Recently, I became a published author with the publication of my science fiction novella Future History on the Kindle ebook store. It's now also available from Amazon in print! If you've enjoyed my work here, please consider checking it out.

I have written four fantasy novels, which I hope to start publishing soon, and numerous short stories ranging from humorous space opera to western horror, and including several "literary" genre pieces in between (because that's all my creative writing teacher wanted to see).

I especially love TV shows, movies, and video games with good stories, and when those stories get me thinking about other stories...well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I started writing fan fiction. Technically, you could say the first thing I ever wrote was fan fiction, since I started trying to write novels with an unsuccessful attempt to write a Star Trek story, which was proceeded by me making up characters based on Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights with my sisters. So in a way, fan fiction is me returning to my roots.

So far I have two series here. One is the "Lit Major" series for The Secret World, which consists of "Lit Major Shoots Lightning" and "Lit Major Shoots Zombies." The second series is the STO Valkyries series for (big surprise) Star Trek Online. It contains the following stories:

"The Best Revenge" starring Carlin, set in mid 2405

"Airborne" starring Sam, set in late 2405

"Survivors of Yamatai" starring Sam and Carlin, set in 2407

I hope you enjoy the stories. Comments and criticism are welcome. Thanks for reading! :D

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When Sam, Carlin, and Antori crash-land on an uncharted planet ruled over by a murderous cult that worships the Sun Queen of ancient Japanese legend, they must discover the secrets of the mysterious world or be trapped on it forever. Set in 2407, featuring Sam, Carlin, Antori, and the crew of the USS Nautilus.
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As an Ensign fresh out of Starfleet Academy, Carlin seeks to prove herself worthy of the father who abandoned her and to humiliate him. But when a rescue mission goes horribly wrong, she is must face one of the most dangerous aliens in Starfleet history and decide whether or not her quest for revenge is worth it. Set in 2405, introducing Carlin, Antori Drel, and the Nautilus crew.
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